8 Reasons Why Sankranti Is An Integral Part Of A Jaipurite’s Life

Although Sankranti is still a day away, the skies full of kites don’t let you feel that way 😉 And let us tell you, Sankranti is not just a festival in Jaipur, it a part of their lives ! Following are a few reasons why Jaipurites are in love with Sankranti :

  1. License to scream

This is the only day when none of your neighbours can complain about you being too loud, because hey ..what’s Sankranti without shouting at the top of your lungs ‘ Woh Kaata’ ?

screaming people 2

  1. Guilt free eating

It is not just a holiday, it is a break from everything including diet plans as having pakode, gajak is as much a part of celebration as Flying kites !

  1. Sun Tan

People go to beaches for an amazing sexy tan, but on Sankranti, just flying kites starting from early morning and not wanting to come back till late evening will get you a tan you will be loving for a few days to come 😉

kite flying

  1. Yo Yo Honey Singh

We pay a special tribute to Honey Singh by playing his songs on full volume on the terrace and dancing to them like crazy 😀

honey singh 2

  1. Free Workout

There is no need to go to gym or a jog because the sport of flying kites and the adrenaline rush while climbing the stairs with lots of kites in hand will work quite well and might make you lose a few pounds 😉


  1. No China Ka Maal

We don’t fly kites once the sun starts to set as the birds out there might not be able to see the Manja and get hurt ! And Chinese Manja is a strict NO.


7. Age No Bar

When it comes to Sankranti, you might see grown up adults trying to compete with children in the war of kites ! There is nothing called adulthood ! People of all ages are seen enjoying it with a childlike excitement on their faces and energy in their voices 🙂


8. Meet the Friends

Sankranti is that time of the year when we rush to meet our friends and relatives, who due to our busy routines, we are unable to take out time for.


And when we laugh together, fly together, dance together and eat together, life is beautiful 🙂

*Some of the images used in this blog have been taken from Google.


  1. Prakash S Bagga

    It is time to give a new dimensions to our relationships wih our near and dearsand a renewal of existing relationships for their continuity to maintain love and affection with our Elders,Children and Neighbourers.This festiwal makes every one waiting for such a next moments of making fun and enjoying togetherness of family. I love this festwal

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