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6 Monsoon foods in Jaipur you should never miss


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With the start of Saavan or monsoon, there’s one more thing which hits us very strongly, irresistible craving for good food ! Apart from the regular hogging, there are a few dishes that are too special to be missed if you’re in Jaipur in the pleasant monsoon season. These can be found at the famous local eateries in pink city like LMB, BMB, Sodhani etc or cooked at home and enjoyed as much as the rains !!

  1. Mirchi ke tapore 

    This spicy instant dish is a yummyJaipuri recipe ofharimirch (green chillies) wrapped in a lusciousteekha masala cooked in a typical Rajasthani style. Thisachaar (pickle) type vegetable can be enjoyed with steamed rice and dal,baati,poori,paranthe or anything you want to experiment with.mirchi ke tapore

  1. Kadhi KachoriThis superb combination of Rajasthani kadhi and mouth watering Kachori where the Kachori is broken a little and filled with kadhi turning out to be a terrific tasteful snack 😀

    Kadhi Kachori

  2. Dal pakodeHaven’t these protein rich delicacies been your first love in the rainy season ? Ek cup chai and garam garam dal pakode with green chutney makes a rainy evening just perfect !

    dal pakode

  3. Churma 

    This richsweet Rajasthani dish is passionately cooked with ghee and sugar or jaggery (gur) and generally eaten with the famous Dalbaati.churma

  4. Dal BaatiThis signature Rajasthani delight where Baatis are dumplings made from wheat or millet flour, cooked over hot charcoal and ash and served with yellow dal, loads of ghee, churma and even boora (granulated sugar)to make the most of monsoon 🙂

    dal baati

  5. Ghewar This heavenly Rajasthani sweet dish mainly associated with Teej festival is found in amazing varieties like plain, mawa, malai and is a favourite especially in the saavan ke mahine !!


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Jaipur is all set to witness Sawan Teej festival on 30th and 31st July

No better way to experience the vibrant culture of fascinating Jaipur than attending one of its many festivals.

Springs, with a respite from heat and sun’s rage, brought in the spirit of Teej festival,

Teej Festival though, is celebrated all over the state, but celebrated at its colorful best in Jaipur. The festival is fêted to welcome the advent of monsoon, also dedicated to Goddess Parvati and commemorates the day when she was united with Lord Shiva after a penance of a hundred years. The mesmerizing procession of Goddess Parvati winds magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur with chariots, elephants and dancers for two days.

Teej Festival

Other than the traditional procession of Goddess Teej, to showcase the charm and culture of Rajasthan this year ‘Taal Katora Ki Paal’ will also be the hub of a large number of folk and cultural events. Where locals and tourists can enjoy the cultural activities besides enjoying the wonderful sight of colorful 80 ft. fountains at Pondrik Uddyaan. Later the Teej idols will be submerged at Taal Katora pond.




The tempting aromas of Ghewar being cooked on sweet shops, colourful lehariyas, and blossoming flowers and women folks decked up in their traditional best add more colours to the essence of jovial season.

Rajasthani Delicay- Ghewar
Rajasthani Delicay- Ghewar

Travel Tip

The government of Rajasthan state arranges a special seating area for foreign tourists, for comfortable viewing and to photograph the procession from the terrace of the Hind Hotel opposite Tripoliya gate.

If you are in India around that time of the year, you should try to make arrangements to attend and experience this festival.

Must Carry– Camera to capture elaborated Teej procession

Street Eats– You must try the special Teej sweet, GHEVAR and Feeni

Must Shop– Special tie and die pattern, called LEHARIYA, is only available at this time of year in the shops. Wide variety of handicrafts also available.

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Lehariya: Fashion’s Monsoon affair

One of the many tie and dye patterns, the technique of Lehariya needs no introduction. Symbolizing water waves, lehariya comes from the word leher, which stands for a wave in English. Hence, its special place for monsoons!


Chiefly a Rajasthani dress design pattern, the beautiful stripes of different colours that form lehariya are a treat for the eyes in this weather. Did you know that auspicious colours of yellow and red, alternated in waves, is one of the original designs of lehariya?


Coming to the monsoon of 2014, when Alia Bhatt runs around effervescently in lehariya dupattas and kurtis in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya, and even the lady of the royal house of Jaipur, Princess Diya Kumari is spotted most in her couture of lehariya saris, the pattern has become an aesthetic trend.

diya kumari princess jaipur

The best part about lehariya is that it isn’t biased towards women. It looks as tasteful on the turbans, kurtas and the cravat! Here are some quick fashion tips on how to wear your lehariya in the monsoon of 2014:

  • A lehariya kurti with a plain skirt, or the alternate, a plain shirt with a long flowing lehariya skirt.

