Get The True Mumbhai Feel In Jaipur !

Mumbai street food is famous not only in Maharashtra but throughout the country. Who doesn’t love a plate of hot and spicy Vada Pav along with some Cutting Chai ?? So put on your shoes and dash out of the door to reach Jaipur’s newly opened street eatery at Raja Park, ‘Mumbhai Express’.


If you go there to satiate your chatpata pangs, you should definitely not miss out on Schezuan Bhajjia and Kanda Bhajjia which will remind you of the Bombay street culture. The fresh and soft Bhajjia  will be relish to your taste buds and Mumbhai Express’s idea to bring flavors of Bombay to the Jaipur Junta is not new but what makes them different from the rest is their ideology to keep the authentic taste of their dishes intact. Very few eateries are able to present the real flavors of such dishes.




Another interesting thing that would immediately appeal your eyes is the design of their logo. A huge and plump man with round eyes holding Vada Pav in one hand and Chai in the other. That man in their logo would clearly remind you of a desi, grumpy BHAI of Mumbai who loves eating. Sounds typical? Oh! you go there and see it.


This street eatery near Panchwati Circle opens at 4:30 in the evening and runs till 10. Though this eatery is relatively new but has created a lot of buzz among Jaipurites using the power of social media. They plan to attract more and more people by marketing themselves via their Facebook page and Twitter Account. Now that is one thing every modern day restaurant or eatery is doing to become crowd-pleasing. Social Media has truly revolutionized the world.


If you are looking to dig into some light and delectable Bombay street meal then head to Mumbhai Express and you would surely enjoy their food without burning a hole in your pocket.


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