Memories In The Box

world photography day

Going down the memory lane
When we walked with a camera in hand
It was quite a deal to point and shoot
While the ones in the pictures would hail and hoot


From those walks to the studio
And the sweet wait thereafter
To inserting the pen drive
With an instant roar of laughter


From touching those rough and smooth edges
Saving that negative reel
To zooming in the screen
And soak in the nostalgic wheel

Altes fotoalbum

From those long sealed closets
When we pull out those albums
Our hearts smile through the eyes
Pages keep turning
And all we wish
Is that they never ever end

A few years down the line
When we find ourselves stalking the timeline
Of the ones we love
And the ones we lost
On that ambiguous day
What will still thrive
Are these timeless memories
Fervent and naïve 🙂


Credit: Nupur Agarwal- Creative Writer at Jaipur Beat

Image Source: Via Google

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