Meet The Birds At Barkheda Near Jaipur

Have been planning to go to Bharatpur to catch some beautiful birds for a very long time ??  Just keep that idea on hold, pick up your car/two wheeler and drive to Barkheda !

IMG_1710 - Copy

Is it really as easy as it sounds? Well the answer is yes. While staying in or visiting  Jaipur, if you think that there is just architecture, elephants, shopping and food to look out for, it’s time to get your facts right. Located 20 km away from Jaipur, Barkheda is a village in Rajasthan. Right in front of the famous Jain temple, there is a lovely pond which is definitely not an ordinary water body.


Where the sweet onset of winters brings us closer to our beds and pushes us further away from early mornings, there is someone who loves to travel and are absolutely fresh and active in winter mornings: The gorgeous water birds !

Now the question is, when to go there ? That depends on what you prefer, waking up before sunrise or leaving your place in the afternoon, because both the times have their own significance. If you plan to go in the morning, leave your place at 5:30 a.m. as the drive is around 40 minutes away ! Since the mornings these days are a little chilly, don’t forget to put on a jacket or sweater and a binoculars for sure. And if you are a photographer, do carry your tripod along with the camera for best results 😀

Now that you have reached there at sunrise, just put your stuff down and take a moment to gaze at the pure beauty of the sun rising over the pond.


Playing in water and taking off to fly in the sky, you can now see indigenous water- birds as well as migratory water birds and waterside birds in the shimmering pond to your left. The migratory birds include Greylag and Barheaded Goose, Rosy Pelicans, Dalmation Pelicans and Greater Flamingos.  When the first ray of sun falls on the water, the reddish orange light that fills the sky and reflects on the bodies of these birds, is worth catching !

Greylag and Barheaded Goose during takeoff at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur.Greylag and Barheaded Goose during takeoff at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur.

You will find the birds feeding in the water, taking off to the sky and also landing into the pond while drying their wings. It is best to capture the birds in the golden light that will definitely make your day 🙂

Rosy Pelicans and Greater Flamingos Rosy Pelicans and Greater Flamingos

On the other hand, if you are planning to go at the time of sunset, get set to get that bright orange light and the water will shine and you will know that this sight is surely more precious than any gleaming precious gem in the world. Sometimes, you can also click a picture against the sun to get a different treatment.

Dalmation Pelicans at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur during sunsetDalmation Pelicans at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur during sunset

Apart from photography, Barkheda pond is also a superb destination for sightseeing and picnic, so pack your bags with some sandwiches and other snacks and experience the warmth of sun and calmness of water in the company of chirping birds this winter!




Handcrafted Tote-ly bags- A new take on leather bags!

If you are one of those who have a distinguished refined sense of fashion and love experimenting with leather bags then Tote-ly bags by Azura are a must on your next shopping list. Azura, a Jaipur based lifestyle brand creatively blends different hues, quirks, moods, embroidery and styles to create leather bags that are not only a visual delight but are a heaven made match for a woman of all seasons. If you are intelligent, confident, free spirited, elegant, chic and classy then Tote-ly may interest you. Their bags are durable enough to hold the secret world you carry in it 🙂

IMG_6351 copy

With a classic and subtle twist, Azura is an evolving label that aims at exclusivity and offers an extensive range of products viz leather totes, wallets, laptop bags, sleeves etc. Their creations have the unmistakable essence of rich craftsmanship which perfectly refines a woman’s worldly sophistication in an entirely different way.

IMG_5889 copy

Setting a new benchmark in the industry, Azura’s exclusive line Tote-ly captures the true essence of pure leather with eccentric Rajasthani prints and handwork in a very unique and fashionable way. The intricate designs are carefully handcrafted by the weavers and craftsmen from the remote areas of Rajasthan to create masterpieces that are versatile and can be easily worn around the world.

IMG_5895 copy

The designs are fresh, innovative and classy; it seems that the brand experiments creatively with the leather so that they can bring to their patrons an enriching and durable product.
Tote-ly by Azura is a fresh installment in fashion by Neha Charles worth, whose passion for bags and fashion is a never-ending quest and hence the force behind the line.

IMG_5917 copy
With a clear understanding for people specific needs and gifting ideas, Azura also offers corporate gifts, customized leather products and personalized leather gifts to its clientele.

