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Nearbuy deals for 10 Amazing Parties To Go To In Jaipur This New Year Eve

New Year fever is in the air! So, put on your dancing shoes as Jaipur hosts New Year Eve to all the party lovers. If you want to dance under the starry sky in the moonlight or under a roof with loud music to your ears, we bring the list of places where you can make the best start to the New Years.

1. Hotel Clarks Amer

Enter the world of tomorrow by making your New Year special at Hotel Clarks Amer. Hurry and avail the special offers –

2. Marriott

Bring magic to the coming year. Roll in the year with unlimited food, drinks and full of enjoyment at Marriott, Jaipur.


Click to book- http://nrb.uy/1Osneof

3.Hotel Ramada

Get a little themed this New Year Eve with masks, caps and whistles to welcome the New Year with open arms. At Hotel Ramada, Govind Marg, Raja Park, Jaipur.


For Bookings- http://nrb.uy/1mie6wn

4.The Lalit

Set grooving to Bollywood remixes with DJs and celebrate the New Year with bubbly! Give a treat to yourself at the grand dining at The Lalit, Jagatpura Road, Near Jawahar Circle, Jaipur.

The Lalit

For Bookings- http://nrb.uy/1NVwD8k

5. Rajasthali Resort

Celebrate New Year away from the hustle bustle of the city at the Rajasthali Resorts, Kukas with some relishing Indian and Continental delicacies.

  • Rs 1199 per person
  • Rs 600 – Child (3-10 years)Rajasthali
    For bookings- http://www.nearbuy.com/deal/jaipur/kukas/Three-Wonders-Entertainment-Pvt-Ltd/967606


6. Abhay Niwas Palace

Get zapped in this New Year Eve at the New Year Zapped Party at Abhay Niwas Palace, Sisodia Ranibagh, Jaipur.

Abhay Niwas

For Bookings- http://www.nearbuy.com/deal/jaipur/sisodia-ranibagh/Zapped/967471

7. Four Points Sheraton

Let your New Year be explosive at Four Points Sheraton, Tonk Road, Jaipur.


For Bookings- http://nrb.uy/1Okyg3k

8. Harigarh Farms

Ring in the New Year with loud music under the starry sky at the Harigarh Farms, Khoriropada, Tehsil Sanganer, Agra Road, Jaipur.

Harigrah Farms

For Bookings- http://nrb.uy/1YSPbve

9. Lemon Tree Premier

Let the lights fall on you when you show your little moves on the songs from the classics to the new age Bollywood at the Lemon Tree Premier, Behind Inox Cinema, Bani Park, Jaipur.

Lemon Tree

For Bookings- http://www.nearbuy.com/deal/jaipur/nirwan-marg/Lemon-Tree-Premier-Jaipur/960561

10. Hats Off Café

Begin your new year in the gypsy sand dunes with unlimited food and many more at the Hats Off Resort, Kukas Baandh, Opposite Hotel Le Meridian, Jaipur- Delhi Highway. So, hurry and reserve your seat as the entry is only on prior appointments.

  • Rs 5000 : Couples
  • Boys Stag : Rs 3500
  • Girls Stag : 2000Hats Off

For Bookings- http://www.nearbuy.com/deal/jaipur/jaipur-delhi-highway/Hatsoff-Sports-Restro-Cafe/964884

So, get into the mood of celebration to mark the start of 2016!

Happy New Year 🙂

Kindly visit nearbuy.com for more information!


Top 10 Blogs of Jaipur Beat in 2015

With the year 2015 coming to an end, we know that this year has been the year of blogs, an year where every second you had at your disposal hundreds of blogs telling you about 10 things to do, 7 things to not do, etc etc ! Among all the reads, we hereby compiled 10 top blogs of Jaipur Beat, which were not just read, but enjoyed by our lovely readers. Here we go down the nostalgic lane and take you with us 🙂

These are in the descending order !

10. The Story Behind The Success Of Sanjay Omelette!!

The year would not have been complete without covering the legendary Sanjay Omelette who resides near Janta Store in Jaipur and has been a proud participant of Master Chef India.



There are pretty images and stunning images clicked by many, while they travel to the Pink City but some images are simply a feast to the eyes. Let’s have a look on these picturesque images, which are surely going to fascinate you and compel you to pack your bags !


