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Ketli: A Perfect Hub for Tea Lovers In Jaipur

Ketli as it sounds familiar to all is a kettle in English. Tea has become an important refreshing drink which can be used whether you are sad, sleepy, happy and thus can be celebrated with every mood. Jaipur has this new joint for all tea lovers in Malviya Nagar – Ketli 😉

JB - Ketli 3

Set up keeping in mind the rural Rajasthani houses in villages, the interiors are well decorated and decked up with handcrafted umbrellas, lehariya, lamps and low sitting chairs. The real rural feels come when you see the walls not painted and designed but covered with the material in which kuccha houses in villages are done, thus keeping the interior cool.

JB - Ketli 4


After having a seat, going through the menu – the place serves everything as in any other place from pizzas to pastas, shakes and drinks, sandwiches and salads. All these items in the menu are reasonable and affordable at a very pocket friendly price.

JB - Ketli 2

JB - Ketli

JB - Ketli 1


Is it changing your mood to explore this place? Why not plan a get together with all your chai buddies at this tea hub and enjoy your cup of tea in the real Rajasthani feel 🙂



Gauhar Khan Dazzles As Showstopper At Blenders Pride Magical Nights Jaipur

As selfie stage was set and the rocky path to The Forresta Kitchen & Bar, at Devraj Niwas Jaipur was well lit in the sweet wait of arrival of style, the moment we stepped inside this mystical green ambiance of Forresta, each and every corner of the place spelled fashion and music to its fullest as the Blenders Pride Magical Nights was about to begin !




An eclectic fusion of HNIs and energetic youth could be seen drowning in the enigmatic music and feel of the night !  The real fun began when Madboy/Mink entered, took over the stage and within minutes, the entire crowd was seen tapping their feet to the quirky and irresistible sounds of their peppy beats. Madboy a.k.a. Imaad Shah was mostly seen playing the guitar and Mink a.k.a Saba Azad was singing in her effortlessly beautiful voice.


The evening celebrated fashion with glitz and grandeur as models sashayed the ramp donning the latest collections of ace designers.


As all the cameras were on the ramp, to end the event in style, entered the model cum actress and also Big Boss Season 7 winner – Gauhar Khan, who mesmerized the audience with her ravishing attire and graceful demeanor.



Culinary Workshop · Jaipur

Hop on for a Creative Culinary Workshop-VEGITALIA

Love Italian Cuisine?

It’s a fact that no cuisine is as widespread as Italian and most people love Italian food!

Jaipur, as would know, is a bustling cosmopolitan, which blends heritage and modernity seamlessly. Not only a state capital but also a cauldron of cultures both national and international. The city also hosts nobility and super rich alike, who are indulging on lifestyle and travel.
Gone are the days when grabbing a bite of Italian Cuisine was relished in any restaurant, now it has almost reached to Indian kitchens and is cooked with passion. No doubt, kids are simply in love with Italian food 🙂

veg italia CP

But most of the times while preparing Italian Cuisines, you try putting all the right ingredients but still don’t get that ‘Italian’ flavor. So, now is the best time to try your hands on your favorite Italian food as Mool Foundation once again is set to give a different taste of creativity to Jaipur, by hosting

‎VEGETALIA  – A Vegetarian Italian Cuisine Workshop this weekend i.e. 27th Feb from 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.!

VEGITALIA to be conducted by an excellent chef Anirban Sengupta, restaurant owner – Silver Screen Asia, Kolkata, who will introduce you to perfect Italian Cuisine- Kinds of oils, types of cheese, breads and dough, vegetables, sauces and herbs, rice and pasta. Followed by an interactive session with the audience involving tasting, background and classes.

Come and join us for this one day food work shop of Italian Cuisine for Vegetarians:-

To register, please visit or send your confirmation by a text to +919810162414 or an email to

Jaipur Beat is proud to be the events Social Media Partner.

Veg-italia - Chaisa-02

About Mool Foundation- In the heart of the city is this unique facility – Mool Foundation, details of which I have attached to this email. But in one sentence, it is a haven for artistic expressions. The foundation hosts various events through the year celebrating art and culture. The attendees to these events are movers and shakers of the city, visiting dignitaries, expatriates and international travelers.

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Set Yourself Free In The Creative Aura Of Cafe Lazy Mojo

With booming cafe culture, Pink City has got so many hangout cafes to enjoy and relish the moments spent. May it be over a cup of coffee, a proper meal or even a kitty or birthday party – cafes have turned into a get together hub for everyone. But these days, going beyond the food and location, what is being seen is the upcoming and flourishing creativity that comes out when you step into a new cafe.

JB - Lazy Mojo 3

Cafe Lazy Mojo – a bakery cum Italian café in Jaipur opened last year, is one of the most talked about places right now. Besides its quirky name and fine location, what’s drawing Jaipurites to this newbie is its peppy and thoughtfully created ambiance. With a small open area, a common inside sitting and an isolate area for parties – all are separated and well distributed and creatively done. The classy and colorful interiors with the soft peppy music, surely makes you feel a little lazy to relax and refresh.

