10 Things That Change When Summer Sets In

The Winters are too cold and Summers are too hot to handle .The running hotness in the town forces you to change the style of living. Here are some of the things we change when it comes to fiery summers.

1. From Bucket water to Refrigerated water

Your thirst can only completed with that chilled refrigerated water.


More chilled water please? Matke ka bhi chalega 😦

2. From daylight parties to strictly night parties.

It’s better to party when sunfall asleep or else we enjoy at Home. No compromises when it comes to deadly summers.


Pic Courtesy- Grunge Lounge, Jaipur

3. From sticking in a blanket to a Summer Holiday break.

Water games are obviously a great thought of getting a break from the hotness and off course summers are meant for a holiday trip.


A little relief from summers is not at all a bad option.

4. From Hot Milk to local Ganne ka Juice

You cannot hold on to stop the Mobile Sugar Cane Machine running in local areas in Jaipur to have thandathanda ganne ka juice 🙂


Lemon or Pudina in it ? Awesome flavor !

 5. From closed fans to High speed AC.

Even a little chilled breeze from the door in winters shivers you and a little chilled air from AC makes you happy.


Pic Courtesy- Image from Google

Coming from outside : Let me first stand in front of the AC.

6. When spending time in daylight, your only companions are sunglasses and hat

Hat and Sunglasses are your escorts when it comes to a bright sunny day outside.


Best combo usage !

7. From woolen clothes to cotton clothes

Time to redo your wardrobe and rearrange it with all the soothing clothes and short dresses.


Time for Summer shopping !

8. As Sandals are in, it’s time for Pedicure

You can’t afford to wear sandals with dirty feet. So, Pedicure is the only option to make your feet look beautiful.


An excuse for some more parlor time 🙂

9. From hot water bath to cool pool parties

Jaipur is always full of invitations for pool parties and why not when it’s the only way to chill out along with friends.

pool party 1

Music , Dance , Fun is on the roll.

10. From fatty to slimmer


Having relished lots of Desi ghee in “Sarso ka Saag” and  “Gajar ka Halwa” , you are always in trouble with extra weight during winters while in summers you just don’t need to put to worry about that.

Sweating helps !

So , Summers are here , ENJOY or wait for winters :p


10 Excuses Jaipurites Are Likely To Make To Watch #IndvsAus Semi-Final Tomorrow

We all know that it’s the matter of life and death tomorrow ! It’s the semi-final knockout match between India and Australia. So who will want to even blink while staying glued to their televisions tomorrow? These are the excuses which you might get to hear/make tomorrow for not going to work and staying at home to watch India vs Australia !!

1. Cold and Cough

I am having constant cold and cough and the symptoms look like swine flu now. Getting the tests done today and wouldn’t like to risk spreading infection in the office.


2. Parent Teacher Meet

My kids are having Parent Teacher Meet in the school.


3. Neighbor’s Dog

My Neighbor’s dog kept barking the whole night and hence I was unable to sleep. Won’t be able to contribute much in this sleepy state today.


4. Shaadi ka Rishta

Some one is coming to meet me for the intention of getting married.


5. Medical Emergency

My aunty’s daughter gulped a golf ball and hence I need to see her in a hospital in Agra


6. ‘Me’ time

I want to spend time alone with myself as lately I am finding myself too cluttered with confusing thoughts.


7. No Water

There was no power in the house and hence no water supply. In this hot weather I don’t think my colleagues will appreciate sitting next to some one who hasn’t bathed in 24 hrs.

8. Diarrhea 
I am having loosies, they are so bad that infact I am sending this message from the loo only.


9. Hangover

My girlfriend dumped me for my best friend and hence I got so drunk that I am having severe hangover today.


10. Car key lost

I lost the only key of my car and hence have to go to the Police station to get FIR done.



6 Best Places In Jaipur To Shop Rajasthani Prints!

When you think about the beautiful and eternally fashionable prints and fabric, one city that surely comes to your mind is Jaipur ! Every corner of the pink city holds a different visual delight that can possibly make your wardrobe more happening and interesting every single day.

Rajasthani prints like Bagru, Sanganer, tie & dye are not just normal prints but each of them speak about the passionate tradition of the crafts, colors and stories that have shaped lives and cultures in Rajasthan. Let’s find out the best places in Jaipur where you can get the best of these Rajasthani prints !

  1. GulabChand

If you live in Jaipur or are visiting here, there is no chance of you not wanting to shop at Gulab Chand ! As the name suggests the brand completely draws its inspiration from the beauty of the ‘Pink’ City (Gulab meaning Pink). At Gulab Chand, you will get to choose from a wide variety of traditional Sanganeri print, Batik print and Block print both for men and women. You can explore all kinds of un-stitched fabric, vibrant kurtis, salwars, stoles, printed shirts and sarees. Also, mix and match is very easy and trendy if you shop from this place !

Situated at-

105-106, Mall 21, Ground Floor, opp. Rajmandir Cinema, Bhawan Das Road, Jaipur.

