5 Monsoon Snacks That Jaipurites Crave For

Monsoon is all about food and as it is about to retreat, how can we not mention some of the ‘must have snacks’ while enjoying the rains. It’s time to experience some delicious treats, from which some of them make a great combo like that of garma garam chai and pakoras.

  1. Chai

One of the most suitable and seen is a cup of garam-garam adrakh wali kadak chai with drops of rain adding their own flavor.


  1. Filter coffee

Don’t worry, for all those people who do not prefer tea – have you tried the famous South Indian filter coffee. You’ll really enjoy it in this wet and cold weather.

CoffeeImage Credit: Forresta Kitchen &Bar

  1. Bhutta

A specialty of monsoon, just adds its own taste to the season. With a pinch of salt and lemon juice – it just adds that perfection to the season.


  1. Pakoras

Hot and spicy pakoras make a delicious combo with a cup of tea. It sets the mood on a rainy day.


  1. Chana Jor Garam

It is one of the favorite street food with some tangy and spicy flavor.

Chana jor garam

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