IMG_5965 copy

On a model based on organic growth and pure customer satisfaction, Azura from Jaipur city shall be made available via e-shopping to gratify your passion for handcrafted bags, giving our lazy legs a well deserved break. And why not, when intricate patterns and unmatched craftsmanship allure your senses, chances are that you end up buying every other piece that catches your eye. The brand ships free of charge within the city of Jaipur! Your handbag is just a phone call/ FB message or email away. 🙂

To order these amazing Tote-ly bags just-

Call @ 99839-70007
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Follow Facebook page- Brand Azura for latest brand offerings



Enjoy The Wintry Days At Tea Tradition!

Isn’t a cup of hot Masala Tea along with Aaloo Pakode a perfect combination to satiate your hunger pangs on a breezy day? Tea Tradition at Raja Park is definitely one of those places that will appease your diet with a range of eats and teas which can be savored anytime during the day.


If you wish to chill out with your friends without spending too much, then Tea Tradition offers great choices for you all. The iced tea, milk shakes and cold coffee here will certainly please the crowd who are totally indifferent to changing season, while the tea lovers should absolutely break the tradition of sipping their regular home-made teas and head towards Tea Tradition. You won’t be disappointed at all with the variety of snacks offered here. The eats would totally go well with your beverage.


Though the seating capacity here is limited and you might have to wait before you comfortably seat yourselves, but the food and warmth with which it is served would impress you without fail. And you will surely forget about your irksome wait.



Another interesting thing which we got to know about Tea Tradition is that it completed its 100 days on November 7, 2014. Jasmit Singh, the proud owner of this cafe enthusiastically told our team members about how his cafe attracted a lot of crowd on that day. Their joyous celebrations of completing 100 days were visible on their Facebook Page.


So all you people don’t wait too long and rush to Tea tradition today. And don’t forget to get some pictures clicked. Happy winters! 🙂




Happy 287th Birthday Jaipur !

The capital of Rajasthan and one of the happiest and most colorful cities in India, Jaipur was founded on 18 November 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber, after whom the city is named. Also known as the pink city of India, Jaipur has seen and grown a lot in the last 287 years and is definitely not stopping ! So watch your dear pink city from the eyes of a photographer in these wonderful pictures depicting Jaipur in a way probably never seen before.

JMahal Pano small


Johri Bazaar
Johri Bazaar

Light and Sound Show, AmerLight and Sound Show at Amer

albert-hall-1 copyAlbert Hall Museum

IMG_8875-001 copyJaipur seen from Nahargarh

IMG_1186Hawa Mahal

Jal mahal Jal mahal

Amer FortAmer Fort

Sunset in JaipurSunset in Jaipur

1 copy (2)Pink city as seen from the wall of Nahargarh fort

Birla Mandir Birla Mandir

panna kundPanna Meena Ka Kund On Jaipur-Amer Road

A bright view of Kesar Kyari Bagh from a window of Amer FortA bright view of Kesar Kyari Bagh from a window of Amer Fort

Pictures clicked by Mr. Gaurav Hajela, Founder of Jaipur Beat


Feel The Snowfall At Snow Park In Jaipur

Since the temperature is now dropping and summers are about to depart, don’t you think you should take full mazaa of this leaving summer ?? Umm so what can be a different place to go to in Jaipur where people of all groups can have a gala time ? The answer lies in GT Central. It is the new ‘Snow Park’ that has opened in Jaipur !!

For starters, the idea of entering a place with -6 degree Celsius (yes) with a lot of snow to play with is itself so pleasantly enticing that a visit to this place is impossible to resist. All you have to do is drive/ride to GT Central, go to the counter of Snow Planet, get the tickets and be ready for a joyous time thereon. While at the counter, you can already see Santa Claus flying in his sleigh with his reindeer welcoming you to his super happy world 😀

jaipur beat pic
Now you just have to collect your jacket, gloves and a pair of boots and you’re ready to go. A guy will open the gate for you and there it is. A land full of snow with the beautiful Snow White and her seven dwarfs standing right in front of you along with the Snow Queen Elsa giving you a feel that you have left behind all your worries and are now living in a perfect Disney fairy tale. There are many balls spread all over the snow to play football, throw-ball and whatever you want to. It is surely a paradise for children as they have a lot of activities to do around here. To add to the feel, there are snowy green pine trees all around standing tall with some cute penguins and adorable snow bears by their sides. Behind the snow slide, stands a Giant Polar Bear watching his little snow town 🙂