Lehariya Monsoon Jaipur

  • A cotton or silk turban of lehariya over any formal suit or bandhgala is a norm of the Indian weddings

Lehariya Turban

  • Kurta pyjama, with classically dyed lehariya kurta
  • Saris, suits and scarves reflect the beautiful of this weatherIMG_8297


  • Mixing traditions and blending boundaries, the Afghani Kaftan with lehariya dyed over it is going to be quiet a head-turner

Lehariya Kaftan

The list goes on, and we’re so proud that this season’s most-adored style is a gift of Rajasthan to the fashionable men and ladies of the country!

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The Toshakhana Trunk Show in Jaipur

Jaipur gets fashionable with a number of  trendy exhibitions and trunk shows being organised in the city. Trunk shows being a new concept to the Pink City, allows established designers and regional big-names to reach the crowd of our city.


As fashion crazy as these shows get, so does the excitement of the youth and the style conscious of the city! One such was inaugurated today by Princess, and now MLA of Sawai  Madhopur, Diya Kumari.

It was the first ever Toshakhana’s Trunk Show in Jaipur, and it exhibited a selection of apparel, statement jewellery, stylish accessories, trendy bags, crafts items, among others.


The event had been conceptualized and curated by Rekha Rani Singh and Naiha Jhala. The designers who’s items were displayed are: Simran Arya, Alka Rani Singh from Royal Fables, Outhouse, Zimpy Kohli, Burning Candy by Karanvir Singh and Frazer and Haws.

Happy Weekend shopping Jaipurites!

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Jewellers of Jaipur at IIJW Mumbai 2014!


India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) has begun its 4th season in July 2014, after completing three extremely successful and grand seasons since it began in 2010.

Amer Birdhichand Jaipur Kangna Vidyut Sharmila Ila Arun

IIJW is an initiative to provide an international platform to established and up-coming designers of the country to showcase their finest in jewellery, supported by top-of-the-line craftsmanship, technology and quality to the customers around the world.


Held each year at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, IIJW is a landmark event in the Bollywood, fashion and luxury industry. Bollywood divas like Sushmita Sen, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, Mallika Sherawat, Kangana Ranaut and many more have walked the ramp of IIJW for various jewellery design houses.



Three jewellery houses of the Pink City will launch and showcase their collection at the on-going IIJW; Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers, Derewala Jewellers and Golecha Jewels are all set for this big glittery event.


Jaipur will definitely be celebrated this year, with Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers’ new collection ‘AKS’, inspired by the journey of time and reflection of the vivid cultures all around the world, being introduced by the breath-taking showstopper Parineeti Chopra!

All the best designer, may your classic and contemporary designs become a celebrated contribution to the world of jewellery!

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Movie Review: 3 Excellent reasons to watch Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya

humpty-sharma-ki-dulhania_140117250720The local and updated version of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, with an extra tadka of comedy, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya has taken away the show! Here’s why:

  1. For the love-struck Varun Dhawan, the funnily cheeky Alia Bhatt, the Mr Perfect NRI Siddharth Shukla or for the awesome Ashutosh Rana who we have seen on screen after ages. For every other character in the movie, whose presence and comic-timing are just perfect.


  1. Every love-story is dramatic and special, and it doesn’t need larger-than-life backgrounds for one to fall in love with characters and the movie. The songs of course make it special. Delhi and Ambala could be your city or ours, and the heroine doesn’t have to take a Europe trip before her wedding to live her single-dreams.



  1. The minute details like the Jaipur-special lehariya and bandhez dupattas and dresses of Alia Bhatt, especially her colourful lehariya dupatta on the white suit in the song Samjhawan that have wooed us and the local language of Delhi that most college-goers have used at some point.


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The Rang Malhar Festival: Praying through Paintings

Some prayers are works of art, such that even god would stop and marvel!

10275400_10203018505558198_5206593327659731872_oArtistes of the Pink City worshipped Indra dev, the rain god, through their work yesterday; cars were beautifully hand-painted by these artisans on the occasion of the Rang Malhar festival. It covered Jawahar Kala Kendra, Albert Hall, Tripoliya Bazaar, Sanganeri Gate and Badi Chaupar areas of Jaipur through the festival.


The festival initiated by some of the most renowned craftsmen like Vidhyasagar Upadhyay and Vinay Sharma was organised by the Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy.

10511569_10203024695592945_8246219192941050731_oThe themes of these paintings were very thoughtful and creative; one car spread the message of saving the environment, the other depicted astrology and sun-signs, some painted the themes of heritage conservation and saving the girl-child. One of the paintings very thematically portrayed a woman taking shelter under a tree to keep herself from sunlight.

10521117_920442517973092_105660752439998911_n10533907_10203018379515047_3462750320285642411_oWith over 80 artistes committing their work and themselves to such an awaited cause of the year, we hope and pray that the monsoon pours showers of joy on us soon 🙂