No Time For Grocery Shopping? Log on to Fataakse.in

When everything is running towards the smart technology, why not the groceries go smart as well? While the online portals have stormed our lives and all of us are slowly and surely getting addicted to them, one industry which is yet to experience great success in online platform is Groceries. The prime reason is our susceptibility to trust a third person to select and buy groceries on our behalf. We aren’t sure how fresh and pure these items will be. When Jaipur Beat came across an online portal in Jaipur that deals with groceries, we were very curious to explore it. So we visited the website “www.faatakse.in”. Fataakse Fataakse.in is started by Mrs. Radhika Agarwal with the objective to provide hassle- free life to its customers by saving time, money and effort of standing in long queues rather investing that time for the family and near-dear ones. “As Jaipurites have a habit of buying grocery products from trusted local vendors, so changing this mindset is a big challenge for us. Although, those who have trusted us are repeating orders every seven days, which is quite encouraging”, says Radhika Agarwal. She justifies her statement by laying down the venture on the two basic USPs – low price of high-quality products and timely delivery. We wish that it remains the same in future.



  1. First look at the website makes it look very simple yet “to-the-point”. The items are easy to locate and navigate along with clearly stated terms and conditions. Also moving from one menu to another is quite feasible.
  1. One good thing about this website is that adding a product to the cart is as simple as rolling the mouse over the products.
  1. The prices are decently done. The products majorly are ranged a tad lower than the market price, while some products offer heavy discount.


  1. Payment gateway by credit/debit Card Avenue is smooth and trusted but it also avails cash on delivery.
  1. Prompt delivery, fresh vegetables, courteous delivery boys was pleasant and toffees just added surprise to the delivery.Fataakse.com 1


1. The website consists of some plain basic looks. A little bit of page make-up will surely attract a lot of audience.

2. It contains a range of limited products, but they surely have to add more in future due to increase in needs and varieties.

3. In the beginning the price of products seems to be quite decent but hope for the same in the future.

4.  Although the process of adding stuff and groceries to the cart is simple but it is time consuming.

5. All the boxes are yet not filled with product pictures on the website.

Overall Jaipur Beat was pleasantly surprised with the feel and operations of the website. The delivery time slab is very impressive as it  allows you to plan the delivery beforehand. The concept and idea is innovative and definitely is the need of the hour. Strongly recommended. Pick up your phone and try it out!

fatakse So, are you relived and want to order some groceries online just- Call -08302100100 For query or feedback drop a message @ hello@fataakse.in Follow Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/fataakse.in?fref=ts

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5 Monsoon Snacks That Jaipurites Crave For

Monsoon is all about food and as it is about to retreat, how can we not mention some of the ‘must have snacks’ while enjoying the rains. It’s time to experience some delicious treats, from which some of them make a great combo like that of garma garam chai and pakoras.

  1. Chai

One of the most suitable and seen is a cup of garam-garam adrakh wali kadak chai with drops of rain adding their own flavor.


  1. Filter coffee

Don’t worry, for all those people who do not prefer tea – have you tried the famous South Indian filter coffee. You’ll really enjoy it in this wet and cold weather.

CoffeeImage Credit: Forresta Kitchen &Bar

  1. Bhutta

A specialty of monsoon, just adds its own taste to the season. With a pinch of salt and lemon juice – it just adds that perfection to the season.


  1. Pakoras

Hot and spicy pakoras make a delicious combo with a cup of tea. It sets the mood on a rainy day.


  1. Chana Jor Garam

It is one of the favorite street food with some tangy and spicy flavor.

Chana jor garam

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6 Reasons Why You Must Watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Some of you must have thought it’s another baseless Salman Khan movie, and the rest of you must have thought ‘Bhai ki movie hai, it’s a must watch’ 😉 But the truth is, that Bajrangi Bhaijaan is more than meets the eye. In case you are still planning to miss it, here are 6 points which will surely change your mind !

