11 Reasons Why We Share A Love-Hate Relationship With Diwali

Diwali is around the corner, and we are all excited, or are we?

Believe it or not, we share a love-hate relationship with Diwali !! While there are some people who simply love this festival, there are some who are not such big fans, and they have reasons too 😉

  1. Holidays
    You like Diwali or not, there is one thing that we always always cherish – Holidays ! Especially like this year, when it begins with a weekend and ends with another 😉
  2. Safai
    Not talking about the cleanliness freaks here :p, we all dread safai ! Cleaning cupboards, houses, and keeping the house spick and span all the time, can be quite a pain !
  3. Shopping
    New clothes, new jewellery, new everything 😀
    JB - Shopping 2
  4. Traffic
    Diwali is the time when each and every soul needs to shop ! So where will they all unite? On the road. And hence, irritating unstoppable traffic.JB - Traffic 1
  5. Lights
    Every street, every house, every single lane is illuminated with a scintilla of lights and colors 🙂
    JB - Lights 1
  6. Noise
    Before you even begin to talk, there is a deafening noise of crackers being burst outside the house or even worse, while you are casually taking a stroll on your street, a sudden sound of a sutli bomb will make you jump and scream like a fool :p
  7. Diwali Parties
    Diwali is one festival where you unmistakably catch up with all your friends and relatives. Call it Diwali Milan or the taash parties, this is the time to re bond and feel the joy of togetherness.
    JB - diwali parties 1
  8. Calories
    Sweets, sweets and sweets :p You know you are going to have to put some extra effort after Diwali as it comes with the danger of putting on that extra weight !
    JB - Calories
  9. Crackers
    From anaar to ladi to bomb, you simply love the thrill of playing with fire crackers !
    JB - Crackers 2
  10. Power Cuts
    Since electricity and power are used and exploited in abundance, the electricity department needs to save it somewhere ? So frequent power cuts !!
  11. Homecoming 
    If you stay away from home, this is the time when you miss it the most 🙂 While nothing makes you leave work or college to come home, Diwali is one occasion when no matter what, you come rushing back to family and celebrations 🙂
    JB - HomecomingHappy Diwali 😀

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