5 Delicious Street Foods To Have In The Lanes Of Raja Park

Jaipur and its street food goes hand -in-hand. With the vendors selling mouth-watering delight on the streets is sure to tickle your taste buds. So, Jaipur Beat decided to take you around the hustling – bustling lanes of Raja Park for some gastronomes delight.

  1. Nand Ke Golgappe

Some call it golgappas, some puchkas, Pani Patashi and so on, but on the streets of Raja Park, everyone shouts for Nand Ke Golgappe. With number of flavoured waters, it gives a khata- meetha taste to that crunchy patashi and adds that absurd smile after putting that one whole patashi in your mouth.

nand2 copy

  1. Marky Momos

Marky Momos came to present Chinese food in the way it should be and restore the splendour of Chinese cuisine. It has earned its reputation for its Honey Chilli Potatoes and Hot n Sour Chicken Soup.


  1. Sethi’s Barbeque Restaurant

One of the favourite hangout places, especially for the non-vegetarians, Sethi’s offers some exquisite tandoori snacks. It has some mouth melting tikkas and to ask for some extra masala and lemon wedges, adds to a perfect tanginess to the visit.

sethis barqbeque

  1. Julie Furniture Ki Bhelpuri

Even though it does not have its origin here but the bhelpuri wala right opposite Julie Furniture in Raja Park has that unique taste since years now. Everyone coming down to Jaipur visits here. Serving Bhelpuri in its original style, i.e. in a daily newspaper like no other Bhelpuri wala, is its USP.



  1. Swami Cafe

Another synonym to South India food in Jaipur is the Swami Cafe. Dosa is one of those Indian foods that are popular all over the world. But coming down to Jaipur not having Swami’s dosa is a visit incomplete.

swami4 copy

6.  Golgappe wala near Parnami Mishthan Bhandaar

Apart from Nand Golgappe wala, this golgappe wala stand right at the corner near Parnami Mishthan Bhandaar and serves the best dahi wale patashi and normal patashi.


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