  1. The story line
    Surprised? Yes, it has one, and make no mistake, it’s quite a different and a beautiful one. A journey of a lost mute girl from India to Pakistan, reminding a teenie-weenie bit of Gadar, with some emotional jerks and humorous moments, will make it a roller coaster ride for you !Story line
  2. Little Harshaali
    The reason why we went to watch the movie, and were not let down. This little girl, Munni a.k.a Shahida with no dialogue in the movie, acts with her eyes and steals your heart with her innocent smile and perfect expressions.Haarshali
  3. Kashmir 
    Have you ever been to Kashmir? If not, your soul would call out to you and beg to visit and behold this heaven at least once in a lifetime, and if the answer is yes, you would want to go there once again and get soaked in the dreamlike snow peaked mountains and the beautiful valley.kashmir
  4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui 
    One of the most under-rated actors of Bollywood, once again proves his fine acting skills and superb comic timing even though he enters post interval !Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  5. Parallel World of India-Pakistan
    Watching this movie will transport you to the parallel world which you still dream of. A world very vividly created by the director and the writers of this movie, where goodness, peace and purity resides in every human heart, be it Indian or Pakistani.Bajrangi
  6. Salman Bhai
    Last but not the least, to watch Salman Khan on the screen with minimum shirtless scenes, no unnecessary action scenes, no overacting, and using his eyes to express affection, anger, sympathy, love and every emotion that his character Bajrangi Bhaijaan is made of.Salman khan



5 Things That Jaipur Roads Say After Monsoon Showers

A six lane golden quadrilateral which covers around 47 metropolitan cities, Jaipur is among one of them, is not easy to maintain. Jaipur itself has a well connected road system connecting almost all small districts, but with the onset of monsoon the roads speak for themselves.

  1. Daag Ache Hai

Just in case you fall in one of those pits, or someone splashes some keechad on your clothes, just close your eyes and say ‘daag acche hai’ 😀road

  1. Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo!

Stagnant water on the roads with people stuck in the middle is definitely a joy to see. It’s difficult to locate even the gaddhas on the road and you tend to fall, listen carefully to the road singing to you ‘ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo’!road

  1. Once upon a time I was a pakka road, or that’s what you thought.

It was so smooth to drive and enjoy, but all good things come to an end 😉 road

  1. Aise na mujhe tum dekho, seene se laga lunga 😉

Don’t even try to stare at the bumpy roads, you never know when they are in a mood to hug you tight 😀JB road

  1. Ruk jana nahi, tu kabhi haar ke.

The water filled road, definitely makes you stop and think twice. But don’t stop stepping out as walking/riding/driving on these roads is an experience in itself !road


5 Best Pubs In Jaipur To Chill At This Weekend

Weekend is here and for all those who think Jaipur does not have nightlife, step out of your houses and peep into some of these happening places in Jaipur. Planning to remove the stress of the week and start afresh, then it’s time to tap your feet to the beats of DJ, as we list down some of the best pubs in the city where you can enjoy the nightlife by dancing to some of your favorite tracks, and enjoy drinks with your friends or loved ones.

  1. 100% Rock

If you really want to rock and enjoy, it hosts for a perfect ambience with a stocked bar and some regular mocktail along with light snacky delights.100% Rock

  1. Grunge Lounge

Are you a music lover? Are you fond of drinks? Then Grunge demands a tip on a wonderful evening and you can take back the best cherished memories.Grunge

  1. Replay

You only want to Eat-Drink-Play, Replay can best explain it. It offers fairly good food and a dance floor to tap on the beats of music.Replay

  1. Blackout

It’s a perfect door to happiness, madness and enjoyment and get rid of the boredom of the week.Blackout

  1. Lounge 18

A centrally located lounge with some of the finest and best DJ’s hosting the nights, makes up for a happening place in Jaipur.Lounge 18       Images via Google


Jaipur Literature Festival Announces its First-Ever U.S. Event

The world’s largest free literary festival, now travels to Boulder, Colorado Sept. 18-20 to host their first-ever U.S. event, the Jaipur Literature Festival at Boulder (JLF@Boulder).

JLF at Boulder Logo

JLF@Boulder will feature more than 100 notable writers, thinkers, poets and performers in a three-day edition of what has been declared “the greatest literary show on earth.” There will also be a number of events leading up to the three-day festival.

JLF at Boulder

Boulder is known for its highly educated, professional population of more than 100,000; for its deep interest and leadership in social, technical and environmental innovation and for fitness and natural health and healing.

Some of the speakers confirmed for the festival include international best-selling author Jung Chang, Pulitzer Prize winning poet Vijay Seshadri, Morroccan-American essayist and novelist Laila Lalami, Israeli journalist, political commentator and author Gideon Levy, Chinese-American best-selling author Anchee Min, and journalist, historian and award-winning author Simon Sebag-Montefiore. 

For more information, please visit: http://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/boulder.


