9 Things We Love To Eat But Hate To Share!!

There are always some things that we love to gulp down before anybody else puts his/her eyes on it.  At the end it is always about scrumptious food which you would never want to share with anyone.  Here are a few things that people love to have but hate to share. 🙂
1. Crispy Part Of Samosa
The crunchy and crispy samosa is everyone’s favorite. No one would ever get to know if you move to a corner and hog it all.
jai 1
2. Bottom Part Of Ice-cream Cone
No best friend or sibling in the world would ever share the bottom part of their ice-cream cone. Even blackmailing doesn’t work when it comes to that chocolate part. 🙂
jai 23. Cherry On The Cake
Come birthday parties and kids along with a few crazy adults go insane about those little cherries on the top of the cake. They finish it even before that cake is cut.
jai 3
4. Last Sip Of Cold Drink
Who takes the last sip from that bottle of Coca Cola or Pepsi when you are sharing it with your friends or siblings?  Oh you fight!! We can understand. 🙂
jai 4
5. Last Slice Of Pizza
Who on the earth would leave the last slice of Pizza?                                                                                                             Nobody!! 😉
jai 5
6. Raw Wai Wai  
We all have the capability to wait for 2 to 5 minutes until the Wai Wai gets cooked, but this generally doesn’t happen when our hunger pangs reach the peak and then all we do is start eating it raw.
7. Melted Part Of Choco Lava Cake 
The chocolate flowing out of Choco Lava Cake is one thing that is irresistible and no one can ever think of sharing it with anyone.
jai 7
8. Free Wala Gol gappa
No person would ever want to miss that free wala Gol Gappa after having a spicy plate of Pani Puri.
9. Maggi Masala
Do you taste the remains of Maggi Masala while preparing  Maggi ? Oh we know that you still do that, after all it is difficult to change habits.

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