Lokrang 2014 – A reflection to the richness of our culture

The open stage of the  Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur  is once again filled with vibrancy of colours and spectacular performances to celebrate the ongoing 21st Lokrang 2014 . This year the festival brings together more than 150 artists from different folk and classical genres for over 11 days starting from 9th to 19th October 2014. Each performance at this annual cultural festival, from the Rikham Pada Paru Folk Dance of Arunanchal Pradesh to the Faag Folk Dance of Haryana,  blends multiple genres of Indian traditions together on one stage.


The first day featured a magnificent potpourri of the various folk dances like the Veeragase Folk Dance from Karnataka, and Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.

The Gair Folk Dance from Rajasthan.
The Gair Folk Dance from Rajasthan.
Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.
Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.

Every performance at Lokrang 2014 was flattering with it’s up to the mark perfection and artistic appeal where there was magnificent clarity of the roles performed by the artists during each and every energetic performance.


The proficient artists from each corner of India recited the vivacious culture by their scintillating performances that created an aura of magnificence. This 11 days festival, if described in one word, is ”Magnificent”.


True to the theme, the choreography of the dance performances were seamless with balanced movements  that created a visual treat with an interaction between the lights, space and the body.


The performers had a commanding stage presence and with their engrossing performances the evening was transformed into a moving experience.


The spectacular performances  will be held till 19th October  from 7 pm onwards at the open air stage at Jawahar Kala Kendra  and if you don’t want to miss the chance to see the artists performing live then occupy your best seats by 6pm.


It is impossible to define or sum up the diversity of Indian art and music traditions in a single breath.  The vibrant journey of 21st Lokrang festival embedded  the talent and skills of varied classical and folk artists in one single thread.



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