6 Campuses For Higher Education In Jaipur

Since its inception Jaipur has been the cradle to knowledge, It has been a reputed learning centre of the country. University of Rajasthan a.k.a. Rajputana University is one of the oldest in Modern India. It has been an alma mater for many distinguished personalities around the globe. The basis of its academic excellence has been an array of colleges which are either its constitute or are affiliated to it.  A further peep into few of them will consolidate the basis.

  1. Maharaja’s College
Maharaja College, Jaipur Campus

Sprawling lawns, heritage style building, the hub of many co-curricular activities, Maharaja College is a premier campus for UG students in Science stream. The first constituent college of the University since 1844by Sawai Ram Singh II was initially a multi faculty, college for boys, but was later on converted into college for imparting knowledge exclusively for science faculty for boys. Has hostel facility within the campus.

Maharaja College
Maharaja College
  1. Maharani’s College


Just opposite Maharaja’s college, Jaipur exists Maharani’s College, a premier multi faculty college exclusively for girl students. Established in the year 1944 Maharani’s College draws its name from the title of queen of Jaipur, Gayatri Devi. Apart for academic excellence, the institution is a hub for cultural activities too. An annual cultural fest is a much awaited event of the collage. A rare known fact that it is one of the few colleges in India, which has highest grade Urdu and Farsi scholars as faculties on a roll.


Website- http://www.universitymaharanicollege.ac.in/

  1. University Rajasthan College

An institute par excellence for subjects relating to Arts stream. This constituent college though is not as vast as the Maharaja’s and Maharani’s College in terms of campus, but the educational level is none the less inferior to them. A large number of subject in Arts stream are available as options for the students.

  1. University Commerce College

Just adjacent to Rajasthan College is a Commerce College is a reputed center for students who wish to opt for a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. As the name suggests, it imparts education in Commerce stream. A late entrant to the fraternity of constituent colleges, Commerce College has produced many outstanding scholars especially in Accountancy and a number of excellent Chartered Accountants for the country.

  1. Kanoria Girls PG College

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.59.41 pm

Though Jaipur has never been as open minded in comparison to other cities of the country in context to freedom to females and their lifestyle, but Jaipurites have always been open minded when it comes to female education and accordingly, Now in it’s 50th year, University of Rajasthan affiliated Multi faculty Post Graduated college for girls Kanoria College came into existence as early as 1965 when campuses for higher education were very few in the entire country.


Website- http://www.kanoriacollege.in/

  1. S.S. Jain Subodh College
SS Jain Subodh College
SS Jain Subodh PG College

As stated earlier, Jaipurites had and still has a craze for high quality education and in line to it, a group of wealthy Jain business men formed an educational society in 1954 under the name of  S.S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti to start this college. The society imparts multi faculty education from primary to post-graduate level for boys and girls through its various campuses all over Jaipur. Affiliated to University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, SS Jain Subodh College is an academic body having autonomous status.

Website- http://www.subodhpgcollege.com/

An interesting fact about these colleges is that two constituents and one Affiliate College each are lined up on two important roads of the city i.e. Tonk Road and JLN Marg.

But this is not all! Pink city hosts many more colleges be it Medicine, Management, Engineering, Fashion Designing etc.


5 Best Places to Drink In Jaipur

With the setting of sun…the advent of night is much awaited sight. With the glowing street lights some people get out to dine, drink and enjoy. The night life comes to light with some luxurious and royal bar adding magic to the night. We have listed 6 exquisite and lavish night hangout places in Jaipur.

  1. Steam, Rambagh Palace

It has one of the exquisite and fine collection of liquor from the bestest of the brands to choose the right one for you. With fine drinks, the interior and ambience adds a cherry on top.


Image credit:heart-2-heart-online.com

  1. Tablu, Hotel Clarks Amer

With the attractive, rustic blue and white combination, Tablu is the first roof-top resto-bar. It counts for the best place to sip a drink and enjoy with your friends, family and near-dear ones.


  1. Forresta Kitchen and Bar, Devraj Niwas

Drinking amidst a forest is totally a different experience than sitting in a pub or a bar. Forresta has a well stocked bar with some cool and delightful cocktails, mocktails, wines, etc.




  1. Sheesh Mahal Bar, ITC Rajputana

A wide array of cocktails and mocktails from around the world to sip in this peaceful, serene bar with sparkling mirror lights is just a royalty.

Sheesh MahalImage credit: http://www.itchotels.in/




  1. Bar Palladio, Narain Niwas Palace

Counted among the most royal and fanciful lounges and bars of Pink City is the all blue Palladio. It is an attractive bar with quiet ambience which is just perfect to add more color and flavor to your drinks.

Bar Palladio