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Must See Attractions in Jaipur

Hello everyone, the weather is screaming something, can you hear?
This is the perfect time & the weather to go on a road trip or just roll down into the Pink City.

The Pink City is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. There is something unique and intrigued in the fragrance of the city that attracts innumerable beings here; based on a Pink & Red theme it has so many colourful sights.

Following are the sights of the Pink City you cannot resist to visit:

Birla Mandir: Birla Mandir which is also known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. This majestic shrine is made up of pure white marble and one couldn’t resist looking at its beauty in the dim light under the moon. Birla Mandir was built in 1988 by Birla Group of Industries. This temple is situated on JLN Road of Jaipur.

Birla Mandir
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Jantar Mantar: Jantar Mantar is a very technical and astronomical monument. It is a collection of 19 architectural astronomical instruments which were built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734. It has the world’s largest stone Sundial (A device which tells the time by measuring the apparent position of the Sun). Jantar Mantar is also one of the most likable tourist sites of the Pink City.

jantar mantar

Albert Hall: The oldest museum of the state which is constructed by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II in the year 1868, when King Edward the Prince of Wales visited India. It is situated prominently in the center of the city and also is a cynosure in itself. Albert Hall has so many precious & priceless objects to display.

Albert Hall

Hawa Mahal: The Hawa Mahal is also called ‘The Palace of Winds’ made up of Pink & Red sandstones. This beautiful five-storey pyramidal shaped monument was actually built for the royal women, so that they could
observe the activities outside without being seen. It is situated in the walled Pink City.

hawa mahal

If you love the sightseeing over the mountains, then these majestic forts are a big treat for you. The view from the top is just impeccable.

Jaigarh Fort:  Jaigarh fort, once you reach to this marvelous castle situated on the Aravalli Hills, your mind impels you to not to come back down.  Jaigarh once was the center of the treasury and a place to keep eyes over the Amer fort and the Pink city. But now, this is one of the most popular sights of the city. Jaivan, the largest moving cannon in Asia is also resting here.

Jaigarh Fort Bvlgari Jaipur.
Jaigarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort: Located on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, known for the unexpressed city view from the top. Nahargarh was built in 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, once formed a strong defense ring for the
city but now it’s among the top major tourist sights of the Pink City.


City Palace: The Palace of Royal family lies in the heart of the Pink City. It was actually the seat of the Maharaja and was built in 1730 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Now, this beautiful and immense paradise holds many museums showcasing the story of the royal world.

City Palace Bvlgari Jaipur.
City Palace
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Navratri Celebrations in Pink City

The Pink City is all about festivals & celebrations. It is the reality of Jaipur where an act doesn’t completely ends while another one is ready to grasp its place. As, many festivals are currently spreading their magical colors, Maa Durge is getting ready to enchant the Pink City in her aura. It feels good to see the convivial atmosphere across the city of Jaipur hosting a number of festivals with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm.

Navratri is one of the most popular festivals which is celebrated here. This festival holds great significance among people as it is associated with the blessings of Goddess Durga, which represents Shakti, the cosmic energy that animates all beings. This festival symbolizes health and prosperity, and is celebrated in a very traditional way.

Navratri 5

On all these nine-day Navratra festival the Shila Devi temple at Amer Fort holds special significance and the devotees has special prayers offered to this goddess. Thousands of people from Jaipur and surrounding areas come here to pay offerings to Shila Devi. It is said that Maharaja Mansingh of Jaipur brought the statue of the goddess Shila Mata from Jessore “Bangladesh” in 1604 and till date the idol is placed here and worshipped.

Shila Mata Temple Amer
Shila Mata Temple Amer

During all these nine days devotees throng to this temple and to facilitate smooth pilgrimage massive arrangements are being made.

Navratri 4

This festival acquires quite a fascinating and colorful dimension with extremely colorful dances of Garbha and Dandiya-Raas. These dances are performed by a group who move graceful and rhythmic manner in circles to measure steps, marking time by sticks and hands. Both men and women dressed in the traditional attires with beautifully designed accessories. For past few years Dainik Bhaskar has been organising the Garba Festival in the city for which at least a month long preparation goes on.