#12-14, City Pulse Mall, Narain Singh Circle, Narayan Singh Road, Jaipur

gulab chand 

 2. Anokhi

Now extended to an elite cafe, Anokhi is one great place to shop from if you are looking  for outfits in different organic prints, designs, colors, and product of supreme quality. Anokhi’s designs blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence. Apart from having a store in Jaipur, the brand also has the outlets in many cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Udaipur. When in Jaipur, one can visit-

C-11, KK Square, Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme, Jaipur

  1. Soma

Like they say, ‘Old is Gold’, Soma is a perfect example of an old place which still feels as fresh and contemporary when it comes to its delightful range of hand printed products. The best part is that there is always something new for the customers at Soma, be it in colors, styles or ranges. The brand uses dyes made from non toxic chemicals for printing. Soma houses a range of home furnishings and accessories, fashion wear for women, men and children.


Situated at-5, Jacob road, Civil Lines, near Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur.
  1. Fab India

If you are looking for veritable Indian silhouettes in an endless array of fun prints and colors, then Fab India is one such option. The outfits by the brand can be integrated in the everyday wardrobe easily.

Situated at- CB-4 E- Prithviraj Road, C-scheme, Opp. Gate-4, Central Park, Jaipur

5. Chandni Crafts
Chandni Crafts is a very old and a small store situated in a residential street in Bani park. The store is famous for its ethnic and western wears that are affordable yet having a stylish expression of comfort and creativity imbibed in one. The store has a quite good collection of colorful Rajasthani printed Salwar, Kurtras, skirts and stoles, bed sheets, covers etc.
chandni crafts
 Locate at- Shiv Marg, Kanti Nagar, Bani Park, Jaipur,
  1. Sikar House

Also known as Haaji Market, Sikar house is the hub of Rajasthani printed fabrics, the market is full of varieties ranging from home furnishings, fabrics to colorful Kurtis and Shirts. The best part is that you can bargain and shop everything at affordable prices.

Sikhar House, Subhash Nagar, Jaipur

So get going and explore these stores and fill your wardrobe with Batik and Sanganeri Prints which will surely add a splash of color and style to your wardrobe !!

‘Soul of Rajasthan’ – Second Edition Book Launched By Pathfynder In Jaipur

A leading branding and marketing firm; Pathfynder Solutions launched a coffee table book “Soul of Rajasthan” at a press conference held at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar on Friday, 20thMarch, 2015.


The book launch will be followed by a two-day event being held at Mool Foundation on 21st & 22nd March’15 from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. This event will display few elements from the book along with allowing guests to preview the book.  Glitterati of Jaipur from various fields like art, photography, politics, marketing, social media will be visiting the event.


The Second Edition of Soul of Rajasthan has been made with an entirely different perspective of Rajasthan that acquaints you with the varied faces of the Land of Kings. It comprises 144 pages, 143 photographs out of which 117 photographs have been clicked by Gaurav Hajela, the Founder of Pathfynder and a renowned photographer who has been awarded in various photography competitions.


When asked about the reason why Mr. Gaurav Hajela decided to come out with the second edition of this book, he said “After the release of the first edition, I realised that 80 pages are too less to capture the magnificence of Rajasthan hence a larger version was conceived  that now carries  less explored treasures of Rajasthan in terms of places, cuisines, forts etc. For that reason, some new chapters have been added that talk about fashion, adventure, nightlife and many more vivacious shades of Rajasthan”.


The book ‘Soul of Rajasthan’ has a strong presence on social media platforms viz. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest along with its own website. The copies of the book will be available in the leading retail stores of Jaipur and online subsequently. It will also have its own mobile app in a short time.

Date : 21st-22nd March

Venue : Mool Foundation

Time:  10 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.


7 Spas That Offer Luxury In Jaipur

It’s been more than a month of monotonous and hectic schedule in the office or it’s just been tiring working the whole day in the kitchen and cleaning the house. If not now but one fine day you will find yourself really exhausted and worn out. It’s time to get that luxurious experience. Give yourself a rejuvenating treatment and relax your body, mind and soul. Following are the best spas of the pink city- Jaipur.


A unisex spa where services encourage one’s well-being and refresh your body and soul and also relax the stiff muscles of your body, at Fortune Select Metropolitan, near C-Scheme.

Telephone: + (91) 141 3988442, 4041822, 4041823


A unisex spa and salon which offers great spa treatments to improve the strength and restores the blood flow thus giving a stress- free life.

Telephone: +91 -141 – 4008455, 4038455, 4035698

E-mail: stylerajapark@gmail.com


The serene environment with some soft and soothing music which brings peace to the mind and creates a balance of body, mind and soul with some useful ayurvedic techniques at the Fern Hotel.

Telephone: 0141-4121212


‘Treat your body. Relax your mind’ Give a push to yourself and enjoy this ultimate destination to get the best tips and rejoice

the services of this spa.

Telephone: + (91) 141 6001000, 6995000, 6999000


Experience the luxury of Ganga Thai spa at Shyam Nagar and Vaishali Nagar.

Phone: 0141- 6540777, 6548777

Mobile: + (91) 7665774094, 7023751777


Take a rejuvenating journey with some great South Asian therapies and get yourself back on the track with full energy.

