Fun Filled Adventure Sport Activities, Now in Jaipur!

When it’s about Jaipur- There are various heritage attractions that steal the visitor’s heart for their stunning architecture but now there are more things to do in Jaipur that gives your soul a sojourn from the bustling lifestyle and where lies an experience that can make your adrenaline rush.

Under the brand name of ‘Tao Experiences’ Jaipurites will now have one of its kind center for adventure, entertainment and leisure at Kukas in Jaipur.

With experience and fun at its core ‘Tao Experiences’ will be an ideal centre for family holidays, friends’ outing, vacations, corporate off-sites and whoever fancies to try something new.

‘There is nothing like being on the wheels while experiencing ATV ride’

Tao Experiences
Tao Experiences

Spread over 5.5 Lakh Sq.Ft. in a stepped topography the centre offers over 30 different adventure, sports and recreational activities for all ages. These include adventure sports like Zip line, Paintball, Quad Biking and Zorbing. The entertainment segment includes activities like Gaming, Movie Screenings, Jamming, Karaoke among others. Also the cricket lovers will have a choice between cricket bowling machine and bowling by a robot. The cricket arena is spread over 21,000 Sq. Feet. One could also choose from Nitro Cars, Archery, Mini Golf, Futsal and Bubble Soccer.

Tao Experiences
Tao Experiences

‘Cover yourself in a see through, inflatable ball and watch the world rolling! Zorbing is an adventure activity  that makes your adrenaline rush.’

Tao Experiences is a 365 day destination with flavours of each season in it. Having day and night operational capabilities the centre will remain open till 10 pm at night.

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‘Tao Experiences’ offers a fully pleasant and entertaining experience. So ,get set & go to flush the stress out of you!!

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The Paradise Of Breeze – HAWA MAHAL

hawa-mahal-1 (1)

Extend all your senses and hark my utterance
by the end,
you will come to know about my occurrence

Existing since 1799
216 years, yet I am in line

hawamahal B&W

I embrace the Pink heart
and embellish few times,

Dignified by ‘Maharaja Sawai Pratap’
delineated by ‘Lal Chand Ustad’ and Shines

My castle’s structure is akin to Lord Krishna’s crown,
my skin is actually red and pink but some think it’s brown

hawamahal brown

The cool wind blows and the royal women could observe the festivals through my ‘Jharokas’ without being seen,
that is the reason why I came into existence and gleam

I am emblematic of the Pink-city
yet enigmatic,
many come here some are genuine while some are dramatic 

My fragrance is immanent,
I dwell in the town having loads of ornament

hawamahal colors

Witnessed the city change and bustling crowd,
because of that my dignity and whoever lives in the city feels proud

appraise or observe spatial,
I am the “HAWA MAHAL”
come, sight and freeze


– Hawa Mahal Written in a totally different perspective by an Intern at Jaipur Beat.


Its Raining Fashion In Jaipur !!

Jaipur with its incredible history , art and culture, is now adding one more feather to its cap by hosting various Fashion shows.

One of the leading and the most prestigious fashion institutes, Pearl Academy, recently organised an astonishing fashion show in its annual grading event “Portfolio 15” at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur. And guess who was the esteemed Guest of Honor? India’s most successful fashion designer – Manish Malhotra !!


Portfolio ’15 presented more than 100 innovative designs by its graduating students which were a perfect amalgamation of Western and Indian styles by these talented and young fashion designers. With high beats of music in the background, the crowd was thrilled and ecstatic. The show witnessed a huge audience which encompassed young fashion enthusiasts , HNIs and some leading fashion designers of the industry.




The collections showcased off beat color combinations and clearly a lot of experimentation was done with the outfits. The skirts, maxies, blouses were definitely a delight to watch.  The designers also displayed a concept ‘Monochrome’ which defines one color or the shades of one color in the show.



The most intriguing collection that was seen on the ramp was ‘The Post Apocalyptic Bride’ by Pooja Verma that focused on post-apocalyptic fashion using materials that remain behind even when everything else decays. The collection was impressive given that it was created out of nothing and the creativity and imagination of the designer was beyond beautiful and eccentric.

