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Best Non 5 Star Bakeries In Jaipur

There’s nothing like the rich smells of cakes and cookies and other baked items. The smell of freshly baked products is just not comforting but can simply make you hungry. So maybe your weakness is cakes, cupcakes or cookies…no matter what, these 10 delicious non 5 star bakeries serves yummiest in town.

  1. Brown Sugar Bakers & Café

If you want to add that perfect sweetness in your life, Brown Sugar gives you a wide range of cakes, pastry and sandwiches in all its three outlets. One can always find the bakery filled with youngsters as it offers some really nice unusual combinations of food and above all, an appealing ambience, all at a very reasonable price. Though it makes some outstanding fruitcakes but it also caters some other savories like sandwiches, pastry, wraps, pastas, sizzlers, puffs and the menu is vast.

Address – Tilak Marg, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

  1. Bake well

Bake well, is among the oldest bakeries started by Mr. M.P. Ahuja catering around Jaipur since 1974. Carrying forward the family business and serving the masses in Jaipur, specially the locality of Raja Park it has been serving some fresh and delectable home-made bakery items. It also makes some fresh and tasty pizza base, kulche, burger buns. Despite these, Bake well also prepares pineapple, chocolate cakes and delicious foot longs, hotdogs and some home-made biscuits.

 Address – Raja Park, Jaipur


Bakewell 1

  1. Bake Hut

Thinking to add a sweet tooth to the pink city, Bake Hut was established in 1995. It gives some pleasing taste to each and every bakery item from the menu.CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN & LIVE BROWNIE STATION is the latest edition.

Address – Opp. Jaipur Hospital, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Bake Hut

Bake Hut 1

  1. Miss Bakers

With classic pink and white theme and open ambience, Miss Bakers is known for some of its mesmerizing looking designer cakes with finest decorations. If you really want the energy treat go for the most famous and its specialty – Red Velvet Cake. It also prepares some delicious Oreo Cheesecakes, Banana breads and home- made chocolates. As the also specialize in designer cakes, if you really want to surprise someone just give Miss Bakers an idea and you will be surprised with not only the look but also with yummilicious taste.

Address – Ashok Nagar, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Miss Bakers

Miss Bakers 1

  1. Sunrise Bakery

Sunrise is the largest bakery chain with around 11 outlets working in Jaipur. It serves some special bakery items like marble cakes, pan pizza, chocolate cakes, etc. Sunrise outstands with some amazing gift items that it comes up with like biscuit basket, chocolate baskets and other occasional delicacies.

Address – Raja Park, Jaipur


Sunrise 1

  1. Nibs Chocolate Boutique

As toys are to kids, if your cup is of cocoa bean – Nibs is the perfect confectionary in the pink city where you can savor the really strong taste of coffee beans in everything, from cakes to pastries, to a dip of cookies in a cup of coffee.

Address – Sanjay Marg, Hathroi, Jaipur


Nibs 1

  1. Cakes ‘N’ Cookies

Catering the youth as well as the families, Suhel Akhtar came up with the concept of Cakes & Cookies. Located in small lanes of Raja Park, it definitely offers something crunchy and crispy, attracting the crowd from all around. The most tried and asked is the Chocolate Excess Cake, which can totally take you in the chocolate factory. Cakes ‘N’ Cookies along with cakes and pastries, also offers some delicious sauces and dips.

Address- Raja Park, Jaipur



  1. Khushaal Bakery

Serving since 40-45 years, Kushhal Bakery really outshines for its freshly prepared bakery biscuits.  It can really give you a baked treat for some other bakery items which people often associate with it. From the wide range available it is extremely difficult to leave something which is not delicious. Seriously, if you ask they have been around forever and have mastered the art of running a great bakery.

Address – Opp. Dussehra Maidan, Govind Marg, Jaipur

Khushal Bakery

Khushal Bakery 1

  1. Dzurt

With some unique and different varities of cakes, patisserie, muffins, macaroons, Dzurt looks amazing and tastes super- licious!  Started by a young and aspiring chef, TejasviChandela, Jaipur got a patisserie shop with a totally new concept. Some of the specialty includes red velvet cheesecake, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate mud pastry, tarts, pies and the list is endless. Although it seems to be a little expensive patisserie but the cakes and above all the ambience surely attracts your attention.

