ITC Rajputana Hosts A Master Class!

ITC Rajputana Jaipur, the name itself speaks volumes when you talk about hospitality and exquisite food. But this time ITC Rajputana took a leap ahead and hosted a master class by renowned international Chef Christopher Koetke who loves traveling around the world to explore, learn and serve.


During his talk, he walked the participants through the preparation of intricate recipes fusing international flavors. Describing different cooking techniques he shared some of his amusing experiences in his kitchen and school which made everyone laugh their heads off.


He with his spirited personality created an exuberant atmosphere and demonstrated his culinary skills by preparing an exquisite dish from upper Midwest of USA. Now this complex dish led to some very interesting insights and questions by the crowd present. But this man knew it all and answered all the questions with a blend of whimsy.


The food served to guests was a delight to the taste buds. It included a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes which had their authentic flavors intact. The range of desserts available were too hard to resist and turned everyone into true dessertarians. 😛


The event concluded with cheer as the chef shared his wonderful experience in the pink city. This event indeed provided a great platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing and clearly justified the saying “Ingredients are not sacred but the art of cuisine is “.



5 Coffee Places In Jaipur That Will Always Be Our Favorite

On World Coffee Day today, as the world goes gaga over this magic potion called ‘coffee’ which you can smell right now, let’s have a look and be proud of these coffee places in Jaipur which have always been the definition of ‘hang outs’, meet ups, dates, and a lot more for the Jaipurites 🙂

1. Indian Coffee House
As they say, Old is gold, Once an intellectual hub, the Indian Coffee House M.I. Road. transports you back to an era of 80’s with its old Furniture, Posters, Uniform of Waiters and Cutlery. It’s a place to be when you have a less budget want to sip in some strong coffee with south Indian delicacies.


2. Bana Ji ki Coffee-
Bana ji coffee, C-scheme is a popular sneak out point for the young college goers who can compromise on all their lectures for Bana ji’s amazing cold coffee . It’s the best place in town for the people having late night coffee craving after dinner or just to hang out with friends in evenings !

bana ji

3. Gyan Vihar Coffee-
A small Saras dairy nestled behind the World Trade Park is a regular coffee spot for the school and college students of the nearby areas. Popularly known as GVD, it is famous for its cold coffee and Masala patties .


4. Statue circle ki coffee-
No matter how many Baristas and CCDs open, nothing can ever beat the famous and consistently yummy ‘Uncle ki coffee’ !! A small shop near Statue Circle which serves delicious coffee both hot and cold is a must after a good workout at Central Park and the best on a chilly winter night 🙂

hotandcoldcoffeecorner-Jaipur-0 (1)

5. ‘Theka Coffee Da’, Raja Park-

Theka Coffee Da is situated in front of the MPS School (Jawahar Nagar). They serve some very yummy and addicting cold-coffees and sandwiches at student prices.

theka coffe ka


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Jaipur By Nite – Day 1

As we say that September-October is the best time to visit pink city, it’s not just because of the amazing weather and onset of winters, it is the fragrant breeze in Jaipur which carries in it the festive feel that sheathes the vibrant culture, calming music, magical dances and a touch of royalty. The very epitome of this festive celebration that is awaited the entire year: Jaipur By Nite began last night.

Jaipur By Nite Jaipur Beat

The evening unfolded a series of events where the entire pink city and a surge of tourists were seen glowing with excitement as they witnessed the rich heritage of Rajasthan. The event was held at City Palace in the azure light of the stunning night sky. The two day ‘Jaipur by Nite’ Festival kicked off with the traditional lamp lighting by former members of the royalty. As the lamp was lit, the happy faces were greeted with the scintillating Rajasthani song ‘ Padharo Mahre Des’.

The major highlight of the evening was the Royal talk show ‘Contribution of Royalty to Society’ hosted by the very handsome Television and film actor and an outstanding orator: Kabir Bedi. As the talk was about Royalty, renowned members of Jaipur’s Royal Families graced the evening with their ethereal charm. These included Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, Shri Ji Arvind Singh of Mewar, Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur, and Maharani Rohni Kumari of Karauli.