The designers also portrayed the look of a hunter man in the wasteland with the  concept ” Gypsy” which showcased Junglee and Raw Look.


Apart from depicting the designer clothes based on various themes , there was a round which showcased attractive “Jewelry” by famous designers.



The event ended on a high note and marked the success of the fashion designers of the academy 🙂


5 Fruity Colors To Wear This Summer

Summers are here and even though we never get tired to bleat on about the heightening heat, we get to eat some delicious fruits that get through these blazing summers ! If we look carefully, these juicy fruits give us some vibrant and gorgeous colors which totally make for some super cool fashion trends which you ought to try this summer 🙂

1. Mango

In this ‘aam’ ka season, while you find all the mango drinks ads echoing in your ears every minute, the splash of this color on your outfit is something you surely must try this summer. Mango colored dress, top, skirt, jumpsuit, are some options to explore, stay away from mango pants though 😉


2. Watermelon

A fruit which is supposed to be 90% water and a refreshing treat after a long tiring day, imagine how wearing the watermelon color will feel to yourself as well as those who are lucky enough to meet you on the day you wear it ? 😉 This combination of watermelon colored skirt and white top is totally invigorating, and remember, the brighter the better 🙂


3. Melon

Melon or ‘Kharbooza’ as we call it, a sweet and low calorie fruit especially relished in summers, is definitely balming to eyes when it renders its soft green hues to an ensemble. Check it out yourself !


4. Orange

Rich in vitamin C, this citrus fruit is everyone’s favorite as a fruit as well as a juice flavor ! So dive into this juicy fruit and get bathed in the rejuvenating shades of orange this season 😀

orange copy

5. Lychee

The lychees come for a very short reason. Covered in various shades of pink, the ivory colored, delicious lychees are loved by each and every person. It’s almost needless to say that white/ivory is a basic need as well as a quintessential desire for the summer season, so don’t ignore it for it has magical powers to always look good 😉



8 Bazaars In Jaipur Where You Shouldn’t Resist Shopping

Shopping bags will never seem large enough in Jaipur. No other city will give you the sort of experience for traditional items that Jaipur offers. Strolling in the markets of Jaipur is an experience in itself as it gives an interesting glimpse into the typical shopping habits of people here. Although the entire pink city is a shopper’s heaven, we have listed down a few names which are definitely not to be missed while you are here !

  1. Johri Bazaar

Prominent for its precious and semi-precious stones and jewellery artifacts, Johari bazaar is the central hub for a variety of gems and jewels. Silver ornaments with studded stones will surely catch your fancy. Traditional tie and dye fabrics are to die for. Got shopping hunger pangs?

LMB is your haven!!

johri bazaar

  1. Mirza Ismail Road (M.I. Road)

The glamorous showrooms on M.I. Road speak for the fact that this market is a fashion hot spot.

M.I. Road is a foodie paradise in its own right with some exclusive restaurants.

With Juneja art gallery for the art lovers and Raj Mandir for the movie freaks, MI Road is simply crowd pleasing.

MI Road

  1. Bapu Bazaar

If you are a shopaholic looking for best deals then your search ends at bapu bazaar. This area is most famous for its jaipuri quilts, Rajasthani mojris, traditional textiles, block prints, bandhej work and a wide range of chunky and artificial accessories. Bargaining is the keyword here.

The shopkeepers and customers get super enthusiastic when it comes to negotiation. If you think you may lose the deal, just pretend to leave. You will definitely be called back. Oh that sense of pride!!


  1. Chaura Rasta

Parallel to Johari bazaar, this market’s main icons are publishing houses, book shops, watch shops and not to miss out the temples with a stream of devotees.

If you want to buy course books and stationery at best prices, then chaura rasta is no less than any online portal. Adjacent to chaura rasta is the sari market, Lalji sand ka rasta. This area has become a shooting spot for many Indian TV shows.

