9 Places In Jaipur To Take Your Kids And Make This Children’s Day Rocking

Even though for every parent, every day is Children’s day, you might sometimes be unable to take out enough time for them or find out what interests them the most ! So here is a list of the places in Jaipur where you can take your kids on this Children’s Day and create wonderful memories for them 🙂

  1. Snow park

The newly opened Snowpark in GT Central is definitely the talk of town ! And why won’t it be? It has snow, snowman, snow white and seven dwarves, the cool slides and fun sledging ! Take your children there and have a superb time playing with snow, getting pictures clicked, take cool rides and gift them a unique experience 😀


  1. Patrika Book Fair

If your child spends most of his/her time in the library at school or is found reading after doing their homework, there is no better gift for him than to take him to the Patrika Book fair this Children’s Day and let him choose as many books as he wants to at really good schemes and prices. 🙂 This way, they will get to have their way with books without making a hole in your pocket 😉 You will also find school books and delicious food stalls here so no cooking dinner for them thereafter 😀

patrika book fair

  1. Modern Masti 7 D

There is no kid who doesn’t love watching those movies, where they don’t just watch it, but feel like a part of it ! With more than 7 special effects, when these seats move according to the screen and shows you some very interesting shows, your child is sure to have a thrilling time at Modern 7D located at Pink Square, Jaipur !!
7d picture

  1. Floating Leaf Cafe

Extend your children’s day celebration plans as floating leaf cafe is organizing the kids carnival where endless entertaining activities like  cake cutting, games, rides, tattoo, photo booth, Khoi bag await your kids. It will be a fun event for the toddlers who can enjoy interesting activities along with delicious food options like chaat, pasta, pizza and more. The entry fee is 500 per person.

floating leaf

  1. Movie

With a big tub of popcorn and tall glass of cold drink, a child feels like he/she is in a perfect heaven of entertainment. So take the little kids to a movie and watch them getting lost in their own world for 3 hours straight.

movie theatre

  1. Purple

    There are few places where one feels like a child again and Purple promises the same fun & excitement . This gaming parlour has a complete package of entertainment and fun where your children and you can spend quality time together,  Enjoying thrilling video games along with some scrumptious food options.purple jaipur
  1. Museum

Instead of talking about their classmates and crushes, do they talk about history of kings and queens and may be extinct palaces ?? Museum is the place they will find their happiness in. Take them to the Albert Hall or City palace and be their guide by showing a few antiques, weapons and tell them war stories and see how they get transported to that era and have the best time ever 😀

albert hall 2

  1. Jaipur Zoo

If your child loves to watch Discovery channel and is truly interested in watching animals and their cute ways, just take them for a tour to the Jaipur Zoo. Located near Albert Hall museum, it is quite a delight to watch with a huge variety of animals !!

jaipur zoo

  1. Scary House

    Have you ever caught your child reading Goosebumps or watching horror soap operas/movies, don’t worry it will only make them more imaginative and adventurous 😉 Surprise him by taking him to the spooky Scary House at Pink Square or Triton and watch him have all the fun among those creepy ghosts and skeletons 😉scary house

Happy Children’s Day 🙂

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