8 Tips For Bird Watching And Photography

Ever thought of going on a walk, watch birds and click them ? If you are one among those who want to wander around and observe birds then here’s a guide that would help you develop the skills of bird watching & photography. Happy Birding!! 🙂

1. Binoculars And Camera

Your interest and enjoyment of bird watching depends hugely on how the birds look through your binoculars. So it is important to buy a right pair of binoculars and use them the right way by making adjustments each time you go for birding. While those who like bird photography, a camera with appropriate focal length should be used to click birds without disturbing them.


2. Field Guide

You should use a good field guide to familiarize yourself with the different families of birds and their sub groups.  A field guide is a book with pictures of the birds and tips for identifying them. The guide would help you watch and click photographs of birds with better knowledge about their characteristics.


3. Listen To Bird Calls & Songs

Bird calls and songs are one of the best mechanisms to identify birds and locate them. It takes time and patience to understand and differ among various sounds of birds. A bird photographer can easily locate and click various birds at a distance by undersatanding their songs. This is one skill that birders & bird photographers should develop.


4Characteristics Of Birds

Once you are out for bird-watching you should follow a step-wise approach. Begin with asssessment of size and shape of birds and then go into details like colour pattern, distinctive stripes, eye arcs or rings, tails, legs, etc.  After determing the overall appearance you should try to understand the behaviour patterns and feeding habits of birds.


5. Flight Patterns

A birdwatcher should observe the way a bird walks, how it holds its tail, or how it jumps from branch to branch. If it flies off, you should also watch for a pattern of its flight, the way it glides or swoops in air. A clear understanding of flight patterns of birds would also help photographers to take the best shot of flying birds.


6. Habitat, Region And Climate

Make note of the habitat or region in which you have observed the bird. Each species of bird has a typical region that they inhabit. Also, birds migrate to different places throughout the year due to change in sesasons. Such observations can help you narrow down the possibilities when you locate a bird.


7. Try A Birding Tour 

You can also gain knowledge and enhance your bird-watching and photography skills by taking birding tours with a group of birdwatchers and photographers at various parks and sanctuaries.


8. Record Your Bird Sightings
You might want to keep a diary or a list of the birds you have seen.  After viewing and clicking the birds, you can jot down your observations for later reference. From markings to behavior, write down anything you noticed, it can all help when you later sit down with a field guide to confirm the bird’s species.  Also, note the location, date, time of day of the siting.



5 shopping destinations in Jaipur that are a treat to Shopaholic

Jaipur apart from being a tourist destination is surely an ideal place for shopping too and most of us being shopaholics have already explored every tit and bit of the local markets like Bapu bazar, Badi chaupar and Johari Bazar. Other than these markets there are few treasure troves of apparels in the city that are still waiting to be discovered. So here is the list of stores that are worth visiting to experience the different taste of the city that you just can’t afford to miss.

  1. Shanu Chitlangiya-

If you are looking for an outfit that has a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary then label Shanu Chitlangiya is an ideal place for you. Their collections are inspired by regal Indian silhouettes yet they are extremely stylish. The label expertise in comfortable and fashionable couture for men and women.

B-2, Aishwarya Tower, Ajmer Pulia
Near Hotel Hawa Mahal,Jaipur



  1. Alter Ego-

Call them trendy, fashionable or high on fashion; Alter ego has it all. The  store is known for its cool and chic clothes, footwear, bags and accessories which are bit costly but still within reach.

P11, Prestige Apts, Sahdev Marg,

Near Ashok Nagar Police Station, C-Scheme, Jaipur

alter ego

3.The Dressing Room-

The Dressing room offers not only modern, but also the ethnic range that can definitely add charm to your persona. The store has complete and unique designer wear which can surely give a makeover to your wardrobe.

F-55, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, Near Cafe Cuba. C-Sceme, Jaipur

the dressing room

  1. Tatvam-

If you want to add some desi tadka to your wardrobe and want to keep it classy and fashionable then you must head to Tatvam. The store has an eternal premium style range for both men and women that draw inspiration from classic Indian designs but with a modern twist.

K.K. Tower, Near Space Inox, Jhotwara Road,

Bani Park, Jaipur.


  1. Vasansi-

If you are missing out on some beautiful Gotta patti and Aari-Tari work embellished ethnic wears in your wardrobe then its time to visit Vasansi which has versatile collection of bridal and ethnic wears that will definitely add a new level of sophistication to your desi look. 😉

D-69A, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg,

Near Teen Murti Circle, Jaipur.


So the next time when you are planning for shopping,  these stores can surely be great options to indulge in a shopping treat. We hope you have a great time shopping when you visit these stores. 🙂


6 Winter Sweets In Jaipur To Sweeten Up Your Life!

Winters are short, so is life!! So eat sweet and indulge into moments of sweetness without any inhibitions.  Here we bring to you some sweets to lay your hands on this winter.  Don’t wait! Go and grab some. 🙂

1. Gajak

This dry and crisp sweet made of til and jaggery will keep your body warm on the biting cold days. You can buy Gajak from the famous Narayanji Gajakwale located in Johri Bazaar & Rawat Mishthan Bhandar in Sindhi Camp.

jb 2

2. Churma

Churma, made of wheat flour and cooked in ghee and sugar, is one delicacy without which the traditional Rajasthani Thali is incomplete.

Choorma (2)


3. Gajar Ka Halwa, Badam and Moong Dal ka Halwa

Winters are short! Have Halwa first. 😉 You can easily track down some famous shops at Gheewalon ka Rasta that offer variety of mouth-watering halwa.

jb 1

4. Malpua

Forget about all your weight loss resolutions of 2015 and get your hands on this indulgent creation that is irresistible. Please your senses and soul with some Malpua and Rabri at Mahaveer Rabri Wala at Tonk Road, Jaipur.



5. Doodh Jalebi

Warm yourselves up on a wintry day with some Garma Garam Doodh Jalebi at Saras Parlour in Malviya Nagar.

jb 4

6. Gaund Ke Laddoo

Have a Gaund Ka Ladoo a day and keep your winter illness away. 😉 Gaund ke Ladoo are rich in taste and nutritious for health and can be found at every sweet shop during winters. You can get some real good ladoos from Sodhani or LMB.

gond ke ladoo