As you continue to walk to your right, there is a snow clad staircase and there you see those lovable snowmen with stylish hats and colorful caps along with ebony wood benches with snowflakes spread over them where you can just sit, relax and click selfies 😉


Just continue to climb up and it keeps getting better and more fun 😀 You can do sledging for which there are two separate sections, one for adults and another one for tiny tots which is smaller and not too steep.


If you take a right from the staircase, a Snow Cafe welcomes you where there are wooden chairs and tables with a fence where you can literally ‘chill out’ and chit chat may be. While standing by the fence, you can see the whole view of the park below where the children can be seen wrapped in jackets, laughing and throwing snow at each other !


You can even see a Dance floor with flash lights and experience a unique feel of dancing in snow with your friends and family!! While you cross the lovely London Bridge and get a superb picture clicked over there, you can also spot the extremely sweet little Winnie the Pooh sitting by and adding a bright feel with his yellowish orange and red attire 🙂
From there you can take the extremely fun snow slide which is fast and furious and makes you land in the heap of snow 😀

Apart from this, you will also get to witness snowfall making you feel like you are in a magical haven, cocooned in snow where snowflakes are falling like feathers from heaven and there is nothing more serene in the entire world.

So get out of your bed, dress up and feel the magic of Snow Park this weekend before winters take over 🙂
P.S The timings are 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. for weekdays and 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. for weekends and holidays.


Get The True Mumbhai Feel In Jaipur !

Mumbai street food is famous not only in Maharashtra but throughout the country. Who doesn’t love a plate of hot and spicy Vada Pav along with some Cutting Chai ?? So put on your shoes and dash out of the door to reach Jaipur’s newly opened street eatery at Raja Park, ‘Mumbhai Express’.


If you go there to satiate your chatpata pangs, you should definitely not miss out on Schezuan Bhajjia and Kanda Bhajjia which will remind you of the Bombay street culture. The fresh and soft Bhajjia  will be relish to your taste buds and Mumbhai Express’s idea to bring flavors of Bombay to the Jaipur Junta is not new but what makes them different from the rest is their ideology to keep the authentic taste of their dishes intact. Very few eateries are able to present the real flavors of such dishes.




Another interesting thing that would immediately appeal your eyes is the design of their logo. A huge and plump man with round eyes holding Vada Pav in one hand and Chai in the other. That man in their logo would clearly remind you of a desi, grumpy BHAI of Mumbai who loves eating. Sounds typical? Oh! you go there and see it.


This street eatery near Panchwati Circle opens at 4:30 in the evening and runs till 10. Though this eatery is relatively new but has created a lot of buzz among Jaipurites using the power of social media. They plan to attract more and more people by marketing themselves via their Facebook page and Twitter Account. Now that is one thing every modern day restaurant or eatery is doing to become crowd-pleasing. Social Media has truly revolutionized the world.


If you are looking to dig into some light and delectable Bombay street meal then head to Mumbhai Express and you would surely enjoy their food without burning a hole in your pocket.



9 Places In Jaipur To Take Your Kids And Make This Children’s Day Rocking

Even though for every parent, every day is Children’s day, you might sometimes be unable to take out enough time for them or find out what interests them the most ! So here is a list of the places in Jaipur where you can take your kids on this Children’s Day and create wonderful memories for them 🙂

  1. Snow park

The newly opened Snowpark in GT Central is definitely the talk of town ! And why won’t it be? It has snow, snowman, snow white and seven dwarves, the cool slides and fun sledging ! Take your children there and have a superb time playing with snow, getting pictures clicked, take cool rides and gift them a unique experience 😀