While you look at the funky design of the menu card and choose your food from the wide variety, you will love the small sweet wait for your food to be served. Why? Because you will find yourself too busy reading the fun quotes on the walls and gazing at the meticulously done interiors, also adding a local touch with walls designed with paintings of Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall Museum and sketches of our freedom fighters.


JB - Lazy Mojo 1


The menu has some delicious and lip – smacking dishes and drinks like Penne Arabiata, Oreo shake, Nutella Ice Cream Shake, Vegetable Thai Curry, Keema Pao and many more to offer which makes a visit to Lazy Mojo a wholesome experience.

JB - Lazy Mojo 6

JB - Lazy Mojo 2


Set yourself free in the creative aura of Lazy Mojo 😉

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9 Must Have Winter Delicacies Before We Say Goodbye To Winters

Winters are much waited time of the year as one gets to try some delicious, hot winter delicacies. So, as we give adieu to winters, let’s hurry and grab some winter specialties that one must have.


  1. Aloo Tikka

Piping hot aloo tikka in this cold windy weather is one of the most enjoyed street foods which is enjoyed by everyone at weddings, or even during a stroll in the market in evenings.

JB - Aloo Tikka

  1. Halwa

Gajar ka halwa and moong dal halwa, though have desi ghee topped on but no one can resist the aroma of these mouthwatering winter specialties.

JB - Halwa

  1. Ladoo

Gaund ke ladoo which every mother prepares to overcome the winter illness for their children which are rich in taste and nutritious. But at the same time the til ke ladoo prepared with the same warmth doesn’t take a day to finish the whole box.

JB - Ladoo

Image via Google

  1. Barbeque

Winter get together are incomplete with a bonfire. Some people enjoy the dinners over drinking and barbeque cooking. Sethi’s is one such joint where you can get some yummy paneer as well as chicken tikkas and kebabs.

JB -  Paneer

JB - Barbeque

  1. Kadai wala Doodh

Kadai ka doodh paired with freshly taken out jalebi’s are a key to winter happiness.

JB - Doodh

  1. Omelette

One of the favorite winter breakfast snacks for Jaipurites nowadays is omellete that too of Sanjay Omelette. The streets are always full in winters as it offers some amazing and eye-opening list of around 150 varieties of egg recipes.

JB - Omelette

  1. Bajre Ka Kichda

Bajra /Millet is a patent grain of Rajasthan. The delicacies made of bajra like the kichda served with floating ghee on top is relished when served with powdered sugar.

JB - Bajra


Image credit:

  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are seasonal and are found in winters only. It is cooked, baked and even served and relished in the form of a salad, chaat or even eaten plain just roasted.

JB - Sweet Potato

Image Credit:

  1. Dal ke Pakode

While you sit with frozen hands and crave for some warmth, these garam garam dal pakode are a perfect cure and company for you. Try them on the street side stalls or just make them at home and don’t forget to serve with the green chutney 😉

JB - Pakoda


8 Perfect Romantic Places In Jaipur Where You Can Propose On This Valentine’s Day

As Jaipur has already been declared one of the most romantic cities in the world, there is no doubt that in case you are planning to ask the ‘Will you’ question on this Valentine’s Day, Jaipur is the perfect place to do it ! But Jaipur is full of some extremely romantic places where you can propose, let us suggest some 🙂

  1. NahargarhAlong with the first ray of sun rising or when the sky is full of hues at twilight, there is nothing more surreal and romantic a place than Nahargarh fort to said the golden words to your love 🙂

    JB (VD) - Nahargarh

  2. Hot Air Balloon 

    Go Breezy 😉 Just imagine a scene where you are thousands of feet above the ground and are soaking the beauty of the pink city and there it is, the biggest day of your life – a perfect proposal in the air ❤ So go ahead and book the Sky Waltz Hot air balloon ride.Hot Air Balloon - JB (VD)Photo Credits – Sky Waltz

  3. Albert Hall Museum 

    Midst the backdrop of the gorgeous pigeons flying in front of the Albert Hall Museum which looks like an architectural marvel, there lies a hidden shade of love. So go down on your knees, and ask her out right here !JB (VD) - Albert hall

  4. Polo Ground 

    If you are both watching the game of royals i.e. the Polo Match, either your tastes match perfectly or you’re doing it for your partner, so in both cases, there will be no better time and place to commit to each other 😀JB(VD) - Polo Ground

  5. Jalmahal Palace 

    A dreamlike palace standing in the middle of a vast lake in the town of royals, and the swaying blue waves are trying to say something to you – ‘Just tell her you are going to love her for the rest of your life’ 😉
    Listen to the waves.JB (VD) 2 - Jal Mahal

  6. Vintage Car 

    A long drive has been the most conventional yet one of the most romantic ideas of a date ever, and when this is combined with a royal vintage car, it becomes even more special and makes for a unique and beautiful place to confess your love.JB (VD) - Vintage Rally 1Photo Credits – Rajputana Automotive Sports Car Club

