6 Fashion Trends Spotted At JLF 2016

We truly wish that there is no year that passes without Jaipur Literature Festival giving us some very interesting fashion moments and upcoming fashion divas to witness and probably follow 😉

  1. Blue in the head
    You can miss anything in this exceptionally crowded festival, but not someone with as funky a hair color as blue !jlf 2016
  2. Shawl it up
    Prints are in the air, and slowly slowly, they are filling every wearable thing with their eternal charm ! So if you thought shawls are not for the young, these ladies donning them with style will  probably make you think again 🙂jlf 2016
  3. Desi scarves
    While we crave for scarves of all kinds and colors all year round, it is an absolute delight to watch the Indian prints beautifully done on scarves and perking up the look.IMG_8450 copy
  4. Bag stories
    Have you ever found yourself staring at a bag and getting lost in the story narrated by it ? Well, we just did !IMG_8460 copy
  5. Clever Sweater
    You must have seen these in 1970’s when the gorgeous celebrities and child actors were seen wearing sweaters with all kinds of cute prints, they are back !
  6. Eccentric Nun Coat
    It takes confidence and eccentricity to carry something like a nun coat and not to forget, the right kind of accessories !_DSC0041


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