  1. Patrika Book Fair

If your child spends most of his/her time in the library at school or is found reading after doing their homework, there is no better gift for him than to take him to the Patrika Book fair this Children’s Day and let him choose as many books as he wants to at really good schemes and prices. 🙂 This way, they will get to have their way with books without making a hole in your pocket 😉 You will also find school books and delicious food stalls here so no cooking dinner for them thereafter 😀

patrika book fair

  1. Modern Masti 7 D

There is no kid who doesn’t love watching those movies, where they don’t just watch it, but feel like a part of it ! With more than 7 special effects, when these seats move according to the screen and shows you some very interesting shows, your child is sure to have a thrilling time at Modern 7D located at Pink Square, Jaipur !!
7d picture

  1. Floating Leaf Cafe

Extend your children’s day celebration plans as floating leaf cafe is organizing the kids carnival where endless entertaining activities like  cake cutting, games, rides, tattoo, photo booth, Khoi bag await your kids. It will be a fun event for the toddlers who can enjoy interesting activities along with delicious food options like chaat, pasta, pizza and more. The entry fee is 500 per person.

floating leaf

  1. Movie

With a big tub of popcorn and tall glass of cold drink, a child feels like he/she is in a perfect heaven of entertainment. So take the little kids to a movie and watch them getting lost in their own world for 3 hours straight.

movie theatre

  1. Purple

    There are few places where one feels like a child again and Purple promises the same fun & excitement . This gaming parlour has a complete package of entertainment and fun where your children and you can spend quality time together,  Enjoying thrilling video games along with some scrumptious food options.purple jaipur
  1. Museum

Instead of talking about their classmates and crushes, do they talk about history of kings and queens and may be extinct palaces ?? Museum is the place they will find their happiness in. Take them to the Albert Hall or City palace and be their guide by showing a few antiques, weapons and tell them war stories and see how they get transported to that era and have the best time ever 😀

albert hall 2

  1. Jaipur Zoo

If your child loves to watch Discovery channel and is truly interested in watching animals and their cute ways, just take them for a tour to the Jaipur Zoo. Located near Albert Hall museum, it is quite a delight to watch with a huge variety of animals !!

jaipur zoo

  1. Scary House

    Have you ever caught your child reading Goosebumps or watching horror soap operas/movies, don’t worry it will only make them more imaginative and adventurous 😉 Surprise him by taking him to the spooky Scary House at Pink Square or Triton and watch him have all the fun among those creepy ghosts and skeletons 😉scary house

Happy Children’s Day 🙂


Cyclin’Jaipur-A new concept of “ecotourism” in the Pink City

For the tourist who love travelling and experiencing  the real essence of the city, the two French women Eleonore and Ophelie have brought a new concept of “ecotourism” in the Pink City. The organisation called  Cyclin’Jaipur is a very first of its kind to introduce this  unique and innovative idea for taking tourists, as well as locals, on a guided bicycle tour all around the walled city. These Two travelling enthusiasts Eleonore from Paris and Ophelie from Bordeaux were on a trip in Rajasthan in winter 2013 when they literally fell in love with our beloved Pink city.

depart tour

Like every tourist they went to the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal and Hawa Mahal and they were fascinated by the beauty and the rich history of Jaipur. But the idea of settling here and building their own venture came after a walking tour they did in the alleyways with a guide. They found out that the street life of Jaipur was as beautiful and fascinating as its stunning monuments. The history of Jaipur not only lies in palaces and monuments but is also vivid with the myriad of artisans, shops, markets, havelis and temples. They thought eventually that every tourist should get the chance to get off the beaten track and experience the real city.

Adventurous, they found some cycles and started exploring the walled city, enjoying the energy of every single street of Jaipur witnessing the amused look of the Jaipurwale.That experience became a passion that they decided to share with others.

In the French cities, cycling is a way of life. Quiet, Eco friendly, and convenient, it allows to cover long distances in a short time. Public policies encourage citizens to use bicycle in town to reduce pollution, noise and traffic. The more pleasant a city, the happier and healthier its inhabitants.

This is the message that Eleonore and Ophelie want to deliver. They are not the only ones in Jaipur, the Jaipur Cycle Club also encourage awareness about cycling and its benefits for oneself and for a green city. Many other associations and NGO  work for a green and cleaner city, and hopefully, someday the “Clean India” extolled by the Prime Minister!
Cyclin’Jaipur invites you for a complete journey, filled with discoveries, thrill, sensations and passion. They provide cycles, helmets, bottles of water, some food tasting all along the way and a breakfast at the end of the tour. Three different tours have been designed by the ladies : Pink Royal, Pink Inside and Pink Sensation. It’s up to you to choose the one you would like to do! Find all the details on http://www.cyclinjaipur.com
They offer “Private tours” on demand, in English, Hindi and French.


