7 All Time Favorite Food Joints In Jaipur

Be it scorching summer, blooming spring or any time of the year, you’ll always see Jaipur eatery shops flooded with people. We take you around some of the best food outlets/joints where you can find the best of the snacks not bothering how hygienic and healthy it is.

1)      Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Garam-garam pyaaz ki kachori from Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is a perfect and correct way to start your day. Even talking about is mouthwatering! It seems like a perfect delicacy for breakfast.



Image Credit :mylilworldandme.wordpress.com

2)      New Shankar Namkeen Bhandar

Raja Park ki galiyon mein Shankar wale ka naam toh sunha hi hoga! No one can beat the taste of Shankar ke samose.


3)      Samrat

Kota Kachori is different in itself but have you tried Samrat ki famous dal ki kachori? You’ll find heaven on earth and forget the taste of all the kachori’s you have had when you take a bite of famous dal ki kachori.


4)      Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

You’ve come to Jaipur not heard about LMB-not possible. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar offers you the best Dahi bade full with dry fruits. Iske jaisa koi nahi!


5)      Bombay Mishthan Bhandar

‘Imerti’ is one of the favorite and traditional sweets of India and BMB gives you the ideal location to taste the best finger-licking imerti.


6)      Kanji Sweets

Kanji Sweets offers the best quality, fresh and good and some of the finest sweets.


7)      Kanha

One who goes to Kanha can never be disappointed. A place where health and hygiene is never forgotten, it gives you some of the best bakery biscuits, especially choco-chip biscuits. Not to forget some of the delicious Gujrati dishes like khandvi and dhokla which make their special place in their menu.



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