Address – Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur


Dzurt 1

Last but not the least!

  1. Lovin’ Oven

A craze of eating healthy in Jaipur continues to grow. Lovin’ Oven has come up with this distinct concept of catering to healthy lifestyles. Lovin’ Oven is a home-style bakery launched recently in the town. Owned by Shubhi Gupta, a photographer by profession thought of this unique idea where even those with a few extra pounds around their waist can indulge in delectable cookies.  Not only this, for people with diabetes, the risks of indulging in too many sweets are higher, but Lovin Oven has options for all those as it is outfitting to healthy lifestyles  where the products are made up of whole wheat using olive oil and other natural and organic ingredients. For rest, regular Cakes, Cookies, Apple Pie’s, Banana Pie’s and lot so many options are available.

So, next time for a sweeter treat or for a personal party in office /home, you simply need to call 099288 76556 and order will be delivered right on your door step.

Address – Mansarovar

Lovin Oven Lovin Oven 1


Respite From The Hectic Life @Kiaora Unisex Salon

After any festival we all need to escape from the hassled life and relax for a while. On RakshaBandhan, after gorging on with unlimited amounts of sweets and chocolates, we all felt an urgent need to burn those unwanted calories and we call that Post Rakshabandhan Syndrome 😛

Jaipur was recently introduced to a UNISEX Salon – Kiaora. Jaipur Beat decided to give it a visit and check out. You know as always how inquisitive we are 🙂

Kiaora Salon
Kiaora Salon

As we stepped into the Kiaora Unisex Salon we came to know that we were in for a treat. The ambiance was relaxing. The appropriate room temperature, lightening and soft-soothing music-all had come together to pamper us with a leisurely experience. The first thing is the cleanliness, which is always at the top of our mind whenever we visit any Salon. For that Kiaora surely gets full marks. Secondly, the products used were all branded. Even their facial menu with its extensive range was designed to cater to the individual need of every skin, though we did not try the same.

Apart from their usual Beauty Packages we were introduced to their Slimming Packages for all those unwanted calories. Kioara offers various weight loss programs for both men and women and few like Instant Weight loss is #nowhere else in Jaipur.

Weight Loss Sessions at Kiaora
Weight Loss Sessions at Kiaora

Regular services like – threading, bleach, scrub, hair-coloring, pedicure, manicure, body polishing, party make-up and waxing are all available under one roof.
What we loved the most about this salon that their specialists don’t take more than the designated time for their services. Here it scores over other salons of the city. If you are pressed for time that we all are in this round-the–clock lifestyle, then Kiaora Unisex Salon is the one-stop destination to look up to for all grooming and pampering needs.

Safe to say that we were not disappointed; indeed impressed the way their trained professionals were attending the clients. After complete relaxation & rejuvenation, can surely look for positive MONDAY without blues 🙂

Committed to provide professional, quality and holistic salon services to Jaipurites, Kiaora is definitely worth a try. To add to our delight, they are running  25% DISCOUNT till September 30, 2015 on both it’s Beauty Package and Slimming Package, which is valid only from Monday’s to Thursday’s.

Make sure to book an appointment to avail this discount.

Kiaora Salon

The Kiaora Unisex Salon is located in JLN Marg area of Jaipur, adjacent to Vasansi Sarees.

For further details and/or book their services, contact them at:

Mobile: 0141-2577588, Mob.- 9828320000

D-69-B, Trimurty Circle, JLN Marg, Jaipur-302004

Follow them-


8 Things That Make The Rakhi Bond So Special

It’s the festival of love, protection, purity and a lot of bickering 😉 – Raksha Bandhan !! The bond of a brother and sister is something that cannot be put into words or boundaries, every relationship comes with different experiences, different fights, different expectations, but there are some things which are common in every relationship, and makes each one of them so special.

  1. Hiding her stuff

    A habit of every typical brother, be it her hairbrush, cell phone, favorite dress, he loves to hide it and have a good laugh while looking at her desperately looking for it.

    bro sis.

