Bunkers Bay – A Sporty Affair

Attention Jaipurities! Finally there is a unique hangout spot in the town where you can feel right in place with thrilling sports activities and lip smacking food. Yes! The Bunkers Bay has already made its grand entry in town, a place where sports meet the food. Located at Laal khoti this unique café is here to stay for long, as after a boring lecture at the coaching institute or after a hectic schedule at the office, the two things that come to rescue are indoor sports and a calorie filled indulgence.


Keeping this fact in mind Mr Shubhang Jain the owner of the café has designed the place for unlimited fun, relaxation and stimulation by offering games like Pool tables, Foos table and interactive gaming zone with an extensive array of delicacies for the food lovers.

Pool tables give a sporty feel to the cafe.
Pool tables give a sporty feel to the cafe.
Students enjoying interactive games
Students enjoying interactive games

The cheerful visual of Pool tables with the splash of violet walls and comfortable wooden couches and chairs sets one’s mood to break free from the monotonous lifestyle. The atmosphere of the café connects with youth quite well where they can choose seating area according to their comfort and convenience. One can settle down near the pool tables to witness the game sessions or can go for lounge or smoking zone section too.

Lounge section at Bunkers bay
Lounge section at Bunkers bay

A large television screen in front of the pool tables and the mixologist preparing your mocktail right in front of you create vibes that welcome everyone from students to families.


The seemingly unending offerings of the Bunkers Bay menu have four broad sections which include Ala carte, Italian, Chinese and continental. The drink section holds a lot of surprises specially the tea offerings which include Kashmiri khewa tea, English breakfast tea and Lemon grass. All of these can also be twisted and turned with add on options like Tulsi, elachi, adrak, sauf by just paying 30 bugs extra. Those who are not so big fans of tea can go for coffee, fruit shake, ice tea and lemonade.

The lemmon Ice tea
The lemon Ice tea

A common favorite for everyone, Maggie is also present on the menu. Chilli garlic noodles, Primavera pasta and cheese chilly toast are the perfect choices for the main course.


A perfect meal has to end with a scrumptious dessert but this part of the menu is a big disappointment especially for those who have a sweet tooth as they only offer sizzling brownie and few Baskin Robbins ice-cream flavours in the name of “something sweet”.

Butterscotch Shake
Butterscotch Shake

Overall Bunkers bay is the place where you can eat, play and relax as much as you want and when it comes to paying, you can do it without burning a hole in your pocket. Bunkers bay promises to serve delicious, fresh and value for money meal to the patrons, the portions served are sufficient for two persons. Go for a Kashmiri khewa tea, Indian masala sandwich and chilly garlic noodles along with a game of pool and foos ball, if you are planning to visit this place. And don’t forget to fill the customer feedback form.
Cost for two- 500

The feedback forms


Glittering Jaipur On The Night Of Diwali

On the festive occasion of Diwali, Jaipur is converted into a city of colors with gleaming lights and lamps all over the town that completely delight your senses.
So, we at Jaipur Beat decided to take a round of the city starting from Raja Park area to MI Road and the way back.
Illuminated lights, echoing firecrackers and festive goers at numerous Chat Stalls confirmed that there is enough energy on roads and in moods of Jaipurites 🙂
Though there are many reasons in the year when the city is in joyous mood but they bear no comparison with this beautiful Diwali sight.
IMG_8217_1 IMG_8227_1 IMG_8235_1 IMG_8236_1 IMG_8237_1
While we roamed around looking at the spectacularly well lit buildings, cinema halls, malls, markets, we could see a lot of children running around and playing with fire (means crackers) and jumping to the sound of them every time with the same excitement. Along with these happy noisy children, there were some rough rowdy guys on the road who were screaming relentlessly and enjoying Diwali in their own sweet way !!
IMG_8241_1 IMG_8247_1 IMG_8249_1 IMG_8252_1
When the city was so full of charm and excitement, there were some who were not really in a holiday mood and were even more active on their duties than any other regular day : the traffic cops.
IMG_8259_1 IMG_8264_1
Some chaat fans were seen comfortably eating on the road side joints as the roads were so crowded and it felt like the whole city was celebrating life with them 😀
A lot of people were seen walking with their families in joyful spirits and not using vehicles. These people included the tourists who could clearly be seen overawed by the vivid celebrations of Diwali which is always a pleasurable experience to witness !!
IMG_8270_1 IMG_8283_1 unnamed
The streets of the walled city were seen glittering in the lights and the beautiful women were in traditional attires looking like some fairy tale princesses who had come down just to make this world feel like a pretty heaven 🙂

