Meet The Birds At Barkheda Near Jaipur

Have been planning to go to Bharatpur to catch some beautiful birds for a very long time ??  Just keep that idea on hold, pick up your car/two wheeler and drive to Barkheda !

IMG_1710 - Copy

Is it really as easy as it sounds? Well the answer is yes. While staying in or visiting  Jaipur, if you think that there is just architecture, elephants, shopping and food to look out for, it’s time to get your facts right. Located 20 km away from Jaipur, Barkheda is a village in Rajasthan. Right in front of the famous Jain temple, there is a lovely pond which is definitely not an ordinary water body.


Where the sweet onset of winters brings us closer to our beds and pushes us further away from early mornings, there is someone who loves to travel and are absolutely fresh and active in winter mornings: The gorgeous water birds !

Now the question is, when to go there ? That depends on what you prefer, waking up before sunrise or leaving your place in the afternoon, because both the times have their own significance. If you plan to go in the morning, leave your place at 5:30 a.m. as the drive is around 40 minutes away ! Since the mornings these days are a little chilly, don’t forget to put on a jacket or sweater and a binoculars for sure. And if you are a photographer, do carry your tripod along with the camera for best results 😀

Now that you have reached there at sunrise, just put your stuff down and take a moment to gaze at the pure beauty of the sun rising over the pond.


Playing in water and taking off to fly in the sky, you can now see indigenous water- birds as well as migratory water birds and waterside birds in the shimmering pond to your left. The migratory birds include Greylag and Barheaded Goose, Rosy Pelicans, Dalmation Pelicans and Greater Flamingos.  When the first ray of sun falls on the water, the reddish orange light that fills the sky and reflects on the bodies of these birds, is worth catching !

Greylag and Barheaded Goose during takeoff at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur.Greylag and Barheaded Goose during takeoff at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur.

You will find the birds feeding in the water, taking off to the sky and also landing into the pond while drying their wings. It is best to capture the birds in the golden light that will definitely make your day 🙂

Rosy Pelicans and Greater Flamingos Rosy Pelicans and Greater Flamingos

On the other hand, if you are planning to go at the time of sunset, get set to get that bright orange light and the water will shine and you will know that this sight is surely more precious than any gleaming precious gem in the world. Sometimes, you can also click a picture against the sun to get a different treatment.

Dalmation Pelicans at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur during sunsetDalmation Pelicans at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur during sunset

Apart from photography, Barkheda pond is also a superb destination for sightseeing and picnic, so pack your bags with some sandwiches and other snacks and experience the warmth of sun and calmness of water in the company of chirping birds this winter!



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