10 Excuses Jaipurites Are Likely To Make To Watch #IndvsAus Semi-Final Tomorrow

We all know that it’s the matter of life and death tomorrow ! It’s the semi-final knockout match between India and Australia. So who will want to even blink while staying glued to their televisions tomorrow? These are the excuses which you might get to hear/make tomorrow for not going to work and staying at home to watch India vs Australia !!

1. Cold and Cough

I am having constant cold and cough and the symptoms look like swine flu now. Getting the tests done today and wouldn’t like to risk spreading infection in the office.


2. Parent Teacher Meet

My kids are having Parent Teacher Meet in the school.


3. Neighbor’s Dog

My Neighbor’s dog kept barking the whole night and hence I was unable to sleep. Won’t be able to contribute much in this sleepy state today.


4. Shaadi ka Rishta

Some one is coming to meet me for the intention of getting married.


5. Medical Emergency

My aunty’s daughter gulped a golf ball and hence I need to see her in a hospital in Agra


6. ‘Me’ time

I want to spend time alone with myself as lately I am finding myself too cluttered with confusing thoughts.


7. No Water

There was no power in the house and hence no water supply. In this hot weather I don’t think my colleagues will appreciate sitting next to some one who hasn’t bathed in 24 hrs.

8. Diarrhea 
I am having loosies, they are so bad that infact I am sending this message from the loo only.


9. Hangover

My girlfriend dumped me for my best friend and hence I got so drunk that I am having severe hangover today.


10. Car key lost

I lost the only key of my car and hence have to go to the Police station to get FIR done.


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