It’s All About JusT & Samosas !

Tea and samosas have been an age old snack combination and has been a favorite to almost every Indian.  You don’t need any reason to munch these snacks. Team Jaipur Beat explored a new hub which has recreated this concept of tea and samosas in a new way, especially for the youngsters for their nonstop talks and beautiful conversations over a cup of tea.

JB 3

JusT & Samosas is our new pick in the Pink city. Don’t worry even if you don’t drink tea and nor eat samosas, they have an extensive array of food to offer to you: D

Mr Rahul Kumar, owner of JusT & Samosas followed to walk on the path of his passion and fulfill his dreams leaving a corporate background. This is how our experience was at JusT & Samosas.

  1. FOOD

Looking at the menu, it has variety of snacks that you can try. We picked up for some momos with a spicy filling offered with chilly garlic chutney. The dry Chilly Paneer is a must try and how can you miss the White sauce pasta from the menu.  The order seems incomplete without a drink. With its specialty in tea and samosas, it has a list of Chai Shai but if you want a sweet and chilled throat – go for some virgin Mojito/crushes and shakes.


With a few people working there, it simply offers a spick and span and courteous service to the foodies!

JB 2


Overall the bright and colorful interiors with puppets hanging on the walls, muddahs and low level chairs to make you feel comfortable – its ambience definitely speaks for its food.



Even though it’s located on a very busy road, you have to keep your eyes wide open.  It stands apart from the rest of the cafes offering a whole new concept of Tea and Samosas.

It has a reasonable value of money! And don’t forget to leave a mark by pinning up your feedback on the board 🙂

JB 1

Address: G1, Semi Basement, Opp. Pink City Honda Showroom,

Near Gattle Vala Baba, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Contact: +917665590009, +9195495700400

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