Prem is back….almost !!

Rajshri Production’s last movie Vivaah was released in 2006. So when I heard they are coming up with another movie, I was anxiously waiting for it. A lot has changed in the last nine years. The audience, the way movies were made and also the tastes. I was wondering whether the audience today would appreciate movie with Rajshri brand that are generally clean, done decently and talks about values and relationship. But I forgot….they also have PREM !!


The movie is based on some royalty in a place called Preetamgarh where Salman Khan, as Vijay Singh is heir to be. Neil Mukesh (Ajay Singh) is his step brother who wants to kill him and Swara Bhaskar (Chandrika) and Aashika Bhatia (Radhika) are step sisters who are living in a huge villa type rented house. Anupam Kher is the old trusted Diwaan Sb. We also have Armaan Kohli with his flashy shades as CEO of estate and some dumb cleavage showing lady as secretary.


And there is Sonam Kapoor as the Princess Maithelii of Devgarh who believes in flaunting her shades while taking lunch indoor. She also runs one NGO, uses a chopper to reach rescue site and also ends up giving fake smile to fake relief victims while trying to wear a saree at the calamity area.

prem ratan 1

Now enters the second Salman Khan as Prem Dilwale from Ayodhya. He runs small Ramlila company and reminds you of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in his entry. He gives all his income to the charity run by Princess Maithelii.


Being born and brought up in Rajasthan and having experienced and studied Rajasthani Royalty to the core, it was impossible to relate character of Vijay Singh as true royal or even Princess Maithelee. These are all made up characters unlike the character of Fawad Khan in the movie ‘Khoobsurat’, they failed to impress. Anyways the movie moves ahead and the lead character Prem starts to spill his magic in the lives of others. He brings love, removes hatred and also adds romance where it matters. He shaves his moustache, he ensure people play football in a royal ceremony and he dances and dances. And like all of the Rajshri movies all is well that ends well.


Salman Khan looks fresh, lean and perfect for the role. When he speaks Gujrati you can’t help but remember Hum Dil De chuke. When he dances it reminds you of Bajrangi. But he looks very powerful as the Prince. Sonam looks very pretty and plays her part well. She is quite weak in emotional scenes. Anupam Kher is wasted. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks good as a royal and is a surprise package. Swara Bhaskar gets few scenes to showcase how good she is. Armaan Kohli as the villain is bad, in fact very bad.

Some of the songs are good. The camera work with large sets and gamut of colour pleases the eyes. The movie although is not a typical Rajshri movie with huge families, their musical functions etc but manages to talk about the trust and love in a relationship. The family values etc. Watch it for Salman and his cheesy dialogues, watch it for some clean entertainment and watch it for the new Rajshri style of film making and finally watch it because it’s a festive season.

Rating : 3.5/5

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