8. 5 Best Pubs In Jaipur To Chill At This Weekend

Planning to remove the stress of the week and start afresh, then it’s time to tap your feet to the beats of DJ, as we list down some of the best pubs in the city where you can enjoy the nightlife by dancing to some of your favorite tracks, and enjoy drinks with your friends or loved ones.


7. 9 Funny Reasons Why Metro Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To Jaipur

Jaipur Metro has finally arrived and not just this, it is one of fastest built metros in the country and also the first one that will provide feeder service from its very inception. But well, Jaipurites have better and lighter reasons to travel in #JaipurMetro


6. 6 Best Places In Jaipur To Shop Rajasthani Prints!

When you think about the beautiful and eternally fashionable prints and fabric, one city that surely comes to your mind is Jaipur ! Every corner of the pink city holds a different visual delight that can possibly make your wardrobe more happening and interesting every single day.


5. Fun Filled Adventure Sport Activities, Now in Jaipur!

Under the brand name of ‘Tao Experiences’ Jaipurites will now have one of its kind center for adventure, entertainment and leisure at Kukas in Jaipur.


Tao Experiences
Tao Experiences

4. 9 Things You Have Definitely Heard If You Belong To Or Live In Rajasthan

You are a true Rajasthani if you have heard these lines at least once in your lifetime, probably from a distant cousin, in your college located in a different state or from an NRI relative 😉


3. 8 Reasons Why Sankranti Is An Integral Part Of A Jaipurite’s Life

Let us tell you, Sankranti is not just a festival in Jaipur, it a part of their lives ! Following are a few reasons why Jaipurites are in love with Sankranti.

guilt free

2. 26 Reasons Why Your Next Travel Destination Should Be Jaipur!

A mere mention of the city Jaipur invokes various images of folklore and festivities, colours, traditions, captivating architecture and exquisite Rajasthani cuisine. Here are a few among the plethora of reasons to why your next travel destination should be Jaipur.

stepwell 2

1. 25 Things That Prove You Are A True Jaipurite

You might be living in Jaipur for years now, and there is a new place which comes up every day in this evolving world, but there are still some things which make you a die-hard Jaipurite and no matter what changes, these things might not change 😉


2016 will bring a lot more blogs for you to read, love and laugh about 🙂



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12 Revolutionary Moments Of 2015 That Changed The Pink City

It is nearly axiomatic that any change in what so ever terms is big enough to shape an entire nation or the city.

Our beloved Pink City has changed incredibly over the last couple of years and more so in the year 2015. While most of these changes signify progressive development in the architecture, people’s vision, many others evoke firm nostalgia for the bygone days. The Jaipur city is constantly undergoing various improvements and developments, which aim to create a wonderful space to live, holiday, shop, dine, party and leisure.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the revolutionary moments and most prominent alterations to the Pink City of Jaipur!

  1. Resurgent Rajasthan

The Global investors’ summit urged the Jaipur development authority and Tourism Department to beautifully emblazon the historical monuments, streets, important buildings and cross roads. The Resurgent Rajasthan effect was clearly manifested on the blushing pink city.



  1. Jaipur By Night

Gleaming in the beauty of lights, when Amber Fort was opened for Night Tourism, the city dwellers as well as tourists welcomed this move with gusto. Revolutionizing the tourism at night, Albert Hall Museum and City palace of Jaipur too followed to delight the tourists at night.

Night Tourism

  1. Welcoming Metro In Jaipur

In a bid to be called the “globalised” kind of city Jaipur has been working on its own Metro. And for a certain period of time, every Jaipurite has travelled through the roads of hell and back. But after the long wait with much enthusiasm every little trial run or peek of the Metro is just an amazing gift the year 2015 has given to the city 🙂


Jaipur Metro

  1. Humari Maggi

Maggi ban caused a big discomfort in the lives of new brides, Bachelors & hostellers, young kids and their mummys 😉 But the same year returned us the most loved gift of Nestle- that the Maggi came back on the market shelves 🙂


  1. Rajasthan Heritage Week

The Rajasthan Heritage Week was an initiative to promote Khadi as a fashionable fabric. It achieved its ‘tag of luxury’, where renowned designers showcased their intricate designs and artistry using the heritage fabric of Khadi.

Heritage Week

  1. Linking Roads Through Durgapura Flyover

The long awaited project of completing the Durgapura Flyover finally came to an end with the end to the year.

