Review: Ramganj Restaurant, Jaipur

After team Jaipur Beat got an invite from the Ramganj restaurant to review their eponymously named eatery after the classic area of the Pink City extremely famous for its non-vegetarian food, we were really looking forward to a delicious dinner. Except for Sundays, when they also open for lunch, Ramganj serves dinner from 7:00 pm till 11:00 pm every day.


As we arrived, we were welcome by their staff dressed in pathani suits, and in the background was playing qawwali music. That quite set groove for us, before we proceed to the menu. The furnishings and cutlery are quite basic, and the major emphasis is on the quality and flavour of the food.

They serve chicken and mutton recipes, in flavours of Stew, Korma and Nahri. The names reminded us of old-and-famous dishes of the Ramganj area restaurants, like Kallu and Samrat! We ordered mutton stew and chicken korma, which they serve with breads. Since one of our team-mates was a vegetarian, we ordered a cottage-cheese (paneer) sabzi and egg curry on the side. The food was sumptuous, especially the mutton stew. Mutton preparation is a tricky culinary exercise, and very few chefs do it well; Ramganj’s chef is certainly one of them!


If you are not averse to extremely rich desi-ghee preparations, then Ramganj certainly makes a pocket-friendly and delicious non-vegetarian visit. A modest yet themed ambiance, an excellent accessible location, and living-up-to its name recipes has earned it a go-again tag from us!

Food score: 4/5

Over-all (includes ambiance, concept, service, value-for-money) score: 3/5


@Barista, opposite LBS College Raja Park, Jaipur 9887009990

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