Month: June 2015

7 Best Ice Cream Points In Jaipur

As the temperature seems be soaring high and getting humid – nothing can cure it as well as a delicious, sweet and thandi- thandi ice-cream!! To make your choice clearer and easier the next time you have a craving, we have got you some of the best ice cream points that have been shining in […]


7 All Time Favorite Food Joints In Jaipur

Be it scorching summer, blooming spring or any time of the year, you’ll always see Jaipur eatery shops flooded with people. We take you around some of the best food outlets/joints where you can find the best of the snacks not bothering how hygienic and healthy it is. 1)      Rawat Mishthan Bhandar Garam-garam pyaaz ki […]


Drinks to enjoy when it is hot outside!

With Summers around, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and cool. Though there are many home made options to choose from but we suggest you some drinks that are quite refreshing and cool and are also easy to prepare at home. Sweet & Tangy ‘AAM PANNA’- Made from green mangoes and known for its heat […]