Durgapura Flyover

Image via Google

  1. FIPIC Meet

The most looked moment of the year was that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Jaipur for a meeting to keep pace with the small Pacific Islands nations.


Image via Google

  1. Sheer Driving Experience With BMW

When you want to unwind the mind and unleash the heart, BMW offers you a rally into the wild and this time it was amidst the white land of Sambhar.


  1. Living Art of Rajasthan – An Open Art Gallery

In last few months you must have noticed the cool tribal art hoardings on traffic signals, unipoles and bus shelters in Jaipur? In a first of its kind initiative in the country – ‘Living Arts of Rajasthan’ our pink city has turned into an open art gallery on Gandhi Jayanti, which has now become a reason to smile in the hectic quotidian city traffic.

Living Art of Rajasthan

Living Art of Rajasthan1

  1. Jaipur Safari

The luxury bus is a remarkable initiative which offers to see the outer view marvellous monuments and historical sites from within the comforts of this luxury AC Bus.

Apart from that, Bicycles, never thought would be a great mode to explore the cosy yet vibrant bazaars of Jaipur.

Jaipur Safari

  1. Aroma Of Art & Craft At Dastkar Bazaar

The Dastkar Bazaar saw a riot of colors with a blend of artists and craftsmen from all directional heads.


  1. Khushboo e Rajasthan

Khushboo-e-Rajasthan, an online photography contest witnessed its successful second year with the theme of Rajasthan depicting its culture, rich heritage along with its developments.



2015 gave a lot of happy moments to the Pink City! And with this happy note let’s hope that 2016 brings many more joyous moments to Jaipur.

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8 Bakeries In Jaipur To Get Your Yummy Christmas Cakes From

There’s nothing like the rich smell of cakes and cookies and other baked items, when Christmas is around the corner. The mood is already set in the town for Christmas and everyone is looking for yummy Christmas cakes, cookies, etc. Christmas trees are all decorated with a star and kids are eagerly waiting for their Christmas presents from Santa can be seen. If you are looking for delicious cakes to get that sparkle to 2015 Christmas on your dinner table, here are the best bakeries where you can get sweet Christmas cakes.

  1. Brown Sugar Bakers & Café

If you want to add that perfect sweetness in your life this Christmas, Brown Sugar gives you a wide range of cakes in all its three outlets. One can always find the bakery filled with youngsters as it offers some really nice unusual combinations of food and above all, an appealing ambience, all at a very reasonable price. Though it makes some outstanding fruitcakes.

Address – Tilak Marg, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Brown Sugar


  1. Bake well

Bake well, is among the oldest bakeries in Jaipur. It has been serving the masses in Jaipur, specially the locality of Raja Park with some fresh and delectable home-made bakery items. Bake well also prepares pineapple, chocolate cakes and festive delicacies during the festivities. It prepares some delicious rum cakes and fruitcakes during Christmas.

 Address – Raja Park, Jaipur


  1. Nibs Chocolate Boutique

As toys are to kids, Nibs are to chocolate lovers! Nibs is the perfect confectionary in the pink city where you can savor really strong taste of coffee beans in everything, from cakes to pastries, to a dip of cookies in a cup of coffee.

Address – Sanjay Marg, Hathroi, Jaipur


  1. Cakes ‘N’ Cookies

Catering the youth as well as the families, Cakes & Cookies in Raja Park definitely offers something crunchy and crispy Christmas items attracting the crowd from all around. Though the most tried and asked cake is the Chocolate Excess Cake, which can totally take you in the chocolate factory, it makes special cakes for Christmas celebrations.

Address- Raja Park, Jaipur


  1. Miss Bakers

With classic pink and white theme and open ambience, Miss Bakers is known for some of its mesmerizing looking designer cakes with finest decorations. If you really want the energy treat go for the most famous and its specialty – Red Velvet Cake. It also prepares some delicious Oreo Cheesecakes and home- made chocolates, which simply are melt in the mouth. As they also specialize in designer cakes, if you really want to surprise someone this Christmas, just give Miss Bakers an idea and you will be surprised with not only the look but also with yummilicious taste.

Address – Ashok Nagar, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Miss Bakers 1

  1. Dzurt

With some unique and different varities of cakes, patisserie, muffins, macaroons, Dzurt looks amazing and tastes super- licious! Jaipur got a patisserie shop with a totally new concept. Some of the specialty includes red velvet cheesecake, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate mud pastry, tarts, pies and the list is endless. Although it seems to be a little expensive patisserie but the cakes and above all the ambience surely attracts your attention.

