9 Funny Reasons Why Metro Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To Jaipur

It is a historic day in Jaipur today !! Jaipur Metro has finally arrived and not just this, it is one of fastest built metros in the country and also the first one that will provide feeder service from its very inception. But well, Jaipurites have better and lighter reasons to travel in #JaipurMetro 😉 Find out !

  1. Sleep in AC at a very low cost

    Summers are at the peak, and power cuts are as normal as breathing everyday. So who wouldn’t want to pay a small cost to take a nap in the peaceful Metro 😀
  2. From ‘Bhaiya yeh kaha padega’ to a woman’s soft voice guiding them to the next metro station

    No stopping in the corner of the road and asking random people about the address !
  3. Saving on detergents and from buying new clothes as there will be no one splashing water or mud on you

    Dhoop, garmi, pollution se pareshaan ? Metro hai na 😉
    No more fearing the careless drivers while walking on the road 🙂
  4. New destination to click selfie / share on social media

    Not that you have had enough of adulating yourself by clicking non stop selfies at WTP and all the possible historical attractions, but look here, you have a new place to satiate your narcissist desires :p
    metro selfie
  5. Need new excuses for coming late as “Tyre puncture or traffic jam” won’t work anymore 

    Leave behind the archaic traffic excuses for reaching office late as they will not work anymore 😉

  6. Saving a trip to salon as no traveling in this heat means no tan
  7. Chance to start a new love story…metro, you both, daily, same time.

    You can create your own ‘Life in a Metro’ by either meeting someone there or travelling with your special one in Metro daily without any disturbance or noise 🙂
    life in a metro
  8. Humaare paas monuments hai, malls hai, markets hai, aur ab ..Metro hai  😀

    Well now no one can dare to ask you ‘Do you travel on camels or elephants?’

  9. You get to call Jaipur a ‘Metro city’ 😉

    It’s a proud and almost an emotional moment 🙂
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Drinks to enjoy when it is hot outside!

With Summers around, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and cool. Though there are many home made options to choose from but we suggest you some drinks that are quite refreshing and cool and are also easy to prepare at home.

Sweet & Tangy ‘AAM PANNA’- Made from green mangoes and known for its heat resistance properties, Aam Panna is really a healthy beverage to fight against heat strokes during the summer. This sweet and tangy drink is packed with vitamins.

Aam Panna
Aam Panna

Water Melon Juice

One can cool a warm summer day by drinking watermelon juice. This bright red colored, juicy and fleshy fruit is packed with nature’s goodness in every drop.

Water Melon
Water Melon

Refreshing Chach- A glass of Chach will keep you hydrated as it is packed with electrolytes.  A flavored Indian butter milk, which is made from curd is healthy, tasty and refreshing. Adding tadka to it with few spices like jeera, pudina, and salt gives an awesome taste. It has numerous health benefits and gives instant relief from indigestion which is common in summers.

Butter Milk

Tangy Phalse Ka Sharbat

With a sour and zesty flavor, Phalse Ka Sharbat is a delightful and refreshing drink that makes you forget this weather.

Phalse Ka Sharbat
Phalse Ka Sharbat

Enjoy the Summer Freshness with these cool drinks. CHEERS!!