2. Insulting Facebook posts

Every time you log in and see yourself tagged in a post by him/her, there is a little fear inside ! You open it and there it is, a public insult 😀

fb blue

3. Whose favorite dish is cooking?

No brother and sister have the same choices ! And there begins the fight of whose favorite dish is going to be cooked tonight 😉

Favourite dish

4. Pocket Money

Although the concept of pocket money is almost dying, you can never forget the fights with your parents over who will get more pocket money 😀

'Does this mean I have to share my pocket money?'
‘Does this mean I have to share my pocket money?’

5. Whatsapp fights

In the new digital world, you find yourselves sitting in different rooms in the same house and fighting over the Whatsapp chat !

To go with AFP Story 'US IT-Takeover-Facebook-WhatsApp-Internet', FOCUS by David Watkins  (FILES) This file picture taken on February 20, 2014 shows the Facebook and WhatsApp applications' icons displayed on a smartphone in Rome. Facebook's stunning USD 19 billion deal for messaging service WhatsApp places the social network in an arena where competition is fierce, particularly in Asia, where fast-growing chat rivals dominate their home markets.  AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS / FILES

6. Getting each other scolded by parents

Purposely revealing each other’s secrets and naughtily getting your sibling scolded by parents and having that last laugh 😀

Hispanic father lecturing son

7. The classic – Remote fight !

None of you, absolutely none of you could have escaped the fight for the TV Remote with your sibling to watch your favorite channel, and we know that you still do it 😉

brother and sister fighting for remote clipart

8. Tell her/him that they are adopted 😀



But at the EOD, you protect each other in every crisis, can’t hear any outsider say anything against your sibling, can do anything for them and believe it or not, they will always be your best friend 🙂

Happy Rakhi !








The Other Side Of Social Media

Be it watching a movie with friends, going on holidays, expressing our opinions on political issues, leg pulling, everything is now done and shared openly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We love to do this, even if it gives FOMO sometimes, even if it has suddenly woken up the travelers in us, we simply love this ‘social’ life. But have you met the other side of Social media ? The darker side? Let’s know the rules of the darker side of social media, which is trending more these days.

  1. Post something however irrational or illogical it is.
  2. Ensure that “right set of people RT or share it”
  3. Issue few supposedly strong statements or opinions.
  4. Get the media and other digital sites to publish getting influenced by the other social media sites rather than the actual source.
  5. Bask in the glory on the cost of someone else’s misery
    Let’s talk in examples.
    Instance # 1
    Rohtak Sisters beat up a guy in bus accusing them for molestation. As it turned out they were just doing it to gain attention.


    Instance #2

    Jasleen Kaur claims that she was molested by a guy on Bullet on a red light
    The reality is that she was just trying to create a controversy.


jasleen 2


Although she posted this later.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 6.37.01 pm

Instance #3

Famous Bollywood director Anurag Basu posts on his Instagram that he was beaten up by an MMS activist in a brawl. All the famous media sites publish the news immediately. He posts on his FB stating that this was a social message he was trying to bring into the attention as to how irresponsible today’s media is that they publish any thing without cross verification.

anurag-kashyap_640x480_41440472520anurag 2anurag

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.17.48 pm

With great authority, comes great responsibility. With the increasing freedom and authority that social media is gaining over other media, isn’t it time that also adopt the responsibility that comes along?


Memories In The Box

world photography day

Going down the memory lane
When we walked with a camera in hand
It was quite a deal to point and shoot
While the ones in the pictures would hail and hoot


From those walks to the studio
And the sweet wait thereafter
To inserting the pen drive
With an instant roar of laughter


From touching those rough and smooth edges
Saving that negative reel
To zooming in the screen
And soak in the nostalgic wheel

Altes fotoalbum

From those long sealed closets
When we pull out those albums
Our hearts smile through the eyes
Pages keep turning
And all we wish
Is that they never ever end

A few years down the line
When we find ourselves stalking the timeline
Of the ones we love
And the ones we lost
On that ambiguous day
What will still thrive
Are these timeless memories
Fervent and naïve 🙂


Credit: Nupur Agarwal- Creative Writer at Jaipur Beat

Image Source: Via Google


Royal Teej Procession in Jaipur

Sawan Month, is one of the holiest Hindu months and is dedicated to Lord Shiva in North India. The month is filled with auspicious days and numerous rituals. The famous Teej festival is also observed in this sacred month.