Navratri 3 Navratri 6 Navratri1

Thousands of Jaipurites of all age groups can be seen stepping together on the beats of Garba & Dandiya music in many places around the city.

So, if you are in Jaipur during this season you are lucky enough to explore the city in its own uniqueness 🙂

Photography Contest

Khushboo-e-Rajasthan 2015 ends with Prize Distribution Ceremony

Almost a month long event Khushboo- e- Rajasthan, an online photography contest finally came to an exciting end on Wednesday, 14th October, 2015.  The contest that started on the 7th of Sept and continued till 30th Sept, 2015 on social media, where photography enthusiasts participated by uploading the photographs representing the true flavor of Rajasthan. The shortlisted 51 photographs were then displayed in an exhibition held during the Jairangam Theatre Festival at JKK.


The esteemed jury consisting of Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal, Ms. Dharmendra Kanwar, Gaurav Hajela, Prakash Ghai and Rajan Bhatt reviewed each and every photograph. From the shortlisted entries, 9 photographs from Camera and Mobile Categories were finally declared as winners and the awards for those were given during an event held at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar. The grand prize winner’s received Sony DSLR camera, Sony point & shoot camera, Micromax Nitro smart phone.

Photographer and art connoisseur Mr Sudhir Kasliwal giving an award to Mr Pravin Maheshwari. Also in the picture is Mr Gaurav Hajela convener of Khushboo-e-Rajasthan
Prakash Ghai and Gaurav Hajela giving away awards to the winner Jiten Agrawal
Aarshay Nehra recipient of the first prize being awarded by Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal and Gaurav Hajela
Arun Mazumdaar being awarded by Gaurav Hajela
Vivek Kakkar being recognized by Gaurav Hajela and Anisha Hajela of Jaipur Beat

The beauty of this competition was that it gave platform to all photographers to showcase their talent-says Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal during award ceremony. Conceived and developed as an annual Photo Contest by Jaipur Beat, Khushboo- e-Rajasthan is one of the most gripping online photography competitions till date having received more than 450 entries received this year, Says Convener of Khushboo- e- Rajasthan and founder of Jaipur Beat Mr. Gaurav Hajela

Jaipur Beat, the biggest online magazine in Jaipur, supported entire event.

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Calories Don’t Count

It’s World Food Day today! Jaipur is known as a food paradise. It offers a plethora of visual treats to anyone travelling to Jaipur. From theme based cafes to formal dining in lavish restaurants, and not to forget the yummy street food – Jaipur is becoming a melting pot for the foodies.

Getting up from the bed for breakfast, how can you miss on paneer pakoras and doodh jalebi from Saras Parlor, or may it be Shankar ke garma garam samosa, Lassiwala Ki Lassi and Samrat ki kachori. Though it all sums up to be heavy but it’s delicious and the localities are lucky enough to gorge on these delicacies whenever they want.



Jaipur cuisine gives some robust and delectable flavors in some of its star dishes – dal bati churma, laal maas, ker sangria, gate ki sabzi, ghewar and a lot more for luncheon or dinner. Your trip remains incomplete if you didn’t dig into any of these sumptuous dishes. Localites are lucky enough to gorge on these delicacies whenever they want.

dal bati churma


If your stomach is still not full or has a little space, head out onto the streets to get a bite of the local snacks and delicacies. You can really bet on a stall of Pandit Pav Bhaji which has been serving from at least last 15 years, or even try Bhelpuri in Raja Park (in front of Julie Furniture). If you want everything at one place Kanha can be the perfect place.

Jaipur and its food, thus compel you to come back and savor its taste lavish cuisine.

Happy #WorldFoodDay 🙂


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Gorge on the Yummy Delights At National Food Festival At Jairangam Theatre Festival – Jaipur

All play and no food makes everyone dull 😉 Ain’t it?

And hence, Jairangam – a vibrant theatre festival in Jaipur which kicked off on Sunday, doesn’t just offer plays, exhibitions and theatre, but is offering something that’s our common love – Food Festival !


