12 Revolutionary Moments Of 2015 That Changed The Pink City

It is nearly axiomatic that any change in what so ever terms is big enough to shape an entire nation or the city.

Our beloved Pink City has changed incredibly over the last couple of years and more so in the year 2015. While most of these changes signify progressive development in the architecture, people’s vision, many others evoke firm nostalgia for the bygone days. The Jaipur city is constantly undergoing various improvements and developments, which aim to create a wonderful space to live, holiday, shop, dine, party and leisure.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the revolutionary moments and most prominent alterations to the Pink City of Jaipur!

  1. Resurgent Rajasthan

The Global investors’ summit urged the Jaipur development authority and Tourism Department to beautifully emblazon the historical monuments, streets, important buildings and cross roads. The Resurgent Rajasthan effect was clearly manifested on the blushing pink city.



  1. Jaipur By Night

Gleaming in the beauty of lights, when Amber Fort was opened for Night Tourism, the city dwellers as well as tourists welcomed this move with gusto. Revolutionizing the tourism at night, Albert Hall Museum and City palace of Jaipur too followed to delight the tourists at night.

Night Tourism

  1. Welcoming Metro In Jaipur

In a bid to be called the “globalised” kind of city Jaipur has been working on its own Metro. And for a certain period of time, every Jaipurite has travelled through the roads of hell and back. But after the long wait with much enthusiasm every little trial run or peek of the Metro is just an amazing gift the year 2015 has given to the city 🙂


Jaipur Metro

  1. Humari Maggi

Maggi ban caused a big discomfort in the lives of new brides, Bachelors & hostellers, young kids and their mummys 😉 But the same year returned us the most loved gift of Nestle- that the Maggi came back on the market shelves 🙂


  1. Rajasthan Heritage Week

The Rajasthan Heritage Week was an initiative to promote Khadi as a fashionable fabric. It achieved its ‘tag of luxury’, where renowned designers showcased their intricate designs and artistry using the heritage fabric of Khadi.

Heritage Week

  1. Linking Roads Through Durgapura Flyover

The long awaited project of completing the Durgapura Flyover finally came to an end with the end to the year.

Durgapura Flyover

Image via Google

  1. FIPIC Meet

The most looked moment of the year was that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Jaipur for a meeting to keep pace with the small Pacific Islands nations.


Image via Google

  1. Sheer Driving Experience With BMW

When you want to unwind the mind and unleash the heart, BMW offers you a rally into the wild and this time it was amidst the white land of Sambhar.


  1. Living Art of Rajasthan – An Open Art Gallery

In last few months you must have noticed the cool tribal art hoardings on traffic signals, unipoles and bus shelters in Jaipur? In a first of its kind initiative in the country – ‘Living Arts of Rajasthan’ our pink city has turned into an open art gallery on Gandhi Jayanti, which has now become a reason to smile in the hectic quotidian city traffic.

Living Art of Rajasthan

Living Art of Rajasthan1

  1. Jaipur Safari

The luxury bus is a remarkable initiative which offers to see the outer view marvellous monuments and historical sites from within the comforts of this luxury AC Bus.

Apart from that, Bicycles, never thought would be a great mode to explore the cosy yet vibrant bazaars of Jaipur.

Jaipur Safari

  1. Aroma Of Art & Craft At Dastkar Bazaar

The Dastkar Bazaar saw a riot of colors with a blend of artists and craftsmen from all directional heads.


  1. Khushboo e Rajasthan

Khushboo-e-Rajasthan, an online photography contest witnessed its successful second year with the theme of Rajasthan depicting its culture, rich heritage along with its developments.



2015 gave a lot of happy moments to the Pink City! And with this happy note let’s hope that 2016 brings many more joyous moments to Jaipur.

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