Chaura rasta

  1. Hawamahal bazaar

The hawamahal market boasts varieties of antique items, leather crafts and metal accessories. The market reaches maximum buzz during evenings when people gather to work out a fair deal. Presence of ancient and historical buildings like Hawamahal, Haweli of king Bhatt, Ramprakash cinema, temple of Kale Hanuman Ji etc. make this market likeable by the Indian and foreign tourists.


  1. Tripolia Bazaar

Tripolia market is known for the pottery shops and items made of Brass, Copper, Aluminium and steel. Market becomes very lively during Deepawali.

This market allows versatility with an exhaustive range of watches, shoes, shelves of tins, bags, painting frames, spices and dry fruits.

But be aware, this place isn’t for the timid. Head with your best bargaining skills and explore this mad and busy bazaar.

Tripolia Bazaar

  1. Kishanpole Bazaar

Kishanpole bazaar is the textile and furniture market of Jaipur. As you enter the market, you will spot vibrant colours gleaming from all directions.

The bandhani artwork on fabrics here is known all over the world. You can easily find artisans working on the bandhani designs like lehariya, mothda, diagonal strips etc. The shopkeepers are inflexible in terms of prices, but Jaipur people are not easy when it comes to transactions. The joy of buying a thing at your quoted price is priceless.

IMG_1755 (1)

  1. Maniharon ka Rasta

One should never miss out on the beautiful lac bangles at maniharon ka Rasta. The beauty of these bangles emerges from the fact that manihari women create personalized customized accessories for their clientele. The music of jingling bangles, the attractive colours and the chatter of women who flood the streets is a sight to see.

Lac Bangles


8 Promises You Make To Your Mothers But Never Keep

As you all know, it’s mother’s day tomorrow. While you are all still wondering what to gift your lovely mother, just go through the things that you probably plan to gift her everyday, but fail 😉

1. To Keep Your Room & Cupboard Clean

A promise that you make to her every time she is mad at you and scolding you and even saying things like ‘Keep your cupboard closed or rats will eat them up’.

room clean

2. To put the phone away while eating

Every time she shows you an evil eye when you are desperately texting while having your meal, you put your phone away just to make her happy. And pick it up once she is out of sight 😉


3. To call them everyday (If you are living away from the house)

“Yes mom, I will obviously call you every day now”
<watching sitcom for the entire day>

maa ka phone

4. To help them in the kitchen

Every single time, you watch her continuously working in the kitchen, you promise yourself that you will now be helping her cook, clean and do every little thing in the kitchen that she needs you for. After a couple of days, you get too lazy and basically fail :p


5. To value money and spend wisely

Whenever you come home with a dozen of shopping bags filled with things which you don’t need or you end up now knowing where you spent your last month’s budget, your mom is the one who tells you that money doesn’t grow on trees. You decide to save money and be more careful, and next day find yourself clubbing at an expensive club or drooling on the online shopping offers :p


6. To avoid hogging junk food all the time

Need we say more ?


7. To come back home on time

Be it from work or late night parties, your mom’s the one who watched the clock and waits till you get back home.


8. To not skip meals

No matter what crisis is going on in the world, your mom’s biggest crisis and worry will always be your diet. Even if you’re going for the most important interview of your life, your mom’s first question after it might be ‘Kuch khaya, or were you hungry the entire day?’

skip meals

Despite not being able to keep your promises, your mom knows that you still love her and she loves you selflessly and almost without expecting anything in return. So how about gifting her these little precious moments this Mother’s Day ? 🙂


Go Shopping at Big Wholesale Bazaar- Reliance Market

Jaipur is observing a paradigm shift almost in all spheres and so is visible in it’s Bazaar’s.

The city which is actually known for traditional markets and street markets is now booming with big stores/malls. Since ages, we the Jaipurites takes pride for our Bazaars viz. Johri Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Kishanpol Bazaar & so on… But the flourishing malls and the shops within the city gives us the ease of shopping in a comfort zone where all products are available at one place. Even if we are not shopping we can actually spend some leisure time in the air conditioned malls 🙂

But did you know that there is more beyond traditional bazaars and Shopping Malls.  And we are sure that very few are aware that, a Big Wholesale Bazaar Reliance Market is now open in Jaipur.

