Glittering Jaipur On The Night Of Diwali

On the festive occasion of Diwali, Jaipur is converted into a city of colors with gleaming lights and lamps all over the town that completely delight your senses.
So, we at Jaipur Beat decided to take a round of the city starting from Raja Park area to MI Road and the way back.
Illuminated lights, echoing firecrackers and festive goers at numerous Chat Stalls confirmed that there is enough energy on roads and in moods of Jaipurites 🙂
Though there are many reasons in the year when the city is in joyous mood but they bear no comparison with this beautiful Diwali sight.
IMG_8217_1 IMG_8227_1 IMG_8235_1 IMG_8236_1 IMG_8237_1
While we roamed around looking at the spectacularly well lit buildings, cinema halls, malls, markets, we could see a lot of children running around and playing with fire (means crackers) and jumping to the sound of them every time with the same excitement. Along with these happy noisy children, there were some rough rowdy guys on the road who were screaming relentlessly and enjoying Diwali in their own sweet way !!
IMG_8241_1 IMG_8247_1 IMG_8249_1 IMG_8252_1
When the city was so full of charm and excitement, there were some who were not really in a holiday mood and were even more active on their duties than any other regular day : the traffic cops.
IMG_8259_1 IMG_8264_1
Some chaat fans were seen comfortably eating on the road side joints as the roads were so crowded and it felt like the whole city was celebrating life with them 😀
A lot of people were seen walking with their families in joyful spirits and not using vehicles. These people included the tourists who could clearly be seen overawed by the vivid celebrations of Diwali which is always a pleasurable experience to witness !!
IMG_8270_1 IMG_8283_1 unnamed
The streets of the walled city were seen glittering in the lights and the beautiful women were in traditional attires looking like some fairy tale princesses who had come down just to make this world feel like a pretty heaven 🙂

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