10 Signs You Love Lazy Sundays

While some of your friends are going crazy about their shopping and party plans, you have your Sunday plan sorted, well…almost 😉

1. You just don’t want to wake up..you just don’t.


2. You suddenly develop aqua-phobia i.e. fear of water. Because no shaving or shower


3. You become a complete foodie be it Jalebis and Kachoris for breakfast or Rajma Chawal for lunch.


4. You don’t mind being called a ‘Couch Potato’ because all you want to do is sit in your sofa and watch movies, sitcoms and reruns of Comedy Nights with Kapil.


5. Driving to your friend’s place is the maximum exercise you are capable of doing.


6. Postponing all the planned tasks for the day is the only planning that the brain allows you to do.


7. When you see an uninvited visitor, your heart starts singing ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge’


8. You need a power nap every 15 minutes.


9. Even your wardrobe is on a holiday as you simply don’t want to let go of your pyjamas.


10. The words ‘calories’ and ‘weight loss’ do not exist in your dictionary.

eating lot

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