The newly restored Tal Katora  

Jaipur beat is coming up with a new story that talks about our history, our mistakes with a learning curve- to value our heritage.
The story is about Tal Katora. Why Katora? As it looks like a floating cup so it got the name –Tal Katora (Water Body +Cup Shape). Many of us remember spending time at Talkatora and Pondric garden with our grandparents. Back then when it was in a good condition.

And here goes the story…Once the Pride of walled Jaipur City ‘Tal Katora’ which is situated just behind the Jai Niwas garden, fenced on three sides by broad embankments and on the fourth by Badal Mahal of City palace, that has lost its charm for years has now regained its glory.  

Talkatora lake Jaipur

Earlier it was known to be flooded with alligators that were regularly fed at the Darbar expenses (Paid by Jaipur Royalty) but with the passage of time it became nothing but a barren land. With the advancement of urban development and the starting of piped water supply, vanished the lure of the water structure which was the life line for the city dwellers and soon it was used as a major dumping ground for the cities solid waste.
I remember visiting the place some 15 years back and I recall it just as the name (Garbage Dump Ground) with bad odor that made it difficult to even stand for a moment.

But we learned from our mistakes and after almost 22 years the place restored its splendor with the help of volunteers and Jaipur municipality.

Talkatora lake Jaipur
Now there is water in the tank, people living in neighboring area have blocked their household drainage to stop the filth flowing in, entirely changing the face so much that  when someone comes across the splendid Talkatora Garden he is sure to feel amazed by the overwhelming beauty which was lost for years.

Newly restored and developed Tal Katora and Pondrik Uddyan has now become a wonderful place. With colorful fountains reaching a height of 70 ft., array of flowering pots is surely adding to the terrific beauty of the abode. People of all ages are visiting this place now and enjoying hot summer evenings sitting over the lush green grass next to the soothing fountains.

Talkatora lake Jaipur Beat
Cosmic Delight


Talkatora lake Jaipur Beat
Colorful fountains light up the beauty of night sky

So, whether as a tourist or a local, the pleasant sight of these pressure fountains and Talkatora lake with boating is encouraging enough to make one trip 😀 Apart from admiring the fountains and illuminated trees, one can also get the flavor of ‘Chuski- Barf Ka Gola’ and big sized Papodams sold by the vendors outside the park.

Talkatora lake Jaipur


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