10 Things Which Make Diwali Celebrations So Special!

All of us wait all year for this vivid festival of lights and celebrations, and when it finally arrives, there is just so much to do 😀 Amidst these so many things that we love, here are 10 things that make this festival absolutely special and memorable every single year 🙂

1. Fairy lights everywhere!
You can simply amaze yourself every year by the strikingly lit buildings of the pink city. The joy of lighting up your houses on the occasion of Diwali is unpretentiously overwhelming.

diwali 1

2. Puja
The feeling of peace and joy you get during the puja is unmatchable and the yummy sweets offered after the puja make you forget all about your weight loss resolutions.



3. Shoppers’ delight
The ardent love for shopping rushes out instantly from the typical shopaholic humanly figures during Diwali time and the special discounts, weekend offers make them go gaga.

diwali 3

4. The food lovers and stuffers
It’s that time of year when you all like to fill your mouths with every possible delicacy completely ignoring your diet patterns.


5. The pretty people around.
Diwali is the time when you love to embellish yourselves by donning the best of your traditional wear.
The decked up people and the pretty faces around simply add to the city lights.

pretty faces


6. Crackers
Bursting crackers is sheer madness but fun too! Seeing the random kids in your vicinity bursting crackers and then jumping out their skin to ward-off the bang is hilarious.



7. Gifts
It is such a great feeling when you are surrounded by gifts and sweets. Diwali is one chance to get anything you want from your parents as gifts. So present your requests wisely.



8. Photographs
People love to get clicked when they are best dressed.
Studio clicks, selfies or just the random pictures of your rangoli, photographs always bring smiles on your faces. So go and click!




9. The Diwali greetings
The joy, thrill and warmth you experience on receiving Diwali wishes from your closed ones lasts for life.

diwali 10

10. Family Reunions
It’s that one time of the year when you get to meet your entire extended family and all you feel like singing is ‘ Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

diwali 11

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5 Trends Of Festive Shopping That Changed With e- shopping

Along with all the other trends that keep changing every season, there are some trends that are not just changing every day, but are actually introducing us to a whole new world, the world of Internet and e-shopping. With Diwali right around the corner, let’s take a look at how all of us have a different definition of shopping these days !

1) Traffic jam / Server jam

While getting stuck in traffic jams before and after shopping was a regular experience, it has been now replaced by the internet server crashing right when you are placing an order and about to click on the purchase button ! And guess what, it irritates us almost as much getting physically traffic jammed 😉

2) Pamphlets with Newspaper / Advertisement on your timeline

Know the feeling of picking up a newspaper filled with advertisements front & back in the festive season and a pamphlet falling off it? The same happens as soon as we log in every morning on any website or facebook as our timeline is flooded with advertisements of online sales !

3) Sales girls / Chat window

The pleasant experience of a beautiful sales girl or a handsome sales boy pursuing you to buy a few things has turned into an anonymous chat window popping up every time you go on an online shopping portal, and they are always too busy 😉

4) From shop to shop / From page to page

From walking from one shop to another to look for a better and probably cheaper product, it has now come to doing it just by a click to jump from one page to another ! This surely gives our lazy legs a little break :p

5) Spending time / Saving time

Going out to shop also termed as ‘Retail therapy’ by some which basically includes spending time with shopaholic friends is not the same anymore. We have a short cut now ! All you have to do is go online, click on a few things, just sit back & wait till your shopping comes to you in your comfort zone !