Pushkar Fair 2014 – A miraculous reunion of Verve, Devotion and Folklore

As the early morning light of 31st October rose over the sand dunes of holy town, Pushkar, the smells of camel feed along with the sounds of belching camels filled the air and embarked the beginning of the Pushkar Fair. The camel and horse traders huddled near the embers of small fires with cups of camel milk chai (tea) in the hands to discuss their plans for the fair while the droves of tourist cars and backpackers started pouring into town.  With melding of innumerable hues of color and serene views and raw sounds, the festival took off its 7 day long mesmerizing journey with a flag host followed by a sequel of bustling activities.

camel and sunrise

Though the woman in rural Rajasthan sits in the confines of her home but the creativity in her hand is truly exceptional, which left many awe struck during the Mandana Competition. The designs, fine lines and beauty of Mandna revealed the unexplored talent of Rajasthan.


Adding to the liveliness of the fair, many tourists were seen in dressed colorful traditional attires with their own personalized twist which reflected  their free spirits and energy for not only witnessing the celebration but begin a part of it.


A frenzied burst of activities like football match, Kabaddi match and Wrestling between the tourists and locals heightened the excitement and energy level among the participants and those who cheered their own respective teams.


tourist with prizes

Everyone has their own distinct & unique personal style to get dressed, true to its meaning some camels were adorned with glittery fabrics with silver bells and beautiful jewellery like mori, tang, mod, payal and ghooghra. While some had intricate motifs etched around their necks and heads in order to win the camel decoration competitions.

decorated camels 2

From beads, brass utensils, silver jewellery, colorful bangles to leather goods, unique embroidery clothes and exclusive handicrafts the colorful bazaars of Pushkar and Shilpgram situated at the RTDC tourist village had a lot to offer to the Shopaholics visiting the fair. 


 Other fun filled completions like Mataka Phod, musical chair race, Mataka Race,Turban tying and tilak completion ended a burst of amplified laughter and cheers. The tourists participated in each activity with a great gaiety and in full spirit.

Turban tying competition
Turban tying competition
Mataka Phod
Mataka Phod

The movement of the crowd during the spiritual walk was like a tide of color with currents of saffron and yellow creating a colorful and heavenly ambiance.

spiritual walk

Exploring the beauty of coloufully drenched Pushkar at a bird’s eye view was serene and thrilling. Soaring through the air in a hot air balloon gives you a sense of exhilaration and peacefulness which just not possible with your feet on the ground!

hot air ballon view 1

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The vivid facial expression captured  depict the true emotions of the people, making a natural communication that doesn’t require words.



The spectacular cultural evenings are worth witnessing as when the cold November nights at the Pushkar sand dunes are lit up by the lurid campfires, the Sufi music and folk performances cast a magical spell. Swing to the sounds of high pitched musical instruments which echo in the vast expanse of the tranquil Thar Desert as the folk singers sing the songs that majestically narrate the tales of folk heroes, legendary lovers and their tragedies. 

folk music on the sand dunes

When you witness religious rites being performed during the Maha Aarti at the Pushkar Sarovar with such high reverence and respect, you can feel a humbling of the soul. The sight of the temple priest moving the lamp in a synchronizing manner to the rhythmic chants of hymns and the clang of cymbals during the Maha Aarti is truly a breathtaking experience.

Maha Aarti at Pushkar Sarovar
Maha Aarti at Pushkar Sarovar

 maha arti 2

The auspicious day of kartik Purnima marked the ending of the  fair, innumerable devotees offered prayers and took a holy dip in the sacred water of Pushkar Sarovar and also a closing and prize distribution ceremony was organized at the Pushkar mela ground. Though this 7 day journey came to an end but everyone carried along unforgettable memories of a rising sun that bathes people before they have taken a dip, filling of colours in the yawning lazy streets and enchanting views of Maha Aarti that will always warm up their souls.

last pic sun set

 Photo credits : Rajasthan fairs and festivals and Department of Tourism Rajasthan