Ranakpur Festival : A Colourful Blend Of Rich Indian Culture

If you think you are prepared to walk out of your mundane life and free-fall into a whirlwind of colors music and lush green surroundings then Ranakpur festival has to be there on your priority list. The temple town of Rajasthan, Ranakpur is nestled in a remote valley of the Aravalli ranges that promises to offer a plethora of picturesque scenic sites, wilderness and tranquility. The marble Jain temple and much older Sun Temple reside here in the lush green settings, adding a touch divinity to the place.sun temple

A view of these ancient temples becomes more breathtaking and magnificent when this sleepy town of Ranakpur turns into a lively spot for vivacious celebrations, during the Ranakpur festival that hosts exciting activities & competitions like Mustache, Turban tying and tug of war to fill the surroundings with laughter and joy.


The alluring two day journey of the Ranakpur festival began this year against a mesmerizing backdrop of bright sky and a gorgeous sunset where the open air stage awaited the festivity and joyous celebrations to begin.

mountain ranakpurThe melodious traditional tunes of Shehnai recital welcomed the visitors at the majestic Sun Temple for the grand colorful cultural evening.


The open air auditorium overlooking the sun temple witnessed a blend of vibrant colors, lively music escorted by a scintillating Odissi dance performance by Purna Shree Raut and party.

sun temple dance


Infusing an old charm to the cultural evening, Kalbeliya dancers performed free-spirited movements in their colourful costumes and glittering ornaments leaving the crowd mesmerized. The spectacular Mayur dance depicting the love of Radha Krishna with perfect rhythmic beats added a spiritual touch to the evening.


radha krishna

The excitement to experience the Run for nature and adventurous activities organized by the forest department was clearly seen on the students’ faces on the morning of Day 2 at the Ranakpur Festival.

nature run
Jeep Safari through the Aravalli Mountains, Ranakpur Valley and the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary gave a mixed experience of nature, history and wildlife around Ranakpur. The Spectators easily felt the rhythmic vibe and energy as they witnessed the eccentric dance and music performance during the cultural evening on the day two of the festival.


A Vibrant extravaganza of Kathak dance performance by Anita Ordia and party on the tunes ‘Chaap Tilak Sab’ reflected the true emotions of this Sufi song.


Vocal artist Vandana Mishra brought back the essence of Awadhi folk music from the state of Uttar Pradesh to the mystical Sun Temple of Ranakpur.


A stupendous moment performed during Rajasthani folk dance by the ‘Kalbeliya’ dancer

The performances by renowned classical dancers, carnatic musician and folk artists revived the richness, depth and pageantry of our rich Indian culture and traditions to give a momentous end to enthralling journey that will last forever in our memories.

IMG_9115 copyIMG_9165 copy




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