5 Coffee Places In Jaipur That Will Always Be Our Favorite

On World Coffee Day today, as the world goes gaga over this magic potion called ‘coffee’ which you can smell right now, let’s have a look and be proud of these coffee places in Jaipur which have always been the definition of ‘hang outs’, meet ups, dates, and a lot more for the Jaipurites 🙂

1. Indian Coffee House
As they say, Old is gold, Once an intellectual hub, the Indian Coffee House M.I. Road. transports you back to an era of 80’s with its old Furniture, Posters, Uniform of Waiters and Cutlery. It’s a place to be when you have a less budget want to sip in some strong coffee with south Indian delicacies.


2. Bana Ji ki Coffee-
Bana ji coffee, C-scheme is a popular sneak out point for the young college goers who can compromise on all their lectures for Bana ji’s amazing cold coffee . It’s the best place in town for the people having late night coffee craving after dinner or just to hang out with friends in evenings !

bana ji

3. Gyan Vihar Coffee-
A small Saras dairy nestled behind the World Trade Park is a regular coffee spot for the school and college students of the nearby areas. Popularly known as GVD, it is famous for its cold coffee and Masala patties .


4. Statue circle ki coffee-
No matter how many Baristas and CCDs open, nothing can ever beat the famous and consistently yummy ‘Uncle ki coffee’ !! A small shop near Statue Circle which serves delicious coffee both hot and cold is a must after a good workout at Central Park and the best on a chilly winter night 🙂

hotandcoldcoffeecorner-Jaipur-0 (1)

5. ‘Theka Coffee Da’, Raja Park-

Theka Coffee Da is situated in front of the MPS School (Jawahar Nagar). They serve some very yummy and addicting cold-coffees and sandwiches at student prices.

theka coffe ka


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