Riot of Colors Seen At the Dastkar Bazaar

East, West, North, South! To see people from all at one place is a rare sight, but it happens at very few places. Jaipur has seen this blend of artists and craftsmen from all directional heads at the ongoing Dastkar Bazaar.


Artists from all over India have been offered this common platform to showcase their artistic qualities and their craftsmanship. With Indians born with the skill of extensive crafts like paper, metal, wood, clay, fibre, textile, paintings, leather and various others, they have can create anything out of any material.



At Dastkar, you can see tribal jewellery from Ladakh, pottery and furniture from Uttar Pradesh, glass work from Delhi, Kolapuri from Maharashtra, Kalighat paintings from West Bengal, filigree work from Odisha and as you keep naming the art and craft of every state, the list continues. It doesn’t end here, if you are looking for some herbal products, it has n number of herbal soaps, creams, oils. You may also find the all time favorite earthen terracotta pots, kulhads and lamps from our very own state of Rajasthan. The Dastkar Bazaar gives us insight into the many art forms of India.



With the minimal entry fees you can also savor some specialties from every state at the food court. If you are a foodie, go try some Dabeli from the state of Gujarat, bhelpuri and sevpuri from Maharashtra, chat from Delhi and etc. If your tummy is craving and making a hungry sound, Dastkar Bazaar calls for a treat and enjoy this colorful sight.


Visit the Dastkar Bazaar @ Urban Haat, Parshuram Dwara, Opp. Jal Mahal, Jaipur as it lasts till 29th November 2015.

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