Telephone: 0141- 4026173

7) O2 SPA

Relax, refresh at India’s largest spa chain and get serene tranquility.

Mobile: 09829769358



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7 Incredible Holi Parties In Jaipur That You Should Not Miss

Holi is round the corner and the countdown has already begun to the most awaited part of a Jaipurites life.So gear up to be a part of these incredible holi parties which will be painting the town red this Holi !!

1. Rang Barse

Grassfield Holi Bash

Enjoy an open air music festival with a touch of Bollywood.

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 9 am onwards

Venue: The Byke Grassfield Resort, K-107, Janpath Lane, Shyam Nagar, Jaipur

Pre-passes and family passes are also available.

1000 INR – Couples/boy stag

500 INR- Girl stag

Contact: Vaibhav Jain (9929310541)


2. Color of Dreams


Music, Dance, Fun and Colors off course!

Join this amazing party and be a part of the moment!

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer,JLN Road, Jaipur

Early Bird Tickets are available at Rs. 500 each.

Contact: Abhishek (+917820820822) or collect from Burger Farm, C-Scheme, Jaipur


3. Holi Reloaded


Celebrate the festival with a perfect come back of rain parties, Bollywood, electronic dance music, commercial tunes.

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10 am onwards

Venue: Hotel Heritage village resort,Sirsi road, near Vaishali nagar,Jaipur

Contact: Chetan (09829112550) Ravi (09875123431)


4. Holi 2015

Holi party

Hosted by Rajasthan Tours and Travels, enjoy this special holi bash.

When: March 6, 2015

Venue: Welcome Rajasthan Tours & Travels,C/O Umaid Mahal,C-20B2 Behari Marg, Jaipur


5. Holi in Jaipur


Be a part of the essential Indian culture and join to feel the true meaning.

When: March 6, 2015

Venue: Dadabadi garden amber,Jaipur

Contact: +919509777776 , +919509677770



Elephant festival

Elephant+Holi – Join this new and super thrilled event with super lively activities.

Package 1: Rs 1500/- per person

–          Unlimited color

–          Entry tickets

–          Folk dance & music show

–          Rain dance

–          Games competition

Package 2: Rs 4000/- per person

–          Unlimited color

–          Entry tickets

–          Folk dance & music show

–          Rain dance

–          Games competition

–          Painting

–          Elephant activities

–          Riding

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Contact: +918955666771 , +919887173419


7.Holi Music Festival


The Narain Singh Hotels Pvt Ltd & R.S. Eventz invites you to the colorful festival ‘Holi Music’.

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10 am onwards

Venue: Narain Singh Hotel,Narain Niwas, Jaipur

Free entry for girls.

For tickets/query call: 9784222212,9785222212,9784853727


So Say out Loud Bura na Mano Holi hai and share it with your friends to join the PARTY !

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Love Actually Comes In All Sizes In ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’

When the trailer of ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ came out, it definitely looked quirky and intriguing enough to draw attention. But what surely came as a surprise was that without too many promotions and hype, this Yash Raj production was out in the theatres.

We went to watch it thinking that this might be another funny cum sad story where the conventionally good looking Prem (Ayushmann Khurrana) would get married to an overweight girl Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar) and they will just eventually accept each other. But we were completely wrong. Even though the movie reminded of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in some parts with the narrow streets and a mismatched couple, it unfolds in a tale that moves closer to reality and fonder to your heart.


The movie is set up in 1995, where a submissive 10th fail boy-next-door Prem, who lives in Haridwar, is forcefully married to rotund Sandhya because she is far more educated than him and an ideal future bread earner for the family. Conflicts arise when Prem realises that this is not what he deserves, and becomes a rebel which compels Sandhya to file for divorce. When the court orders them to give 6 more months to their marriage, they aren’t left with any option. Will they survive this? Watch it to find out.


What makes the movie so special and different is the pragmatic nostalgia of 90s with audio cassettes, old libraries, printed pullovers, Kumar Sanu’s voice and a shop playing Shahrukh Khan’s Darr in a scene. It is their super dramatic families and the refined actors which make the movie funny and adorable at the same time. The innocent chemistry between Prem and Sandhya is very well mixed with tasteful humour like the scene where they express their spiteful feelings by switching Hindi film songs on the transistor one after another.


Ayushmann Khurrana finally steps out of ‘Vicky Donor’ avatar, leaves his comfort zone behind and delivers a performance that justifies his talent and essence in Hindi cinema.  But what truly stole our hearts was the newbie Bhumi Pednekar aka Sandhya, who shows no sign of self pity because of her weight and is a woman who is clear headed and ready to fight for what’s hers to have in society.

The direction by Sharat Katariya is smooth, could have been more fast-paced in the second half, timings are flawless, music is a mix of soothing numbers like Papon’s  with a funny twist like Sunder Susheel and Kumar Sanu’s Dard Karaara is truly an ode to the 90s !!

dard karaara

Watch it if you are a fan of 90s and need a break from the conventional cinema.