8 Things That Make The Rakhi Bond So Special

It’s the festival of love, protection, purity and a lot of bickering 😉 – Raksha Bandhan !! The bond of a brother and sister is something that cannot be put into words or boundaries, every relationship comes with different experiences, different fights, different expectations, but there are some things which are common in every relationship, and makes each one of them so special.

  1. Hiding her stuff

    A habit of every typical brother, be it her hairbrush, cell phone, favorite dress, he loves to hide it and have a good laugh while looking at her desperately looking for it.

    bro sis.

2. Insulting Facebook posts

Every time you log in and see yourself tagged in a post by him/her, there is a little fear inside ! You open it and there it is, a public insult 😀

fb blue

3. Whose favorite dish is cooking?

No brother and sister have the same choices ! And there begins the fight of whose favorite dish is going to be cooked tonight 😉

Favourite dish

4. Pocket Money

Although the concept of pocket money is almost dying, you can never forget the fights with your parents over who will get more pocket money 😀

'Does this mean I have to share my pocket money?'
‘Does this mean I have to share my pocket money?’

5. Whatsapp fights

In the new digital world, you find yourselves sitting in different rooms in the same house and fighting over the Whatsapp chat !

To go with AFP Story 'US IT-Takeover-Facebook-WhatsApp-Internet', FOCUS by David Watkins  (FILES) This file picture taken on February 20, 2014 shows the Facebook and WhatsApp applications' icons displayed on a smartphone in Rome. Facebook's stunning USD 19 billion deal for messaging service WhatsApp places the social network in an arena where competition is fierce, particularly in Asia, where fast-growing chat rivals dominate their home markets.  AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS / FILES

6. Getting each other scolded by parents

Purposely revealing each other’s secrets and naughtily getting your sibling scolded by parents and having that last laugh 😀

Hispanic father lecturing son

7. The classic – Remote fight !

None of you, absolutely none of you could have escaped the fight for the TV Remote with your sibling to watch your favorite channel, and we know that you still do it 😉

brother and sister fighting for remote clipart

8. Tell her/him that they are adopted 😀



But at the EOD, you protect each other in every crisis, can’t hear any outsider say anything against your sibling, can do anything for them and believe it or not, they will always be your best friend 🙂

Happy Rakhi !







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