Best Non 5 Star Bakeries In Jaipur

There’s nothing like the rich smells of cakes and cookies and other baked items. The smell of freshly baked products is just not comforting but can simply make you hungry. So maybe your weakness is cakes, cupcakes or cookies…no matter what, these 10 delicious non 5 star bakeries serves yummiest in town.

  1. Brown Sugar Bakers & Café

If you want to add that perfect sweetness in your life, Brown Sugar gives you a wide range of cakes, pastry and sandwiches in all its three outlets. One can always find the bakery filled with youngsters as it offers some really nice unusual combinations of food and above all, an appealing ambience, all at a very reasonable price. Though it makes some outstanding fruitcakes but it also caters some other savories like sandwiches, pastry, wraps, pastas, sizzlers, puffs and the menu is vast.

Address – Tilak Marg, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

  1. Bake well

Bake well, is among the oldest bakeries started by Mr. M.P. Ahuja catering around Jaipur since 1974. Carrying forward the family business and serving the masses in Jaipur, specially the locality of Raja Park it has been serving some fresh and delectable home-made bakery items. It also makes some fresh and tasty pizza base, kulche, burger buns. Despite these, Bake well also prepares pineapple, chocolate cakes and delicious foot longs, hotdogs and some home-made biscuits.

 Address – Raja Park, Jaipur


Bakewell 1

  1. Bake Hut

Thinking to add a sweet tooth to the pink city, Bake Hut was established in 1995. It gives some pleasing taste to each and every bakery item from the menu.CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN & LIVE BROWNIE STATION is the latest edition.

Address – Opp. Jaipur Hospital, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Bake Hut

Bake Hut 1

  1. Miss Bakers

With classic pink and white theme and open ambience, Miss Bakers is known for some of its mesmerizing looking designer cakes with finest decorations. If you really want the energy treat go for the most famous and its specialty – Red Velvet Cake. It also prepares some delicious Oreo Cheesecakes, Banana breads and home- made chocolates. As the also specialize in designer cakes, if you really want to surprise someone just give Miss Bakers an idea and you will be surprised with not only the look but also with yummilicious taste.

Address – Ashok Nagar, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Miss Bakers

Miss Bakers 1

  1. Sunrise Bakery

Sunrise is the largest bakery chain with around 11 outlets working in Jaipur. It serves some special bakery items like marble cakes, pan pizza, chocolate cakes, etc. Sunrise outstands with some amazing gift items that it comes up with like biscuit basket, chocolate baskets and other occasional delicacies.

Address – Raja Park, Jaipur


Sunrise 1

  1. Nibs Chocolate Boutique

As toys are to kids, if your cup is of cocoa bean – Nibs is the perfect confectionary in the pink city where you can savor the really strong taste of coffee beans in everything, from cakes to pastries, to a dip of cookies in a cup of coffee.

Address – Sanjay Marg, Hathroi, Jaipur


Nibs 1

  1. Cakes ‘N’ Cookies

Catering the youth as well as the families, Suhel Akhtar came up with the concept of Cakes & Cookies. Located in small lanes of Raja Park, it definitely offers something crunchy and crispy, attracting the crowd from all around. The most tried and asked is the Chocolate Excess Cake, which can totally take you in the chocolate factory. Cakes ‘N’ Cookies along with cakes and pastries, also offers some delicious sauces and dips.

Address- Raja Park, Jaipur



  1. Khushaal Bakery

Serving since 40-45 years, Kushhal Bakery really outshines for its freshly prepared bakery biscuits.  It can really give you a baked treat for some other bakery items which people often associate with it. From the wide range available it is extremely difficult to leave something which is not delicious. Seriously, if you ask they have been around forever and have mastered the art of running a great bakery.

Address – Opp. Dussehra Maidan, Govind Marg, Jaipur

Khushal Bakery

Khushal Bakery 1

  1. Dzurt

With some unique and different varities of cakes, patisserie, muffins, macaroons, Dzurt looks amazing and tastes super- licious!  Started by a young and aspiring chef, TejasviChandela, Jaipur got a patisserie shop with a totally new concept. Some of the specialty includes red velvet cheesecake, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate mud pastry, tarts, pies and the list is endless. Although it seems to be a little expensive patisserie but the cakes and above all the ambience surely attracts your attention.

Address – Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur


Dzurt 1

Last but not the least!

  1. Lovin’ Oven

A craze of eating healthy in Jaipur continues to grow. Lovin’ Oven has come up with this distinct concept of catering to healthy lifestyles. Lovin’ Oven is a home-style bakery launched recently in the town. Owned by Shubhi Gupta, a photographer by profession thought of this unique idea where even those with a few extra pounds around their waist can indulge in delectable cookies.  Not only this, for people with diabetes, the risks of indulging in too many sweets are higher, but Lovin Oven has options for all those as it is outfitting to healthy lifestyles  where the products are made up of whole wheat using olive oil and other natural and organic ingredients. For rest, regular Cakes, Cookies, Apple Pie’s, Banana Pie’s and lot so many options are available.

So, next time for a sweeter treat or for a personal party in office /home, you simply need to call 099288 76556 and order will be delivered right on your door step.

Address – Mansarovar

Lovin Oven Lovin Oven 1

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