5 Best Pubs In Jaipur To Chill At This Weekend

Weekend is here and for all those who think Jaipur does not have nightlife, step out of your houses and peep into some of these happening places in Jaipur. Planning to remove the stress of the week and start afresh, then it’s time to tap your feet to the beats of DJ, as we list down some of the best pubs in the city where you can enjoy the nightlife by dancing to some of your favorite tracks, and enjoy drinks with your friends or loved ones.

  1. 100% Rock

If you really want to rock and enjoy, it hosts for a perfect ambience with a stocked bar and some regular mocktail along with light snacky delights.100% Rock

  1. Grunge Lounge

Are you a music lover? Are you fond of drinks? Then Grunge demands a tip on a wonderful evening and you can take back the best cherished memories.Grunge

  1. Replay

You only want to Eat-Drink-Play, Replay can best explain it. It offers fairly good food and a dance floor to tap on the beats of music.Replay

  1. Blackout

It’s a perfect door to happiness, madness and enjoyment and get rid of the boredom of the week.Blackout

  1. Lounge 18

A centrally located lounge with some of the finest and best DJ’s hosting the nights, makes up for a happening place in Jaipur.Lounge 18       Images via Google

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