Jaipur By Nite Jaipur Beat

What actually touched the hearts and moved our souls last evening were the exceptionally brilliant performance by the differently abled children of the group ‘Ability Unlimited’ which  is a non-profit organisation that empowers the disable to lead an effective, innovative and independent life.

What came as an icing on the cake on this magical evening was the sensational performance by the famous Bollywood singer and actress Shibani Kashyap who filled the atmosphere with her soulful voice and foot-tapping beats of her impeccable mix of Bollywood and Sufi music.

Shibani Kashyap Jaipur Beat

After the fantastic Day 1 of Jaipur By Nite that will be marked in our memories forever, we can’t wait for tonight when there will be more music, more dancing and more fun !!


11 Things That Jaipurites Do During Navratri

It’s Navratri Sthapana today and hence the festive fever has begun ! As the wind is filled with celebrations, there are a few things that Jaipurites do during these nine days, making this time even more special 😉

1. Make queues to visit Sheetla Mata temple in Amber fort


2. Go on crash diets in the pretext of fasting


3. Shop for new lehengas to show off at Dandiya nights


4. Enjoy holidays and happily waste them


5. Go to watch Ramleela with the entire family


6. Long queues outside Falahaar


7. The three words that haunt them the entire year : ‘Diwali Ki Safai’


8. Wait to see beautiful faces at Dandiya night at Abhivyakti

ramleela movie

9. Start dreaming about the delicious food after 3rd or 4th day of fasting


10. Get a Rockstar look as they stop shaving


11. Feel the sweet scent of winter in the air

lam post


Happy Navratri 🙂




10 Signs You Love Lazy Sundays

While some of your friends are going crazy about their shopping and party plans, you have your Sunday plan sorted, well…almost 😉

1. You just don’t want to wake up..you just don’t.


2. You suddenly develop aqua-phobia i.e. fear of water. Because no shaving or shower


3. You become a complete foodie be it Jalebis and Kachoris for breakfast or Rajma Chawal for lunch.


4. You don’t mind being called a ‘Couch Potato’ because all you want to do is sit in your sofa and watch movies, sitcoms and reruns of Comedy Nights with Kapil.


5. Driving to your friend’s place is the maximum exercise you are capable of doing.


6. Postponing all the planned tasks for the day is the only planning that the brain allows you to do.


7. When you see an uninvited visitor, your heart starts singing ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge’


8. You need a power nap every 15 minutes.


9. Even your wardrobe is on a holiday as you simply don’t want to let go of your pyjamas.


10. The words ‘calories’ and ‘weight loss’ do not exist in your dictionary.

eating lot

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Khoobsurat : A Disney Tale


Expecting this to be as good and as funny as original Khubsoorat would be unfair, expecting the lead actress of this movie to match the skills and spontaneity of Rekha would be too much to ask for. So now that we have set your expectations in right perspective let’s start with this journey called Khoobsurat.

When 50% of the hall is empty on the first day evening show of a movie, you surely have a reason to worry about as to what is there in store for next 3 hrs and also when you have already seen lot of youngsters heading towards having a “Daawat” in another Hall of the multiplex. The movie starts with a trailer of Bang Bang and boy you just can’t miss the hot screen presence of Hrithik and Katrina. And immediately a decision to watch Bang Bang on the very first day was taken, like this decision of watching Khoobsurat on the very first day was taken after watching its trailer.

When you see Sonam talking about how she felt like a princess working in a Disney film in the very beginning, you know where the bucks are coming from as Disney is the producer of this movie. Movie starts with Sonam wearing oversized glasses acting as a physiotherapist who claims to have cured Sehwag and Dhoni through her skills. She belongs to typical Delhi Punjabi family that has over the top mother (Kiron Kher in her patent role), a young brat of a brother and silent Bengali father and they will always have chicken shiken for dinner.


Alright, Milli (Sonam) gets a job to cure the Raja of Sambhalgarh ( Aamir Raza Hussain) and she decides to take a journey to the place in a camel cart (??) although her 3G connection kept working as she continues to talk to Manju (her mother) , probably Rekha’s namesake after Khubsoorat. The grand palace of Sambhalgarh has every thing immaculate about it, the heritage, the antiques, the grandness and the people. Rani Sa Nirmala Devi Rathore (Ratna Pathak) is a perfectionist with her “dinner at sharp eight” kind of theories well in place. The Raja does have his sarcastic streaks alive while having his favourite wine. The prince Vikram Singh Rathore ( Fawad Khan) is engaged to Kyra (Aditi Rao) . He is a hard core business man who wouldn’t mind getting a seat of his choice in an aircraft just to get his business deal through.