Address – Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur


  1. Bake Hut

Bake Hut adds a sweet tooth to the pink city by giving some pleasing taste to each and every bakery item from the menu. You can find number of cakes and cookies but, the chocolate fountain & live brownie station is the latest edition.

Address – Opp. Jaipur Hospital, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Bake Hut

Last but not the least!

  1. Lovin’ Oven

A craze of eating healthy in Jaipur continues to grow. Lovin’ Oven has come up with this distinct concept of catering to healthy lifestyles. Lovin’ Oven is a home-style bakery in the town. If you want the Christmas to be sugar free, Lovin’ Oven lets you live a healthy lifestyle with the same sweetness as any other.

Address – Mansarovar

Lovin Oven

The smell of freshly baked products is just not comforting but can simply make you hungry! So, head down to these bakeries and make your Christmas eve special, full of fun and frolic.

Merry Christmas 😀




Slow and Steady, Bajirao Mastani Seems To Win The Race

Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and even PC for a bit , we have seen that before? Remember Ram Leela? And here comes another movie with an eponymous movie title narrating the story of the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao (Ranveer Singh) and half Muslim half Rajput Mastani (Deepika Padukone) which is nothing like the previous Romeo-Juliet rip-off.



Like you know, the movie doesn’t begin with the grand entry of either of the actors, but with the flamboyant set you can’t take your eyes off of ! And then begins the story of Maratha kingdom reigned by Bajirao who has a beautiful wife Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra) and a headstrong mother Radhabai (Tanvi Azmi) and midst all his glorious victories, he runs into Mastani a.k.a Deepika, who looks so gorgeous as the warrior of Bundelkhand, dressed majorly in the palette of beige and white, typically justifying her Muslim look.

Deepika - BM

The movie goes on with some history, wars, romance, heavy poetic lines some of which are actually beautifully written, and it sure moves at a leisurely pace, but what grows on you are both the lead characters. Ranveer Singh wins you over and over again with his perfect body, swift walk and the smooth Marathi accent that literally steals your heart and makes you believe that no other actor in Bollywood right now could have bettered the role of Bajirao.

Ranveer -BM

The next in line is Deepika, who initially comes across as a loyal warrior, an obsessive dreamy lover, but eventually her pain and unconditional love grows on you and the passion between them can be felt in every scene where they are together or even when they are apart.


One noticeable thing in the movie was the excessive use of water, be it Bajirao walking in a pool of water to greet an enemy, pouring water on Kashibai in a love making scene, crossing a river in a rainstorm to meet Mastani or standing in a fountain extending a hug to her, the movie uses water extensively and proves the same in the climax.


Priyanka fits well in her mellowed character of a helpless faithful wife who watches her husband fall in love with another lady but deals with it gracefully and honourably. Tanvi Azmi as Radhabai is shown to have extremely opposite relationships with Kashibai and Mastani, where she is extremely fond of the former, she truly hates the latter. Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Pancholi and Milind Soman are also there, although the big question is why ! But we don’t mind Milind Soman because he still looks like an Old Spice 😉
The one thing that really lets the movie down is its music. Except ‘Deewani Mastani’, sung by Shreya Ghoshal, every song is more of a lullaby and gives a feeling of déjà vu.

All in all, the movie is a onetime watch for the grandiosity, costumes, passion, colors, dialogues, romance, a little bit of history and Ranveer Singh, who according to us is the actual hero of this film.

Rating – 3.5 Beats

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5 Delicious Street Foods To Have In The Lanes Of Raja Park

Jaipur and its street food goes hand -in-hand. With the vendors selling mouth-watering delight on the streets is sure to tickle your taste buds. So, Jaipur Beat decided to take you around the hustling – bustling lanes of Raja Park for some gastronomes delight.

  1. Nand Ke Golgappe

Some call it golgappas, some puchkas, Pani Patashi and so on, but on the streets of Raja Park, everyone shouts for Nand Ke Golgappe. With number of flavoured waters, it gives a khata- meetha taste to that crunchy patashi and adds that absurd smile after putting that one whole patashi in your mouth.

nand2 copy

  1. Marky Momos

Marky Momos came to present Chinese food in the way it should be and restore the splendour of Chinese cuisine. It has earned its reputation for its Honey Chilli Potatoes and Hot n Sour Chicken Soup.