Teej Festival though, is fêted all over the state, but celebrated at its colorful best in Jaipur. The festival is celebrated to welcome the advent of monsoon, also dedicated to Goddess Parvati and commemorates the day when she was united with Lord Shiva after a penance of a hundred years. The mesmerizing procession of Goddess Parvati winds magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur via Tripoliya Gate (City Palace) Tripoliya Bazar and Gangauri Bazar with chariots, decorated camels, dancing folk artists, brass bands and royal palanquins for two days i.e 17th & 18th August, 2015.

Teej Festival 2015
Teej Festival 2015
Teej Festival 2015
Teej Festival 2015
Teej Festival 2015
Teej Festival 2015
Teej Festival 2015

The traditional procession of Goddess Teej is also the ultimate hub of a large number of folk and cultural programs which is enjoyed by both locals as well as tourists visiting the city during this time.

The entire Teej procession is filled with loads of merriment which is not to be missed if you are in Jaipur.

Date- 17th & 18th August

Venue- Tripoliya Gate, City Palace, Jaipur

Tip- The government of Rajasthan state arranges a special seating area for foreign tourists, for comfortable viewing and to photograph the procession from the terrace of the Hind Hotel opposite Tripoliya gate.


Forhex Fair 2015 through the eyes of Jaipur Beat

The whole world of craft, textile, furniture and handicraft is right here in your city at the Forhex Fair.

We all are aware that Forhex Fair is a popular heartthrob event of the Pink city held annually in the month of August, where visitors experience the unique world of Handicrafts. The 7th edition of the Federation of Rajasthan Handicraft Exporters (FORHEX) Fair 2015 was inaugurated today by Mr. Rakesh Sharma at the Birla Auditorium with as many as many as 80 stalls at the fair. The exhibition is split into 4 halls on the ground and on the first floor.

The fair showcases an amazing collection of Handicraft & Textile under one roof viz. furniture, gifts, decorative items, home ware, carpets, textile made-ups, clocks, tribal craft, ceramic products etc.

As you enter, the first thing is to park your car in central park parking and take the free shuttle service provided by the Forhex. Once you are at the venue, get your registration done, without which your entry is prohibited.

Forhex Fair 2015
Forhex Fair 2015

Be it contemporary furniture by 91Degree or the Wall Clocks by Ethnic Clock Makers, Chandeliers and ceiling fixtures from Artisana, exclusive creativity by Renu Dandia, an array of handcrafted products at Kuber Creations, garments and fabrics from Ratan Textiles & Thahryamal Balchand, antiques from Raja Arts or name any, each stall was offering a wide range of exclusive items which were truly breathtaking. Out of so many, one thing that caught visitor’s attention was the fantastic bicycle planters which were made up of wrought iron and the ethnic clocks in different shapes and sizes.


IMG_3887 IMG_3885 IMG_3878 IMG_3872 IMG_3861 IMG_3893 IMG_3851 IMG_3847




Glittering lights on the way to Cafetaria
Glittering lights on the way to the Cafetaria

As the next two days being holidays i.e 15th & 16th August, we suggest each one of you to visit Forhex Fair. It is worth a visit as no where else you get to see so many things of interest for your home decor.

Even if you don’t intend to buy anything your visit to Forhex will broaden your horizon as you get to know what is trending in the market. If you are in the process of making a new home/office or refurbishing the same this is the place for you. And for all art lovers and creative person ‘Forhex Fair’ is the ultimate destination to open your vistas.

So block your calendar NOW!


7 Traditional Kitchen Appliances That Take You On A Nostalgic Journey

Indian recipes have a worldwide presence. Its distinctive aroma and tangy taste have found a global following. Have you ever thought that prior to the popularization of electric appliances in Indian kitchen which appliances were used by the Home makers?

Jaipur Beat takes you down the memory lane to the time where our grannies used to make mouth watering succulent gastronomical dishes, without the help of any electrical appliance.

