Feel The Snowfall At Snow Park In Jaipur

Since the temperature is now dropping and summers are about to depart, don’t you think you should take full mazaa of this leaving summer ?? Umm so what can be a different place to go to in Jaipur where people of all groups can have a gala time ? The answer lies in GT Central. It is the new ‘Snow Park’ that has opened in Jaipur !!

For starters, the idea of entering a place with -6 degree Celsius (yes) with a lot of snow to play with is itself so pleasantly enticing that a visit to this place is impossible to resist. All you have to do is drive/ride to GT Central, go to the counter of Snow Planet, get the tickets and be ready for a joyous time thereon. While at the counter, you can already see Santa Claus flying in his sleigh with his reindeer welcoming you to his super happy world 😀

jaipur beat pic
Now you just have to collect your jacket, gloves and a pair of boots and you’re ready to go. A guy will open the gate for you and there it is. A land full of snow with the beautiful Snow White and her seven dwarfs standing right in front of you along with the Snow Queen Elsa giving you a feel that you have left behind all your worries and are now living in a perfect Disney fairy tale. There are many balls spread all over the snow to play football, throw-ball and whatever you want to. It is surely a paradise for children as they have a lot of activities to do around here. To add to the feel, there are snowy green pine trees all around standing tall with some cute penguins and adorable snow bears by their sides. Behind the snow slide, stands a Giant Polar Bear watching his little snow town 🙂


As you continue to walk to your right, there is a snow clad staircase and there you see those lovable snowmen with stylish hats and colorful caps along with ebony wood benches with snowflakes spread over them where you can just sit, relax and click selfies 😉


Just continue to climb up and it keeps getting better and more fun 😀 You can do sledging for which there are two separate sections, one for adults and another one for tiny tots which is smaller and not too steep.


If you take a right from the staircase, a Snow Cafe welcomes you where there are wooden chairs and tables with a fence where you can literally ‘chill out’ and chit chat may be. While standing by the fence, you can see the whole view of the park below where the children can be seen wrapped in jackets, laughing and throwing snow at each other !


You can even see a Dance floor with flash lights and experience a unique feel of dancing in snow with your friends and family!! While you cross the lovely London Bridge and get a superb picture clicked over there, you can also spot the extremely sweet little Winnie the Pooh sitting by and adding a bright feel with his yellowish orange and red attire 🙂
From there you can take the extremely fun snow slide which is fast and furious and makes you land in the heap of snow 😀

Apart from this, you will also get to witness snowfall making you feel like you are in a magical haven, cocooned in snow where snowflakes are falling like feathers from heaven and there is nothing more serene in the entire world.

So get out of your bed, dress up and feel the magic of Snow Park this weekend before winters take over 🙂
P.S The timings are 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. for weekdays and 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. for weekends and holidays.

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