8 Reasons Why Swamy Cafe Is Still The Favorite South Indian Eatery In Jaipur

It’s World Food Day today ! When it comes to food, every one has a different choice of both food and the place to eat, especially with a new joint opening everyday. But there are some places which have been there for ages and still unite us on some premises. One of them is the famous Swamy Cafe in Raja Park which always makes us feel like getting up and get going !! But why? Let’s find out –

1. Authentic South Indian

It is one of the few restaurants in Jaipur which serves you with the most authentic South Indian dishes, you will find yourself licking your fingers dipped in sambhar 😉


2. Located in the foodies’ area : Raja Park 

Located in Raja Park, this place has made a mark in town for its great food and is always bustling with foodies. The austere interiors, unadorned furniture and the buzz here would simply set your mood.


3. Variety

The menu brings to you a variety of South Indian delicacies with the touch of North Indian flavors. Now that sounds enticing!


4. Dosas !

The dosas served are hot and crunchy with interesting blend of flavors, fragrance and colors, especially Mysore Masala Dosa ! If you are looking to dig into some scrumptious dosas, this place should not be missed!


5. No Price Issues

When you want to have delicious food without spending too much, you can just pick yourself up and experience the intense aroma, zesty flavors and heavenly taste of sambhar and chutney that would make your Din and Dil Khush!


6. Friendly Staff

Isn’t an outside meal experience always better when it served with a smile? The attentiveness of staff towards the customers and the love with which the food is cooked here would surely make your visit worthwhile.


7. Fight for a seat is always worth it

Sometimes getting a seat here becomes quite a challenge. Don’t worry!! Park your cars and seat yourselves on the bonnet. Have amazing food and your Shyam will definitely turn out Mastaani.

kya karoon

8. Watch your food being cooked

This is a place which has its own charm and legacy and where you can have an eclectic gastronomic experience without burning a hole  in your pocket.


So wrap up work and head towards Swamy Cafe right away for a special treatment and world best South Indian food 😀

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