  1. Sethi’s Barbeque Restaurant

One of the favourite hangout places, especially for the non-vegetarians, Sethi’s offers some exquisite tandoori snacks. It has some mouth melting tikkas and to ask for some extra masala and lemon wedges, adds to a perfect tanginess to the visit.

sethis barqbeque

  1. Julie Furniture Ki Bhelpuri

Even though it does not have its origin here but the bhelpuri wala right opposite Julie Furniture in Raja Park has that unique taste since years now. Everyone coming down to Jaipur visits here. Serving Bhelpuri in its original style, i.e. in a daily newspaper like no other Bhelpuri wala, is its USP.



  1. Swami Cafe

Another synonym to South India food in Jaipur is the Swami Cafe. Dosa is one of those Indian foods that are popular all over the world. But coming down to Jaipur not having Swami’s dosa is a visit incomplete.

swami4 copy

6.  Golgappe wala near Parnami Mishthan Bhandaar

Apart from Nand Golgappe wala, this golgappe wala stand right at the corner near Parnami Mishthan Bhandaar and serves the best dahi wale patashi and normal patashi.


Jaipur · Jaipur Happenings

12 Reasons Why We Love Jaipur During December

Dear December,

We wait for you all year long, we crave for these pleasant chilled breezes which ain’t too strong and not too weak, we love the rush with which you arrive and suddenly change our lives with your winter aroma, and last but not the least, we love the package that you bring along and we never want these 31 days to pass. But being a Jaipurite, we have some special attachment with you. Do you know why? Here are the reasons 😀

  1. Beautiful afternoons at Padao/Nahargarh
    JB - Padao
  2. Kadhai Ka Doodh At Saras ParlorJB - Halwai
  3. Interesting events like Jewellery and fashion showsJB -JJS
  4. Bird Watching At Chandlai and BarkhedaJB - Bird Watching
  5. Winter Snacks -Samosa, kachori, jalebi, mirchi bada, dal ke pakode
  6. Christmas HolidaysJB - Christmas
  7. Basking in sun at Central ParkJB - CP
  8. Shopping for Jaipuri Quilted JacketsJB - Jackets
  9. Kite FlyingJB - Kite Flying
  10. Bonfire nightsJB - Bonefire
  11. New Year’s eve


  12. Kuch Meetha Ho jaaye – gajak, TilpattiJB - Gajak

9 Golden Moments Captured In Pushkar Fair 2015

Pushkar Fair, though every year offers the same elements apparently, has something new to perceive and remember every single time you experience this heaven on earth 🙂 These are the 9 golden moments captured by us in Pushkar fair 2015.

1. Sunrise

When the dust mixes with golden light falling from sun, the ship of desert shines beautifully exuding absolute delight !

pushkar sunrise


2. Ghats

If you really want to see and know how ‘ghat ghat ka pani’ tastes and looks, there is no better place than Pushkar.

G7 copy

3. Bazaars
From jutis to Ray Ban, bangles to clothes, the streets of Pushkar offer everything you name and everything you can’t !
pushkar shopping
4. Food
It’s Rajasthan, so there is no way you can escape the thought of delicious food anywhere and everywhere, but here, as you walk down the streets, you find the baatis being freshly made, kachoris being fried and malpue exuding utter bliss !
pushkar food
5. Pushkar Lake
After a noisy day, when you look for a place to sit by and feel the serenity of Pushkar, Pushkar lake is your haven.
pushkar lake
6. Camels
With varied expressions, different moods, beautifully decked up and lost in their ownselves, camels are the ones who attract people from all over the world to come and visit this fair !
p5 copy
7. Turbans
Red, green, pink, yellow, orange, or all in one, the Rajasthani men never shy away from flaunting their fashion mantra i.e. the colorful gorgeous turbans 😉
pushkar turbans
8. Culture
Music, colors, dance, folk, festivity, temples, Pushkar fair truly portrays the vibrant culture of Rajasthan 🙂
9. Sunset
Last but not the least, that time of the day when the camel needs respite, the chill in the air is felt by all, the men and women start to prepare for their meals on chulahs, the sun is seen setting in spreading the scintillating palette of colors on the sky which is an absolute treat to watch and to just sink in 🙂
pushkar sunset