12 Reasons Why We Love Jaipur During December

Dear December,

We wait for you all year long, we crave for these pleasant chilled breezes which ain’t too strong and not too weak, we love the rush with which you arrive and suddenly change our lives with your winter aroma, and last but not the least, we love the package that you bring along and we never want these 31 days to pass. But being a Jaipurite, we have some special attachment with you. Do you know why? Here are the reasons 😀

  1. Beautiful afternoons at Padao/Nahargarh
    JB - Padao
  2. Kadhai Ka Doodh At Saras ParlorJB - Halwai
  3. Interesting events like Jewellery and fashion showsJB -JJS
  4. Bird Watching At Chandlai and BarkhedaJB - Bird Watching
  5. Winter Snacks -Samosa, kachori, jalebi, mirchi bada, dal ke pakode
  6. Christmas HolidaysJB - Christmas
  7. Basking in sun at Central ParkJB - CP
  8. Shopping for Jaipuri Quilted JacketsJB - Jackets
  9. Kite FlyingJB - Kite Flying
  10. Bonfire nightsJB - Bonefire
  11. New Year’s eve


  12. Kuch Meetha Ho jaaye – gajak, TilpattiJB - Gajak

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