5 Memories You Can Never Forget If You Went To A Boarding School

Thank You Vipul Murarka for sharing your experience with us. 

Boarding school has taught me a lot and definitely, anyone who has been to a boarding would remember it for one or the other reason. I spent 7 years in a boarding school in Jaipur. This was during a time when we were not allowed to keep tuck (any form of eateries), mobile phones, could only go home on last weekend of the month, could only call home on Sundays. So within the hostel, we had created loads of memories and these are definitely the top 5 which all boarders would agree with.

 1) The Maggi Moments
Maggi was our saviour during those days. If you were to ask any of the boarders that who should get Nobel Prize, we would unanimously say the guy who made Maggi. It is better that I don’t describe the procedure of how we used to make maggi in hostel where we had no access to hot water (except in winters from geyser), containers and plates. These pictures will give you a glimpse of our love for Maggi.

Desktop hhh

2) Climbing the hostel walls
When restricted, you feel the urge to do that particular thing more. Jumping the hostel wall was probably worse than any sin we could have ever committed. But then every boarder has done it at least once. For us, Gaurav Towers was the only place to sneak out of the hostel and go to. It was our “adda”. If somehow we would come to know that the warden would not be there for long, we might also risk going for a movie.


3) Shitty Mess Food
You get super angry when parents visit your boarding school’s mess and say “the food is so good here”. No matter how good the food of the mess be, you always find it worst ever; you would need hulk’s strength to tear the roti apart, daal that you would get would be multi layered – with water on


4) Getting caught with mobile phone

Some of us got the taste of long distance relationship very early in life. While our girlfriends might be in our hometowns, in different schools or maybe in same school but will be seeing her only the next day, we couldn’t resist talking to her. One dormitory would have at least 1 mobile and there would be timings fixed for us.The dormitory rule would be to use the mobile only at night. And if you would get caught with the mobile, that mobile would be yours and rest of the gang didn’t know about it. And believe it or not, everyone has got caught with the mobile even if it weren’t his. (Also don’t be surprised if you hear boarders saying we used to hide SIM Card, etc inside our underwear during checking)

pic 4

5) Excitement of going home
Nearly everyone liked going home; but if you were the only one who got permission to go home and others had to stay back, then this would be the exact reaction


By Vipul Murarka



Image 2, 3,4, 5 via Google.


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