Mool Foundation : A Hub Of Art In Jaipur

Not only rich in its culture and heritage, Jaipur is tremendously moving towards the world of art and culture.The city is now being enhanced in its creativity and imaginations and thus to support the ongoing trend, Mool foundation is the perfect venue for showcasing the city’s art and culture. 1926815_907459679276715_2639172322228505223_n It is the platform which initiates the visual and applied arts in the city and make people see through the eyes of an artist or a photographer. With all the classy events, exhibitions, workshops and panel discussions, Mool Foundation has conducted attractive events in the presence of art connoisseurs of the city.

Apra Kuchhal at the launch of the book “Soul of Rajasthan”

Some of the events which took place in Mool foundation are: 1. Launch of Coffee Table Book : “Soul of Rajasthan” 2. All women : All adventure (Exhibition) 3. Creative Writing Workshop 4.Coffee Table book : The shooting stars 5. The Dawn festival (Event) Mool foundation provides an arena of opportunities for people around the world to showcase their creativity to the public broadly. They support the role of “Art & Design ” through the world for its depth of creativity and talent which exemplify a part of life and emotions. 10984609_1585678845023995_4426698268484711484_n It is an opportunity to showcase your talent to the visitors.The visitors can be a part of diverse programs and exhibitions in ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, architecture, industrial design, graphic design, interior design and decorative art. 11110795_1581223245469555_5409489950678279749_o To manage the world of innovation, they require the manpower to seek the operations and to be a part of administrative support. Someone who is passionate and works well in a team with excellent communication skills in Hindi and English can be a part of it.

For more Information- Contact Us:

Mool Foundation Contact: 63, Bajaj Nagar Enclave, Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

Call- +919828413317


Explore 10 Heritage Sites Of Jaipur On World Heritage Day

Jaipur is always honored for its magnetic heritage beauty which is indiscrete from more than thousand of years.

A traveller’s delight , Jaipur offers incredible beauty to the people around the globe and on this World Heritage Day breathe in the fragrance of some history facts through these heritage sites, which by the way you can visit for free today !

1 . Amber Fort

A capital of the state before Jaipur , the fort is remarkable for the temples , elephant ride and the light and sound show which is a pure tribute to Rajputana heritage of the shire.


2 . Jaigarh Fort

This majestic strong-built palace is surrounded by huge battlements originally built to protect Amber Fort through the connected secret tunnels within the complex.


3 . City Palace

Situated in the heart of the old city , a historic landmark showcases world’s largest silver containers which were carried by the Maharaja for water on his foreign voyage.


4 . Jantar Mantar 

Listed in UNESCO world heritage sites , Jantar Mantar has a collection of astronomical instruments which were used to study the movement of planets to determine time in early historic days .

10714502_836060163083334_7225709931929236715_o (1)

5 . Nahargarh Fort

A modern attraction of youth , Nahargarh Fort was named after a prince whose spirit used to haunt the site and cause mischief so as to delay the construction of the fort .


6 . Hawa Mahal

Known as “Palace of Winds” , it serves as a natural cooler without any use of electricity . Its walls are made of lime and stone which helps to cool the surroundings & increase the life span of the monument.

10462871_766421043380580_270983222001043828_n7 . Albert Hall

An oldest museum of the state with assorted articles of textiles, carpets, paintings, metal and wood crafts, pottery, arms and weapons, toys, dolls and an Egyptian mummy that belongs to the Ptolemaic Epoch.


8 . Amar Jawan Jyoti

A mark of respect to the warriors of  Rajasthan , this tomb is a tribute to the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the honour of the country.

10421141_912659992090017_2945028533001694349_n (2)9 .  Jal Mahal

A “Water Palace” once was a shooting lodge for the Maharajah, appears to float in the centre of Mansagar Lake . The 4 floors of the palace stay under the water and it is only the 5th floor that is visible.

jalmahal rain
10 . Gaitore

The word ‘Gaitore’ is believed to be a mispronounced form of the Hindi phrase, ‘Gaye ka Thor’ which means ‘resting place of the departed souls’.


Happy World Heritage Day Jaipurites ! 🙂

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6 Rajasthani Foods That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

You might call yourself a big foodie as you are reading this right now, but if you haven’t tried having these spicy Rajasthani foods yet, you will have to wait to call yourself one 😉

  1. Bikaneri Bhujia

One thing which a Rajasthani will always be ready to munch on is ‘Bikaneri Bhujia’. In fact this namkeen is actually used as an ingredient in 90% instant snacks – sandwiches, dry golgappas, papdi chaat and enjoyed till its teekha flavour brings tears to one’s eyes 😉

Bikaneri Bhujia Jaipur beat

  1. Laal Maas

The oldest and evergreen mutton curry of Rajasthan, Laal Maas is prepared with red chillies and hot spices. If you don’t cry while eating this, blame the chef for not preparing this well.

