5 Trends Of Festive Shopping That Changed With e- shopping

Along with all the other trends that keep changing every season, there are some trends that are not just changing every day, but are actually introducing us to a whole new world, the world of Internet and e-shopping. With Diwali right around the corner, let’s take a look at how all of us have a different definition of shopping these days !

1) Traffic jam / Server jam

While getting stuck in traffic jams before and after shopping was a regular experience, it has been now replaced by the internet server crashing right when you are placing an order and about to click on the purchase button ! And guess what, it irritates us almost as much getting physically traffic jammed 😉

2) Pamphlets with Newspaper / Advertisement on your timeline

Know the feeling of picking up a newspaper filled with advertisements front & back in the festive season and a pamphlet falling off it? The same happens as soon as we log in every morning on any website or facebook as our timeline is flooded with advertisements of online sales !

3) Sales girls / Chat window

The pleasant experience of a beautiful sales girl or a handsome sales boy pursuing you to buy a few things has turned into an anonymous chat window popping up every time you go on an online shopping portal, and they are always too busy 😉

4) From shop to shop / From page to page

From walking from one shop to another to look for a better and probably cheaper product, it has now come to doing it just by a click to jump from one page to another ! This surely gives our lazy legs a little break :p

5) Spending time / Saving time

Going out to shop also termed as ‘Retail therapy’ by some which basically includes spending time with shopaholic friends is not the same anymore. We have a short cut now ! All you have to do is go online, click on a few things, just sit back & wait till your shopping comes to you in your comfort zone !


Pics via Google and ambitionsfashion.com

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