  7. Dinner at City Palace 

    If adventure, drives and sight seeing is not your idea of romance, choose the classic ‘Dinner Date’, but remember that it shall not be ordinary. Go to the regal and lavish City Palace which oozes a royal charm which shall charm her in a way that she says ‘I do’ 😉JB (VD) - BaradariPic Via Google

  8. Amer fort 

    Be it at the Light & Sound Show or just while admiring the colossal fort of Jaipur especially in the evening, let your loved one know what’s in your heart and mind while all the lights around you are lit bright and heavens are giving you a clear signal 😉JB (VD) 3 Elephant safariHappy Valentine’s Day ❤

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The 3 Gems of Jaipur- Nahargarh, Jaigarh and the Fort of Amer!

Jaigarh, Nahargarh and Amer Fort are the three forts, where you can immerse yourselves in a quest to explore the history of Jaipur. These three Gems are the true Soul of Rajasthan.

Jaipurites are always fascinated with these, as there is lots of history attached- the incredible architecture, an awe inspiring planning, but what catches most is the awesome view of the city that we get from the top of any of these forts, while being hushed by the coo of the pigeons and whoop of the Monkey 😛

monkey1 copy

Jaigarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort– Established by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734, Nahargarh is set on Aravali mountain ranges and was once a strong defence ring, creating a tough protection for the city along with other two forts of Amer and Jaigarh. The place known as Nahargarh, which means “adobe of tigers’.


 The fort offers the highest point, which happens to be a restaurant called ‘Padao’- this is an open-air restaurant at the top, gives awesome view.


Jaigarh Fort- 


Of the three-hilltop forts that watch the city of Jaipur, Jaigarh is the most splendid of them all. About 15 kilometres from Jaipur, and built by Sawai Jai Singh II in the early 18th century.

Jaigarh JB

Despite its ancient construction, it still retains most of its imposing citadel appearance. Visitors can see the world’s largest canon – Jaivana, at the fort. Interestingly, the cannon was fired only once with a charge of 100 kilograms of gunpowder and when fired covered a distance of about 35 kilometres. The fort also houses the armory and the museum.

The water supply of Jaigarh fort and its storage reservoirs are a marvel of engineering.

Amer Fort


Amber (pronounced Amer), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is situated about 11 kilometres from Jaipur. Amber is the classic and romantic fort-palace with a magnificent aura. It was the ancient citadel of the ruling Kachhwahas of Amber, before the capital was shifted to the plains, the present day Jaipur.


This place vibrates with its legendary past. Every evening an exemplary saga of valor, passion, endurance, culture & heritage of Rajasthan comes to life with Sound & Light Show. The show unfolds the legends of Amer Fort and Jaipur dynasty, with a profound blend of history, anecdotes, music and effects. Special effects combine with the unique ambience make this show an unforgettable experience. With the script by great Indian poet and lyricist Gulzar, folklore, local legends and voice by the globally famous Bollywood personality who need no introduction- Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the show is worth visiting for the admirers of the legendary past of Jaipur and the connoisseur of folk music.

Light & Sound

So, be prepared to be amazed, intrigued and rejuvenated when you hop on a fascinated trip to the forts of Jaipur that gives an enriching experience while bringing out the richness of the city’s history.


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Jaipur Patterns – A New Adult Coloring Book In Jaipur

Remember the childhood days when you were given a coloring book to color and scribble on. Recalling the past experiences, the concept of coloring is now trending and is in the limelight among the adults too.

JP 5


Coloring is soothing and used to unwind the stress for some; it is a great way to spark your creativity for others. One such adult coloring book in Jaipur, which is probably the only book in India also, is ‘Jaipur Patterns’ by Renu Bhagwat.


JP 4

Renu Bhagwat is an architect and planner who has worked with great organizations to built Jaipur’s unique and rich heritage. She also runs a online clothing store – Firroza, which deals with the hand block printed garments for women. The concept of Adult coloring which is not so common in India but is now trending has its influence from the western countries. According to the author, no two things are similar, not even the leaves of the same plant look similar. Her thought behind this book was to see the beautiful and intricate images from nature and around. She decided to pick a heritage building one by one.  Belonging to the Pink City she chose to start with India’s most important royal complexes – The City Palace. She tells that the first thing one tends to see is the door and that is what inspires her to come up with her book – Jaipur Patterns, which is inspired by the doors of the royal courts of City Palace.

JP 1

JP 2

So let’s start coloring the pages of Jaipur Pattern to revive the symbolic patterns from the royal courts of the City Palace and enjoy this new and trending hobby of coloring.

JP 3

The book is available with Anantaya at Narayan Niwas Palace and CMYK shops at Albert Hall, Jantar Mantar & Amer. For people outside Jaipur please write in mail at For More details, visit the website – and follow on  Facebook -

 Get your copies now 🙂