Pics via Google and ambitionsfashion.com

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Lokrang 2014 – A reflection to the richness of our culture

The open stage of the  Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur  is once again filled with vibrancy of colours and spectacular performances to celebrate the ongoing 21st Lokrang 2014 . This year the festival brings together more than 150 artists from different folk and classical genres for over 11 days starting from 9th to 19th October 2014. Each performance at this annual cultural festival, from the Rikham Pada Paru Folk Dance of Arunanchal Pradesh to the Faag Folk Dance of Haryana,  blends multiple genres of Indian traditions together on one stage.


The first day featured a magnificent potpourri of the various folk dances like the Veeragase Folk Dance from Karnataka, and Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.

The Gair Folk Dance from Rajasthan.
The Gair Folk Dance from Rajasthan.
Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.
Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.

Every performance at Lokrang 2014 was flattering with it’s up to the mark perfection and artistic appeal where there was magnificent clarity of the roles performed by the artists during each and every energetic performance.


The proficient artists from each corner of India recited the vivacious culture by their scintillating performances that created an aura of magnificence. This 11 days festival, if described in one word, is ”Magnificent”.


True to the theme, the choreography of the dance performances were seamless with balanced movements  that created a visual treat with an interaction between the lights, space and the body.


The performers had a commanding stage presence and with their engrossing performances the evening was transformed into a moving experience.


The spectacular performances  will be held till 19th October  from 7 pm onwards at the open air stage at Jawahar Kala Kendra  and if you don’t want to miss the chance to see the artists performing live then occupy your best seats by 6pm.


It is impossible to define or sum up the diversity of Indian art and music traditions in a single breath.  The vibrant journey of 21st Lokrang festival embedded  the talent and skills of varied classical and folk artists in one single thread.




8 Reasons Why Swamy Cafe Is Still The Favorite South Indian Eatery In Jaipur

It’s World Food Day today ! When it comes to food, every one has a different choice of both food and the place to eat, especially with a new joint opening everyday. But there are some places which have been there for ages and still unite us on some premises. One of them is the famous Swamy Cafe in Raja Park which always makes us feel like getting up and get going !! But why? Let’s find out –

1. Authentic South Indian

It is one of the few restaurants in Jaipur which serves you with the most authentic South Indian dishes, you will find yourself licking your fingers dipped in sambhar 😉


2. Located in the foodies’ area : Raja Park 

Located in Raja Park, this place has made a mark in town for its great food and is always bustling with foodies. The austere interiors, unadorned furniture and the buzz here would simply set your mood.


3. Variety

The menu brings to you a variety of South Indian delicacies with the touch of North Indian flavors. Now that sounds enticing!


4. Dosas !

The dosas served are hot and crunchy with interesting blend of flavors, fragrance and colors, especially Mysore Masala Dosa ! If you are looking to dig into some scrumptious dosas, this place should not be missed!


5. No Price Issues

When you want to have delicious food without spending too much, you can just pick yourself up and experience the intense aroma, zesty flavors and heavenly taste of sambhar and chutney that would make your Din and Dil Khush!


6. Friendly Staff

Isn’t an outside meal experience always better when it served with a smile? The attentiveness of staff towards the customers and the love with which the food is cooked here would surely make your visit worthwhile.


7. Fight for a seat is always worth it

Sometimes getting a seat here becomes quite a challenge. Don’t worry!! Park your cars and seat yourselves on the bonnet. Have amazing food and your Shyam will definitely turn out Mastaani.

kya karoon

8. Watch your food being cooked

This is a place which has its own charm and legacy and where you can have an eclectic gastronomic experience without burning a hole  in your pocket.