Old Kitchen

  1. Stone Mortar:

An ancient Indian predecessor to modern day grinder. A hollowed structure from within in which a stone is used to pound and later fine grind the material.  This was specially used to makedosa orrava idli mix batter. Unlike today’s mixie the process to grind with this primitive tool was lengthy and laborious too. Needless to say, it is very rare nowadays to see such a spectacle.

stone mortor

Image from –

  1. Sil Batta

This grinding stone was used in a large number of Indian households. It is known as “Sil-Batta” in Hindi with Sil referring to flat stone and Batta referring to a cylindrical grinding stone. This grinding stone was primarily used to prepare green chutney of coriander or mint, or to mix dry spices used for making Indian curry. On one hand it is a good form of exercise for the arms, and secondly, it imparts the authentic taste to the freshly ground spices which in no way can be copied by any other kitchen aid.
But with the passage of time it has been replaced with the electric grinder/mixer  for the convenience and to save time as well.

Sil Batta

  1. Wooden Ice cream maker:

When Ice cream parlors were not a common thing even then our mother used to serve home made Ice creams. We are not talking about fridge here, but ice creams made from traditional wooden ice cream maker. The making of ice cream in itself was the celebration where every member was involved as the duty was assigned from the youngest to the eldest member to keep rotating the handle for churning. It definitely involves planning to organize the ingredients like rock salt, ice and making a mixture of milk. Not only this once it is ready it has to be consumed at the earliest. So at times you can’t even wait for the dinner to be served.

Ice cream maker

Image Via Google

  1. Brass Utensils:

Though modern science now reluctantly approves of cooking in brass utensils, but our forefathers knew about them and propagated their use. The modern day cooking utensils with chemical coating have failed to match the taste these age old utensils used to provide.Since brass being an alloy of copper and zinc was not considered safe for cooking and keeping cooked stuff, a coat of lead was provided in the interiors of these utensil with kalai a shining silvery metal. Getting “kalai” done on utensils was a ritual carried after every six months. It was not uncommon to hear the loud voice from Kalai Wala  passing by on the road and inviting to get the kalai done on utensils.Thanks to pressure cooker, steel and other cookware to make this everyday’s sight a rare one now 😦

Brass Utensils
Brass Utensils
  1. Hamam Dasta:

This appliance  very similar to Stone Mortar mentioned earlier is a competitor to the contemporary dry grinder. Made of metal, generally, cast Iron or brass this is used to grind the dry spices used in Indian cooking. As it is made up of metal it takes lots of effort to use this. No wonder, our grandmothers who worked endlessly in the kitchen were far stronger and powerful than us.


  1. Kanse Ke Bartan


An alloy very healthful was used by our ancestors to make utensils specially for serving food. A healthier option to melamine and acrylic crockery used these days . This is the reason why the royals of Rajasthan extensively used these utensils for serving food.

  1. Thali:

Silver thali


Indians had a tradition to have multi-course meal, but in a different manner. Instead of dishes served in a phased manner they had all of them served in one big platter with small bowls used to keep the items of the day’s menu. This system of serving the food is known as ‘Thali’. Apart, from daily use, Indian household uses thali made of Silver in honor of the guest and to flaunt their opulence.

Though these appliances have lost the race of extinction against modern ones, their relevance will remain for the people who have taste bud for traditional taste.

Events in Jaipur

Soak in the musical world of ‘Mehefil-e-Sufiana’ @The Lalit Jaipur

Kaafila 1It’s time to show some selfless passion for our country and recall the most glorious chapters of Indian history through some patriotic melodies.

This Independence Day, The Lalit Jaipur is organizing a sufi evening ‘ Mehefil-e-Sufiana’ by Kaafila Band. Kaafila is a multi genre band that celebrates life by spreading the sound and rhythm of colourful Rajasthan by its unique style by striking each chord in the hearts of music lovers.


If music is your cup of tea, then you can’t miss this fierce play of instruments with calm melodies. Soothe yourself in a rhythmic treat with beverages, buffet dinner and lots more.


Date: 14th August 2015

Time: 7:30 pm onwards

Venue: The Crystal Ballroom, The Lalit Jaipur

Sufi event


For other details please contact –

Gagan Kapoor @+91 8003897058.

Book Tickets: