Gorge on the Yummy Delights At National Food Festival At Jairangam Theatre Festival – Jaipur

All play and no food makes everyone dull 😉 Ain’t it?

And hence, Jairangam – a vibrant theatre festival in Jaipur which kicked off on Sunday, doesn’t just offer plays, exhibitions and theatre, but is offering something that’s our common love – Food Festival !


IMG_7860_Fotor_Collage copy

The food festival is offering the cuisines from all around the world for you to relish. As soon as you walk inside and head towards Shilpgram, you can see a number of stalls very clearly named after the cuisine they serve. All you have to do is buy the coupons and feel like you are visiting your happy school fete 😀

If you ask us, begin with the chatpate golgappe and bhalla papdi chaat at the ‘Delhi’ stall as that’s where the fun begins. Proceed to the stalls where the spicy fried aloo tikki awaits you filling your mouth with water 😀

IMG_7862 copy

IMG_7867 copy

For chaat, the next best thing is undeniably Mumbai ! Vada Pao, Pao Bhaji and Sev Puri are the chief dishes, and honestly, we would suggest you have Delhi chaat over the not-so-authentic Mumbai street food. And if you are a true Rajasthani food lover, you will not be disappointed! From Ajmer’s Kadi kachori to Jodhpur’s Pyaaz Kachori, you can taste the real spices of the land of royals. Don’t forget, Kolkata’s Paneer Chilla is a must try 🙂

vada pao jaipur beat

jaipur beat

Then came the Continental cuisine! Being hard core lovers of Italian cuisine, we tried the classic combination of Garlic Bread and White Sauce Pasta. Where Garlic Bread tasted quite delicious, white sauce pasta was surely undercooked and underwhelming. You can also try Chinese fried rice and Manchurian.

IMG_8021 copy

IMG_8026 copy

The other signature dishes include Rajasthan’s Aloo Pyaaz Paneer, Bundi Raita, Punjab’s Kulche Chole, Rajma Chawal, Butter Paneer and lip smacking Dal Makhani. A little problem is the positioning of these stalls which were making it difficult for people to see them and try them.

For South Indian flavour, you can have the Idli Sambhar and Hyderabadi Biryani with raita, and if you are not in a mood for a heavy meal, just sip a hot cup of tea/coffee while watching the beautiful sunset or gulp some cold drinks from the ‘Mix Indian’ stall. No matter what you eat, end it with either a delicious Kulfi or try some baked items from the stall ‘She Bakes’ where you will find a little girl offering some scrumptious desserts to end your day sweetly 🙂

IMG_7885 copy

sunset jaipur beat




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