IMG_7860_Fotor_Collage copy

The food festival is offering the cuisines from all around the world for you to relish. As soon as you walk inside and head towards Shilpgram, you can see a number of stalls very clearly named after the cuisine they serve. All you have to do is buy the coupons and feel like you are visiting your happy school fete 😀

If you ask us, begin with the chatpate golgappe and bhalla papdi chaat at the ‘Delhi’ stall as that’s where the fun begins. Proceed to the stalls where the spicy fried aloo tikki awaits you filling your mouth with water 😀

IMG_7862 copy

IMG_7867 copy

For chaat, the next best thing is undeniably Mumbai ! Vada Pao, Pao Bhaji and Sev Puri are the chief dishes, and honestly, we would suggest you have Delhi chaat over the not-so-authentic Mumbai street food. And if you are a true Rajasthani food lover, you will not be disappointed! From Ajmer’s Kadi kachori to Jodhpur’s Pyaaz Kachori, you can taste the real spices of the land of royals. Don’t forget, Kolkata’s Paneer Chilla is a must try 🙂

vada pao jaipur beat

jaipur beat

Then came the Continental cuisine! Being hard core lovers of Italian cuisine, we tried the classic combination of Garlic Bread and White Sauce Pasta. Where Garlic Bread tasted quite delicious, white sauce pasta was surely undercooked and underwhelming. You can also try Chinese fried rice and Manchurian.

IMG_8021 copy

IMG_8026 copy

The other signature dishes include Rajasthan’s Aloo Pyaaz Paneer, Bundi Raita, Punjab’s Kulche Chole, Rajma Chawal, Butter Paneer and lip smacking Dal Makhani. A little problem is the positioning of these stalls which were making it difficult for people to see them and try them.

For South Indian flavour, you can have the Idli Sambhar and Hyderabadi Biryani with raita, and if you are not in a mood for a heavy meal, just sip a hot cup of tea/coffee while watching the beautiful sunset or gulp some cold drinks from the ‘Mix Indian’ stall. No matter what you eat, end it with either a delicious Kulfi or try some baked items from the stall ‘She Bakes’ where you will find a little girl offering some scrumptious desserts to end your day sweetly 🙂

IMG_7885 copy

sunset jaipur beat





Jaipur Turns Into An Open Art Gallery

Have you been noticing and smiling at the cool tribal art hoardings on a lot of traffic signals, unipoles and bus shelters in Jaipur? In a first of its kind initiative in the country – ‘Living Arts of Rajasthan’ our pink city has turned into an open art gallery on Gandhi Jayanti, which is becoming a reason to smile in the hectic quotidian city traffic.

jaipur beat

Envisioned by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ms. Vasundhara Raje, this initiative has been taken to encourage and promote the rich heritage of tribal and folk art and its practising artisans. These hoardings are no normal ones, but have been designed with a very bold play of colors depicting perfectly the vibrant culture of Aapno Rajasthan 🙂

jaipur beat

Apart from regular passersby, this project is an objet de vertu for all the art aficionados as it serves as a great cultural display. Be it the Rajasthani ladies clad in bright colored sarees & tribal attires, men wearing turbans driving or travelling in autos, buses, rickshaws, flights or women drawing mandanas etc, these paintings are surely stealing the hearts of locals and tourists.

These famous paintings are a part of ‘Jogi art’ which are mostly done in black and white color. This colourful sight on the hoardings is only for a short period of 30- 45 days. The artists Ms. Teju Ganesh Jogi, Ms. Soni Jogi, Ms. Sangeeta Jogi, Mr. Bablu Jogi and Mr. Raju Jogi were especially invited to Jaipur to create the pieces for this project. During the 3-day stay, the artists created independent illustrations of ‘Jogi’ art, in both colour as well as black and white forms. Each hoarding carries the name and photograph of the artist, giving them the acknowledgement they rightfully deserve.

jaipur beat

jaipur beat

With over 70 display sites, the initiative is managed by Jaipur Nagar Nigam, with cooperation of ‘Must Art Gallery’ in Delhi. The upcoming phases will display other tribal arts inherent to Rajasthan. Each art form is expected to be showcased around the city for at least 30-45 days. A permanent exhibition site and other innovative projects have also been proposed to support such art and artists in the State.