6 Less Explored Places In Jaipur You Must Visit This Monsoon

  1. Khole Ke Hanuman Ji

It is one of the oldest Hanuman temples in the Pink city. Surrounded by lush greenery and small jharnas, you must plan to visit Khole ke Hanuman ji and enjoy a meal with his bhakts- monkeys.

Khole ke Hanuman ji

  1. Sagar

A bathing ground for the Maharani’s in the olden days, is one of the rarely explored places in Jaipur.It may be the first time that you must be hearing about it but it has a unique backdrop as it lies in the periphery of the hills of Amer fort.


  1. Galta Ji

Famous for its perennial 7 natural water spring ‘kunds’, Galta temple is considered a holy place and people come to take a holy dip here. So why not plan with your family  and enjoy the rains, keeping in mind to explore the unexplored.

Galta Ji

Image Credit: Satya Prakash Natha

  1. Chandlai Lake

Have you ever thought of a lake in the dry arid lands of Rajasthan? A 30 km drive from the Pink city, Chandlai Lake is famous for spotting migratory birds. If you are fond of photography, this is the perfect time to visit Chandlai. Don’t even try to miss on this place this monsoon.


  1. Padao

Padao is a perfect place for this weather. The open-air restaurant, situated at Nahargarh gives an exotic view of Jaipur city, especially during the night when you can see the city spark in its glory. To add on to this weather you can enjoy some chai and garma garam pakoras.

Padao, Nahargarh, JaipurBeat

  1. Sky Waltz Café

With the onset of monsoon, last but not the least, Sky Waltz Café is an essential part of the list. A long drive enjoying the scenic beauty and the rains, this café lies wrapped between the Aravallis. You can enjoy the raindrops with some amazing seasonal introduction in the menu.

Sky Waltz cafe


9 Things You Have Definitely Heard If You Belong To Or Live In Rajasthan

You are a true Rajasthani if you have heard these lines atleast once in your lifetime, probably from a distant cousin, in your college located in a different state or from an NRI relative 😉

1) I’m sure you eat Dal Bati Churma everyday!
You live in Mumbai, do you live on vada pao?dal bati

2) You must travel on camels there. How does that feel?
It’s surely a humpy ride, but it’s ok as we share the water that they store.camel-safari-1

3) Is the entire state a desert or do you have some roads too?
No no, our life is basically a desert safari.desert

4) I know everyone is a Marwari in Rajasthan.

Yeah, the toh sab jaano cho 😀Marwari

5) You know, there’s no water supply in Rajasthan.
If that was true, Rajasthanis would have set a world record of staying alive without water by now !!Jal Mahal

6) We know everyone wears Ghagra choli and turbans there.
Damn Bollywood !Turban

7) You must belong to a royal family na?
Yes, you caught me 😀khoobsurat

8) You must live in a grand Haveli !
They surely have left us with a lot of their property, but we haven’t shifted there yet.umaid bhawan palace

9) You are a Rajasthani, tumhaare yaha toh bohot jaldi shaadi kar dete hai.
Umm, if only you would take some time and step out of 1950s, you will know the answer to this better.balika vadhuImage credit: indiaopines.com



7 Best Ice Cream Points In Jaipur

As the temperature seems be soaring high and getting humid – nothing can cure it as well as a delicious, sweet and thandi- thandi ice-cream!! To make your choice clearer and easier the next time you have a craving, we have got you some of the best ice cream points that have been shining in Jaipur since time immemorial.

Built in the year 1952, currently it is the oldest ice-cream parlor which stands still in the hustle-bustle of MI Road. It still holds its flavors in its ambience as well as ice-creams. It offers some unique and delicious sundaes as its specialty, like Bhel Puri Sundae, Earthquake Ice-cream, Chocolate pizza etc., that too at reasonable rates!

Jal Mahal 2. MILKY WAY
You might get bored with the limited softy flavors, but when you come to Raja Park, you’ll find a new flavor every day at Milky Way!! It offers 7 specialties for all 7 days in a week and the flavors of the ice cream shakes are simply unmatched.