So Milli reaches Sambhalgarh and as rightly addressed by Prince “Aafat” arrives. She believes in breaking every rule, she believes in rubbing too many people the wrong way, she believes in eating rice through her hand and she believes in taking selfies in every corner of this grand palace and chatting with Manju on Skype through her iPad. As expected, things start to change in this silent and subtle palace. The prince despite everything going against him, falls for her. The members start to like her and she herself falls in deep love with the Prince.

The movie that starts at a great pace slows down in between especially during the songs and emotional scenes. The chemistry between the Prince and Milli could have been projected better. Kiron Kher has nothing to do as from Hum Tum to Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna to Khoobsurat she has played the role in exactly the same manner and expressions i.e loud. Ratna Pathak stands out in her role as Rani sa. She carries the role with a lot of grace and composure. She looks royal in her chiffon sarees with matching brooches. Aamir Raja Hussain played the role of Raja to aplomb. He looks so much at ease playing the character.


As regards the lead characters the role of Milli was tailor made for Sonam in this home production like that of Aisha. She looks natural in her Punjabi girl avatar however fails miserably in emotional and intense scenes. Frankly she looks horrible in romantic scenes. And her wardrobe has nothing stylish about it although they are flashy and colourful. The person to watch is Fawad Khan, he is hot and has a tremendous screen presence. The poise with which he plays the role of Prince Vikram Rathore is credible for a person who is acting in his first hindi movie. He looks like a perfect gentleman in his band galas and blazers. It is only for him that the movie continues to hold on to its interest.


The music is average although Engine ki seeti mein is already a rage. The slow numbers are ok but look misfit in the movie. All and all, it’s a good family movie with no vulgar scenes. There are moments that are really funny and then there are moments when the movie drags. Just watch it for Fawad Khan and terrific acting by Ratna Pathak and Aamir Raja Hussain and yes there is Sonam too 😉


Rating 3/5


25 Things That Prove You Are A True Jaipurite

Jaipur, also known as Pink city, is a city of culture, festivals, shopping, food, heritage etc etc. You might be living in Jaipur for years now, and there is a new place which comes up every day in this evolving world, but there are still some things which make you a die-hard Jaipurite and no matter what changes, these things might not change 😉

1. Picnic means Nahargarh


2. Every guest should be taken once to Chokhi Dhani


3. You have watched hundreds of movies with your family at Raj Mandir with a pyaaz ki kachori in interval



4. You park your vehicle outside a mall despite having an official parking area inside



5. You have negotiated and renegotiated on Link road

IMG_2937 (1)

6. You have spent hours at Crossword without buying a single book


7. You have enjoyed your coffee at Statue Circle at night while your car is parked in the no parking area

sunset at statue


8. Jewellery shopping = Johri Bazaar



9. Jog at Central park is followed by a facebook post bragging about the same


10. The only Aunty you can bear is this one.

aunty's cafe

11. You have gotten your picture clicked outside World Trade Park


12. The wait for your turn at Sanjay Omelette is always worth it



13. No hanging out spot can beat Gaurav Towers

Gaurav Tower

14. Got stuck in the traffic jam at Khasa Kothi too many times

khasa kothi

15. You take everyone who’s new in town to have Lassi at Lassiwala


16. You have attended unlimited Goth at Khole Ke Hanumaan Ji



17. While eating Dal Baati Churma, you forget the meaning of the word ‘calories’


18. You know that Hawa Mahal is the Taj Mahal of Jaipur


19. Saras Sankul is the favourite night spot

Saras Parlour

20. Malls are the sightseeing spots, shopping bole to Walled City

24 Mojri


21. JLN is equivalent to Formula 1 race track


22. Pandit means Pav Bhaji joint



23. Pyaaz and Mirchi is meant for Pyaaz ki Kachori and Mirchi Bada


24. You are used to seeing an elephant block your way on a main road

Elephant in Street of Jaipur

25. You atleast have one thing in your wardrobe with bandhej and leheriya work