Handcrafted Tote-ly bags- A new take on leather bags!

If you are one of those who have a distinguished refined sense of fashion and love experimenting with leather bags then Tote-ly bags by Azura are a must on your next shopping list. Azura, a Jaipur based lifestyle brand creatively blends different hues, quirks, moods, embroidery and styles to create leather bags that are not only a visual delight but are a heaven made match for a woman of all seasons. If you are intelligent, confident, free spirited, elegant, chic and classy then Tote-ly may interest you. Their bags are durable enough to hold the secret world you carry in it 🙂

IMG_6351 copy

With a classic and subtle twist, Azura is an evolving label that aims at exclusivity and offers an extensive range of products viz leather totes, wallets, laptop bags, sleeves etc. Their creations have the unmistakable essence of rich craftsmanship which perfectly refines a woman’s worldly sophistication in an entirely different way.

IMG_5889 copy

Setting a new benchmark in the industry, Azura’s exclusive line Tote-ly captures the true essence of pure leather with eccentric Rajasthani prints and handwork in a very unique and fashionable way. The intricate designs are carefully handcrafted by the weavers and craftsmen from the remote areas of Rajasthan to create masterpieces that are versatile and can be easily worn around the world.

IMG_5895 copy

The designs are fresh, innovative and classy; it seems that the brand experiments creatively with the leather so that they can bring to their patrons an enriching and durable product.
Tote-ly by Azura is a fresh installment in fashion by Neha Charles worth, whose passion for bags and fashion is a never-ending quest and hence the force behind the line.

IMG_5917 copy
With a clear understanding for people specific needs and gifting ideas, Azura also offers corporate gifts, customized leather products and personalized leather gifts to its clientele.

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On a model based on organic growth and pure customer satisfaction, Azura from Jaipur city shall be made available via e-shopping to gratify your passion for handcrafted bags, giving our lazy legs a well deserved break. And why not, when intricate patterns and unmatched craftsmanship allure your senses, chances are that you end up buying every other piece that catches your eye. The brand ships free of charge within the city of Jaipur! Your handbag is just a phone call/ FB message or email away. 🙂

To order these amazing Tote-ly bags just-

Call @ 99839-70007
Drop in your message, query or feedback at:

Follow Facebook page- Brand Azura for latest brand offerings


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