Till now we have just heard about Reliance Fresh, Reliance Footprints, Reliance Telecommunications but Reliance Market a progenitor of all.

Situated in the outskirts of Jaipur, just after famous Sharma Dhaba, when you look towards your right, you get to see a huge outlet painted in yellow and that’s ‘Reliance Market’.

Reliance Market Jaipur Exterior

The distance makes sure that the customer is not going to walk in for leisure 🙂 As you enter this Big Market you will be simply amazed by the range of products available in the store. Here, the retailer is getting exposed to the best of products that is available on the planet. Be its apparels, cosmetics, toiletries, home & office products, travel & leisure products, food or vegetables and much more.

Reliance Market Jaipur
Reliance Market Jaipur

This Cash-and-carry store is low-frill in terms of look, feel and setting, or we can say they save on logistical costs as companies and distributors are supplying merchandise directly to these stores.

Reliance Market Jaipur 3

Overall,  it gives the look of a Godown/warehouse where you can actually see how human and big machines put their efforts to make things accessible and life simpler for you.

Reliance Market Jaipur 4

The best part is you don’t get to see exorbitant rates.

They sell EVERYTHING CHEAP- Extremely Cheap

There is no secret play, you pick up any product and there itself compare it with the market rates and rate offered to you.  No effort goes into cracking a big deal as you get a deal with everything.

Reliance Market Jaipur 7

The place is suitable only for those who intend to buy in bulk. Most of the products are available in large quantity packs. A visit to Reliance Market in 2-3 months is sufficient to keep your yearly budget in limits especially on household products.

Reliance Market Jaipur 6

Reliance Market Jaipur is located at VKI Area , Road No. 12, Main Sikar Road, Jaipur.

So, this Sunday make your wish list, and head to Reliance Market.



An Italian Style Lounge In Jaipur – Bar Palladio

There is always something new happening in Pink City and this time we discovered something Blue in the striking Pink City, a new trendy place for a supreme and ultra royal experience.

Yes, we are talking about Jaipur’s historic and one of the most happening places; Narain Niwas Palace. Historic because the place gives you a feel of the opulence of Maharajas and Happening because of the recently opened ‘Bar Palladio’ in its premises , which is one of the most delightful and fanciful lounges of the city.

IMG_5714 copy

Designed by a brilliant Dutch designer, Marie-Anne Oudejans, Bar Palladio imitates the accord of Indian as well as European setting, which is its USP.

As you arrive at the main entrance of the most luxurious heritage hotel of the city with serene ambiances and old world charm – you are extremely impressed.  View of the exterior courtyard lets you know that this is going to be cool, quiet and restful. Nestled at the stunning lush large green lawn, the white & blue canopies of Bar Palladio captivate you with its beauty and you know you are in for a royal treat.

IMG_5747 copy

We went during daytime so we did not have the choice of sitting outdoors when the temperature was almost 40 degree.  But it actually compelled us to visit the place at night and we truly witnessed the divine beauty of the place.  As we walked inside, the first look was that of the bar and the old styled traditional lanterns hanging on the ceiling. We looked for place to sit; there were separate private sitting areas. The lobby is wonderfully embellished with peacock blue and white painting all over. Definitely the interiors provide you a wonderful and delightful experience.


IMG_5737 copy

The experience is one of its kinds, which is just perfect to have lavishly romantic time-or for a tête-à-tête. The open bar is quite attractive. Food tastes good but yes quite expensive. Though the menu is quite elaborate but for Indian’s who are not frequent to Italian or other specialty restaurants might find it difficult to decide what to order. It’s better to ask and confirm with the server before you place your order.

IMG_5719 copy

Overall an ambiance was cool and comfortable. For a refreshing change, in a place like this you get to see more of Non Indian faces 🙂

IMG_5717 copy

All in all, Bar Palladio is a most welcome addition to Jaipur.


Hotel Narain Niwas, Kanota Bagh,

Narayan Singh Circle,
0141 2565556