9 Priceless Little Things You Love To Do In Winters

They make you shiver, they make you sick, but like every cloud comes with a silver lining, winters come with little moments which make it worth to experience this season !

1. Touching someone’s face with cold hands

And watch their annoyed face after that 😉

cold face


2. Taking someone’s ‘hot seat’

The one they had been sitting in for quite long :p

hot seat

3. Stretching your sweater sleeves to cover your hands and hold them tight in your fist

Despite your mom telling you that this will make the elastic loose.

winter 2

4. Standing under the hot water shower

And struggling to actually turn the tap off and step in the cold world again !

hot water

5. Spotting someone with a hoodie and ruining their hair

That’s your favorite way to irritate your siblings especially 😉


6. Wrapping your hands around a hot cup of tea/coffee

winter 3
7. Breathe on the mirror to make it go foggy (And then drawing on it)

In the bathroom, bedroom, car windows, you love to do this !

winter 6

8. Wearing your boyfriend’s jacket

Call it cheesy or Filmy, you secretly await the moment when he offers you his jacket.

winter 9

9. Tucking your feet under the blanket after a long day

No shoes, no warmers and no heaters can compete the feeling of tucking your freezing feet inside your comfortable blanket at the EOD.




*Pics via Google and Pinterest.



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