So wrap up work and head towards Swamy Cafe right away for a special treatment and world best South Indian food 😀


Ranakpur Festival : A Colourful Blend Of Rich Indian Culture

If you think you are prepared to walk out of your mundane life and free-fall into a whirlwind of colors music and lush green surroundings then Ranakpur festival has to be there on your priority list. The temple town of Rajasthan, Ranakpur is nestled in a remote valley of the Aravalli ranges that promises to offer a plethora of picturesque scenic sites, wilderness and tranquility. The marble Jain temple and much older Sun Temple reside here in the lush green settings, adding a touch divinity to the place.sun temple

A view of these ancient temples becomes more breathtaking and magnificent when this sleepy town of Ranakpur turns into a lively spot for vivacious celebrations, during the Ranakpur festival that hosts exciting activities & competitions like Mustache, Turban tying and tug of war to fill the surroundings with laughter and joy.


The alluring two day journey of the Ranakpur festival began this year against a mesmerizing backdrop of bright sky and a gorgeous sunset where the open air stage awaited the festivity and joyous celebrations to begin.

mountain ranakpurThe melodious traditional tunes of Shehnai recital welcomed the visitors at the majestic Sun Temple for the grand colorful cultural evening.


The open air auditorium overlooking the sun temple witnessed a blend of vibrant colors, lively music escorted by a scintillating Odissi dance performance by Purna Shree Raut and party.

sun temple dance


Infusing an old charm to the cultural evening, Kalbeliya dancers performed free-spirited movements in their colourful costumes and glittering ornaments leaving the crowd mesmerized. The spectacular Mayur dance depicting the love of Radha Krishna with perfect rhythmic beats added a spiritual touch to the evening.


radha krishna

The excitement to experience the Run for nature and adventurous activities organized by the forest department was clearly seen on the students’ faces on the morning of Day 2 at the Ranakpur Festival.

nature run
Jeep Safari through the Aravalli Mountains, Ranakpur Valley and the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary gave a mixed experience of nature, history and wildlife around Ranakpur. The Spectators easily felt the rhythmic vibe and energy as they witnessed the eccentric dance and music performance during the cultural evening on the day two of the festival.


A Vibrant extravaganza of Kathak dance performance by Anita Ordia and party on the tunes ‘Chaap Tilak Sab’ reflected the true emotions of this Sufi song.


Vocal artist Vandana Mishra brought back the essence of Awadhi folk music from the state of Uttar Pradesh to the mystical Sun Temple of Ranakpur.


A stupendous moment performed during Rajasthani folk dance by the ‘Kalbeliya’ dancer

The performances by renowned classical dancers, carnatic musician and folk artists revived the richness, depth and pageantry of our rich Indian culture and traditions to give a momentous end to enthralling journey that will last forever in our memories.

IMG_9115 copyIMG_9165 copy





Marwar Festival Sprinkling Joy In Jodhpur

Rajasthan ! A place that sparks a wave of joy, festivity, colors and camels in all your minds just at the mention of its name 🙂 Undoubtedly, Rajasthan always stands out as the most magnificent tourist destination for its colourful festivals, fairs and celebrations. After being the hottest with mercury nearly touching almost 50 degrees Celsius, when the month of October arrives, it brings with it a magic wand which sprinkles happiness and energy in every living spirit.Owing to these spirits, Rajasthan began its colourful celebrations’ journey with the Marwar festival Jodhpur.
Celebrated to commemorate the brave deeds of medieval heroes Marwar festival drenches the Sun City, Jodhpur every year in the hues of vibrant colours with various folk music & dance performances and various exciting activities happening all around the city.


Formerly known as the Maand Festival, the two days Marwar festival began this year on the 7th October on the Sharad Purnima. On the pleasant morning of the festival, the folk artists were seen eagerly waiting for the festival to start when we captured their priceless expressions.

face paint marwar

dancers marwar

The grand celebration officially started with a regal procession, where men dressed in their best ethnic attires marched over decorated camel and horses through the old city.

pic 1

Folk artists also added an essence of vibrancy to the grand procession as they passed by sprinkling their magic in the vivid medieval streets of the electric blues of the city of Jodhpur. It was a sight to just sit and watch !

pic 2

For the enthusiastic tourists, it was a lifetime experience as in front of their eyes were the dancing spirits of the Marwar festival.