Milky Way
While you are shopping the narrow lanes of Raja Park, there is no break like a cold ice cream break at Softy Corner. Their chocolate chips ice cream is definitely the highlight and will cool you down just at its first sight 😉

Softy CornerImage credit: www.ixigo.com

How can we forget our traditional ice-cream – Kulfi? Relish the Pandit ki kulfi which has little denser and creamier taste that you might not find anywhere except on Hawa Mahal Road!

Pandit kulfi
An all time favorite among all the generations, those who belong to Jaipur and those who don’t! Indian Ice Cream wala offers colorful kulfi faluda in all sizes and the taste never ever differs!! Beware, because you might just fall in love with this one 😉
Falauda Wala
You’ve been to MI Road and not seen the famous Guddu Softy Corner? Not possible! It’s been here since ages. People have grown old with it and till date relish the taste of it. As many times you cross Guddu Softy Corner, you would want to have another one. Guddu Softy CornerImage credit: http://www.zomato.com

Though lying in Tripolia Bazzar, people do not hesitate to go here. It offers you a variety of rich, creamy kulfi like Ramchandra Rabdi Faluda, chopati kulfi, kesar pista kulfi, etc. Ramchandra Kulfi wala Image credit: twicsy.com


11 Lines That You All Have Heard From Your Fathers!

Father’s Day is here !! We all love our fathers in our own different ways, but there are some things which each one of us has heard from our father at some point in life, and still do 😉

  1. Abhi bhi waqt hai, sudhar jao !!

No matter how much ever wrong you do- your father never gives up on you, and the only words he’s left with are  ‘Abhi bhi waqt hai, sudhar jao’

Abhi bhi waqt hai sudhar jao


  1. Tumhari age mein main apne saare kaam khud karta tha

    We are undoubtedly a lazy generation and our father leaves no chance to reiterate this fact 😉

Kolkata: Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan rides a cycle during the shooting of his new film 'Piku' in Kolkata on Sunday. PTI Photo by Ashok Bhaumik(PTI11_2_2014_000067A)

  1. Gaane to humare zamane me hote the, aajkal lyrics toh samajh hi nahi aate.

You can’t compare Rafi-Lata, R.D.Burman’s amazing songs and lyrics with Honey Singh, yeh bhi koi gaane hai !

honey singh

  1. Yeh phone pe kaunsi padhai hoti hai?

No matter your phone is just kept aside or you just picked it up to check your whatsapp – your father won’t be behind to comment – phone se kaunsi padhai hoti hai?


  1. Don’t spend from your pocket, take money from me.

So that he knows how much you are actually spending 😉

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


  1. Aage ka kya plan hai?

Though it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do and accomplish in life but future ke kuch toh plans honge?


  1. Agar samaan saath ke saath jagah pe rakh do, you’ll never need to clean up.

To keep on shouting in the house if you have misplaced something is very easy, but at the last moment papa se sunna hi padega – “agar samaan saath ke saath jagah pe rakh do, you can find it easily.”


  1. Agar boards’ mein ache marks aaye, I promise to get you a bike/phone.

Although bribe is kinda illegal, this has been an age old tradition in India 😀


  1. Life mein koi bhi problem hai? Subah jaldi utho.

Exam tension ? Jobless? Had a tiff with a friend? Just wake up early and all your problems will magically vanish 😀


  1. Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai.

Not listening to anything that your dad says is no less than hearing this!


  1. And last but not the least ‘Paise pedh pe nahi ugtey’.

He doesn’t mind your going out for a party everyday but future ke liye kuch toh chodo. ‘Paise pedh pe nahi ugtey!’

Sonam Kapoor


And no matter what, we adore them and are simply clueless as to how we would live without them 🙂

Happy Father’s Day 🙂







7 All Time Favorite Food Joints In Jaipur

Be it scorching summer, blooming spring or any time of the year, you’ll always see Jaipur eatery shops flooded with people. We take you around some of the best food outlets/joints where you can find the best of the snacks not bothering how hygienic and healthy it is.

1)      Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Garam-garam pyaaz ki kachori from Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is a perfect and correct way to start your day. Even talking about is mouthwatering! It seems like a perfect delicacy for breakfast.



Image Credit :mylilworldandme.wordpress.com

2)      New Shankar Namkeen Bhandar

Raja Park ki galiyon mein Shankar wale ka naam toh sunha hi hoga! No one can beat the taste of Shankar ke samose.