 Laal maas

  1. Sev Tamatar
    The spicy sev is mixed with tomatoes and made into a unique and delicious curry, dare to try it and we guarantee your eyes will water but you won’t want to stop eating this.
Image Credits – Google


  1. Lehsun Ki chutney
    When it comes to the Marwari or Rajasthani Lehsun chutney, nothing can compete its taste! Made with chillies, garlic and other yummy spices, this chutney tastes heavenly with parantha and even roti ! We know your mouth is watering right now :p
garlic 2
Image Credits – Google


  1. Mirchi Bada
    A street snack famous in Jaipur & Jodhpur, green chillies are stuffed with aloo masala and deep fried, only a strong heart can dare to eat this one till the end 😉

 Mirchi bada Jaipur beat

  1. Pyaaz Ki Kachori
    The famous spicy, crispy Pyaaz ki kachori is a breakfast favourite in almost every part of Rajasthan. While you relish its taste and feel the masala adding a zing on your tongue, your eyes are having their own emotional experience 😉

Pyaaz kachori Jaipur beat


9 Adventure Activities In Rajasthan That You Must Not Miss

It’s April and supposed to be scorching hot in Rajasthan, but as we all know, the weather God has been playing quite a lot of interesting games with us this time 😉 So how about you take advantage of this situation and make this unpredictable weather worth a while? This time is perfect to try and experience some thrilling adventure in Rajasthan! What all can you do? Read on to find out.

1. Trekking 

 If you are someone who loves to pick up a bag pack and climb up to reach somewhere you have been dreaming about, Rajasthan presents to you various opportunities! Best place to do this: Udaipur & Kumbhalgarh. You can take a trekking tour or simply climb up to the Kumbhalgarh fort to relish a truly adventurous experience.

Trekking at Kumbhalgarh fort2. Jeep Safari

One of the most thrilling experiences, a jeep safari in Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary is the best way to explore wildlife in its wildest way!

Jeep Safari

  1. Water Scooter at Fateh Sagar

    If you are a person who either loves water sports or are scared to face water, water scooter ride at Fateh Sagar lake, Udaipur is a must try 😉 When the sun sets and the water of the lake looks like an ethereal rainbow of colors, you will always treasure the feeling and experience of being in the middle of the lake at this moment.Water Scooter , Udaipur

  2. Spooky Bhangarh

    India’s most haunted place with the mysteriously daunting Bhangarh fort, Bhangarh (situated between Jaipur & Alwar) is a place whose sheer mention gives goose bumps to many and only the ones with strong hearts can gather guts to visit here, if you call yourself adventurous, you can’t miss this ! Be ready to listen to some horror stories from the locals and may be you can capture some supernatural in your cameras 😀Bhangarh
  1. Elephant Ride At Amer
     If you ain’t very fond of walking, an elephant ride is a perfect adventure option for you. The magnificent Amer fort in Jaipur offers this exquisite experience where the epitome of royalty; elephant takes you to the fort and makes your ride a bumpy and memorable one. Elephant ride , Amber fort
  1. Ziplining at Neemrana
     Want to know how it feels to go from one hill to another through wires? Ziplining at Neemrana is the answer to this! A known small town in Alwar district, famous for the Neemrana fort offers this adventure where you can travel midst the mighty hills through zipline and feel on cloud nine!Ziplining - NeemranaImage credit: touchcloudglobal.com
  1. Camping at Chhatra Sagar Nimaj
    Bored of your comfortable bed and waking up to the city’s traffic or neighbors’ voices? Here’s a chance to wake up to a singing bird and fresh air at the hand stitched tents of Chhatra Sagar camp. The camp overlooks a lake swarming with birds and forms a surreal escape from the hustle bustle of the city life.Chhatra Sagar CampingImage credit : greavesindia.co.uk
  1. Hot Air Balloon
     We all love flying don’t we? But what about the kind of flying where you can actually feel the breeze in your face and look at the sky so closely that you almost feel like you have wings? So get on the hot air balloon ride at Jaipur/Pushkar/Ranthambore whichever place suits you the best.Hot Air Balloon
  1. Dune Bashing
     You must have seen a lot of these in movies, a bike or a car driving furiously midst the sand dunes, now imagine yourself inside/on that vehicle ! Yes, that’s exactly how chilling and thrilling this feels 😉Dune bashingImage credit : http://www.zigwheels.com