In the memory of the brave heroes, the festival hosted various exciting activities like Tug of war, Mustache competition and turban tying at the Umaid Stadium, Jodhpur for the tourists and localities to participate and be the part of the festival.

IMG_7420 copy




pic marwar
Britney from US dancing in joy on winning Pitcher Race Competition

The ship of the desert exhibited its multifaceted skills as a salute to the medieval heroes and ancient rulers of Rajasthan.


The first day of the Marwar festival ended with a gust of entertainment , the spirited folk dancers assembled at the Clock tower in the old city brought  to life the myths, legend and folklore of the regal area through their music and dance.

clock tower


Amidst the golden sand dunes, lies the ancient and picturesque desert town of Osian which served as the next destination for the exhilarating rural sport activities and camel rides on the second day of the Marwar Festival. The extremely interesting Camel show was also witnessed where camels are designed with some very adorable tattoos ! Look at the pic below, it looks like he is saying ‘Talk to my tattoo’ 😉


“Kesariya Balam Aavori, Padhaaro Maare Des!”
The most awaited cultural festival in the evening gave way to various events like Shehnai wadan or flute recital by eminent artist Rajendra Parihar and his troupe, Terah taal dance performed by the ladies of Kamat community where ladies tie 13 types of brass metal on their bodies and create magical music. Music is devoted to baba Ramdev. The evening mesmerized the visitors with a marvelously mind blowing mime performance by the vilas and group.

The night drowned in the massive crowd who could be seen sinking in the festive spirits of Marwar festival and the fading sand dunes bade a breezy farewell to the Marwar festival.





5 Memories You Can Never Forget If You Went To A Boarding School

Thank You Vipul Murarka for sharing your experience with us. 

Boarding school has taught me a lot and definitely, anyone who has been to a boarding would remember it for one or the other reason. I spent 7 years in a boarding school in Jaipur. This was during a time when we were not allowed to keep tuck (any form of eateries), mobile phones, could only go home on last weekend of the month, could only call home on Sundays. So within the hostel, we had created loads of memories and these are definitely the top 5 which all boarders would agree with.

 1) The Maggi Moments
Maggi was our saviour during those days. If you were to ask any of the boarders that who should get Nobel Prize, we would unanimously say the guy who made Maggi. It is better that I don’t describe the procedure of how we used to make maggi in hostel where we had no access to hot water (except in winters from geyser), containers and plates. These pictures will give you a glimpse of our love for Maggi.

Desktop hhh

2) Climbing the hostel walls
When restricted, you feel the urge to do that particular thing more. Jumping the hostel wall was probably worse than any sin we could have ever committed. But then every boarder has done it at least once. For us, Gaurav Towers was the only place to sneak out of the hostel and go to. It was our “adda”. If somehow we would come to know that the warden would not be there for long, we might also risk going for a movie.


3) Shitty Mess Food
You get super angry when parents visit your boarding school’s mess and say “the food is so good here”. No matter how good the food of the mess be, you always find it worst ever; you would need hulk’s strength to tear the roti apart, daal that you would get would be multi layered – with water on


4) Getting caught with mobile phone

Some of us got the taste of long distance relationship very early in life. While our girlfriends might be in our hometowns, in different schools or maybe in same school but will be seeing her only the next day, we couldn’t resist talking to her. One dormitory would have at least 1 mobile and there would be timings fixed for us.The dormitory rule would be to use the mobile only at night. And if you would get caught with the mobile, that mobile would be yours and rest of the gang didn’t know about it. And believe it or not, everyone has got caught with the mobile even if it weren’t his. (Also don’t be surprised if you hear boarders saying we used to hide SIM Card, etc inside our underwear during checking)

pic 4

5) Excitement of going home
Nearly everyone liked going home; but if you were the only one who got permission to go home and others had to stay back, then this would be the exact reaction


By Vipul Murarka



Image 2, 3,4, 5 via Google.