3)      Samrat

Kota Kachori is different in itself but have you tried Samrat ki famous dal ki kachori? You’ll find heaven on earth and forget the taste of all the kachori’s you have had when you take a bite of famous dal ki kachori.


4)      Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

You’ve come to Jaipur not heard about LMB-not possible. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar offers you the best Dahi bade full with dry fruits. Iske jaisa koi nahi!


5)      Bombay Mishthan Bhandar

‘Imerti’ is one of the favorite and traditional sweets of India and BMB gives you the ideal location to taste the best finger-licking imerti.


6)      Kanji Sweets

Kanji Sweets offers the best quality, fresh and good and some of the finest sweets.


7)      Kanha

One who goes to Kanha can never be disappointed. A place where health and hygiene is never forgotten, it gives you some of the best bakery biscuits, especially choco-chip biscuits. Not to forget some of the delicious Gujrati dishes like khandvi and dhokla which make their special place in their menu.



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‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ Is An Interesting Journey To Take


If you are planning to watch Dil Dhadakne Do with the benchmark of Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in your mind, you are probably being a bit unfair there. Because a masterpiece can’t be created again and again, but if you have an open mind, normal expectations and a soft corner for the star cast, you are going to enjoy this sailing experience!

Before anything else, the first thing which came as a surprise was when we read this on the screen: ‘Special Appearance – Farhan Akhtar’. We felt fooled because half the reason why the audience would be drawn towards the movie is this MARD.

The movie begins just like a fairy tale, where a narrative voice introduces us to a high-society family and its members, along with acquainting us with their dark/hypocritical side in a sarcastic undertone. The film essentially revolves around the Mehra family with Kamal (Anil Kapoor), a rich ‘self made’ businessman who can’t stop talking about his achievements, his wife Neelam (Shefali Shah), a typical Socialite with thousands of insecurities, their son Kabir (Ranveer Singh) whose passion lies in flying planes but he has been told since ‘bachpan’ that he has to handle his father’s business and their elder daughter Ayesha (Priyanka Chopra), a successful entrepreneur who is living in an unsatisfying marriage and despite having a better business acumen, she has no say in her family business as she is no more a ‘Mehra’.


On Kamal and Neelam’s 30th anniversary, they plan a cruise and there begins a trip which changes their lives forever.

Ranveer falls in love with fearless Farah (Anushka) while his parents want him to get married to Noorie (Ridhima Sud) to crack business deal with her father, and midst all this chaos and shrewd games, what you witness is a huge bunch of rich and pretentious families whose spurious whims will shock you as well as make you laugh your guts off. The journey takes a jolting turn when Ayesha tells her family that she needs a divorce and the next thing she knows, her ex beau Sunny (Farhan Akhtar) is on the cruise!


What follows is a series of hilarious scenes, dialogues, confrontations, confessions and of course, some foot tapping songs!  What truly stands out in this movie is Ranveer Singh, who with his terrific comic timing, expressions and impeccable acting, pulls off the character of Kabir. His chemistry with Anushka Sharma (who is the one with special appearance) looks as fresh as Band Bajaa Baraat and makes you smile especially when break into a dance to the beats of ‘Pehli Baar’.  Who follows him in performance is Priyanka Chopra who in her effortless style and strong character shines throughout the movie, and is exceptionally powerful in a few scenes like the one where she tells her husband Manav (Rahul Bose)that she tried really hard to love him. Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah also play their characters really well ensuring that they are not overshadowed by the young and beautiful cast.


The movie had some slow moments, some where the narration was getting on the nerves, and some where things looked too larger than life, but if entertainment, fashion, locations, and a few laughs are what you are looking for, this definitely is a must watch.


9 Reasons Why 44 Degrees In Jaipur Can Be Exciting

Though you hate it when the heat goes a notch up or when you think there is no point of taking a shower as you will be drenched in sweat by the time you get dressed, there are some things that make these hot months worthwhile 🙂

1. Sleep till late The reason being summer vacation, no one wakes you up early morning and by the time you wake up, half of the blazing day is gone 😀

Girl lazying in bed on a Sunday morning

2. Go To World Trade Park and settle there No electricity ? No problem ! World Trade Park hai na 😉 Just go there and chill in the air conditioned mall along with some window shopping and snacks for as long as you want to stay 😉
WTP 2 3. Slap anyone and blame it on mosquitoes Try this one at your own risk 😉 mosquito 4. No one says no to Cold Drinks cold drink 5. Perfect excuse to run through the water sprinklers in gardens Let the child inside you jump out and run through the water sprinklers till you are drenched 😀 6. Throw snowballs at Snowpark in Jaipur Summers are here, and there is no better time to visit Snow Planet which opened last year in Jaipur in Malviya Nagar. snowpark 7.  The electricity department definitely gains a lot Due to the high usage of electricity especially air conditioners, electricity department has a gala time in summers ! elec 8. Heatstroke is an all-time excuse for not showing up at work/school Don’t want to go to office tomorrow? Heat stroke is your favorite excuse 😀 heat-stroke 9. Your parents won’t ask you to go out and play So you get a chance to stick to your lazy bed/sofa and play games on your mobiles and laptops as your parents would be scared to send you outside due to loo ! kids inside



*Written by young school students – Rishabh, Pranay, Bhavya, Aryan who were interning with us at Jaipur Beat.


9 Funny Reasons Why Metro Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To Jaipur

It is a historic day in Jaipur today !! Jaipur Metro has finally arrived and not just this, it is one of fastest built metros in the country and also the first one that will provide feeder service from its very inception. But well, Jaipurites have better and lighter reasons to travel in #JaipurMetro 😉 Find out !

  1. Sleep in AC at a very low cost

    Summers are at the peak, and power cuts are as normal as breathing everyday. So who wouldn’t want to pay a small cost to take a nap in the peaceful Metro 😀
  2. From ‘Bhaiya yeh kaha padega’ to a woman’s soft voice guiding them to the next metro station

    No stopping in the corner of the road and asking random people about the address !
  3. Saving on detergents and from buying new clothes as there will be no one splashing water or mud on you

    Dhoop, garmi, pollution se pareshaan ? Metro hai na 😉
    No more fearing the careless drivers while walking on the road 🙂
  4. New destination to click selfie / share on social media

    Not that you have had enough of adulating yourself by clicking non stop selfies at WTP and all the possible historical attractions, but look here, you have a new place to satiate your narcissist desires :p
    metro selfie
  5. Need new excuses for coming late as “Tyre puncture or traffic jam” won’t work anymore 

    Leave behind the archaic traffic excuses for reaching office late as they will not work anymore 😉

  6. Saving a trip to salon as no traveling in this heat means no tan
  7. Chance to start a new love story…metro, you both, daily, same time.

    You can create your own ‘Life in a Metro’ by either meeting someone there or travelling with your special one in Metro daily without any disturbance or noise 🙂
    life in a metro
  8. Humaare paas monuments hai, malls hai, markets hai, aur ab ..Metro hai  😀

    Well now no one can dare to ask you ‘Do you travel on camels or elephants?’

  9. You get to call Jaipur a ‘Metro city’ 😉

    It’s a proud and almost an emotional moment 🙂
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Drinks to enjoy when it is hot outside!

With Summers around, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and cool. Though there are many home made options to choose from but we suggest you some drinks that are quite refreshing and cool and are also easy to prepare at home.

Sweet & Tangy ‘AAM PANNA’- Made from green mangoes and known for its heat resistance properties, Aam Panna is really a healthy beverage to fight against heat strokes during the summer. This sweet and tangy drink is packed with vitamins.

Aam Panna
Aam Panna

Water Melon Juice

One can cool a warm summer day by drinking watermelon juice. This bright red colored, juicy and fleshy fruit is packed with nature’s goodness in every drop.

Water Melon
Water Melon

Refreshing Chach- A glass of Chach will keep you hydrated as it is packed with electrolytes.  A flavored Indian butter milk, which is made from curd is healthy, tasty and refreshing. Adding tadka to it with few spices like jeera, pudina, and salt gives an awesome taste. It has numerous health benefits and gives instant relief from indigestion which is common in summers.

Butter Milk

Tangy Phalse Ka Sharbat

With a sour and zesty flavor, Phalse Ka Sharbat is a delightful and refreshing drink that makes you forget this weather.

Phalse Ka Sharbat
Phalse Ka Sharbat

Enjoy the Summer Freshness with these cool drinks. CHEERS!!