Ketli: A Perfect Hub for Tea Lovers In Jaipur

Ketli as it sounds familiar to all is a kettle in English. Tea has become an important refreshing drink which can be used whether you are sad, sleepy, happy and thus can be celebrated with every mood. Jaipur has this new joint for all tea lovers in Malviya Nagar – Ketli 😉

JB - Ketli 3

Set up keeping in mind the rural Rajasthani houses in villages, the interiors are well decorated and decked up with handcrafted umbrellas, lehariya, lamps and low sitting chairs. The real rural feels come when you see the walls not painted and designed but covered with the material in which kuccha houses in villages are done, thus keeping the interior cool.

JB - Ketli 4


After having a seat, going through the menu – the place serves everything as in any other place from pizzas to pastas, shakes and drinks, sandwiches and salads. All these items in the menu are reasonable and affordable at a very pocket friendly price.

JB - Ketli 2

JB - Ketli

JB - Ketli 1


Is it changing your mood to explore this place? Why not plan a get together with all your chai buddies at this tea hub and enjoy your cup of tea in the real Rajasthani feel 🙂



  1. abhinavsaraswat834649229

    The owner/manager needs to learn a lot about customer relationship.

    I with my 3 friends visited this place yesterday. It was good experience. The place looks good and the tea is fine.

    Today I visited this place again with 5 friends.

    But the experience was totally opposite as per my expectation.

    We were 6 persons. So we asked him to either join the 2 tables or add 2 more chairs which were empty but he refused to do that.

    We somehow adjusted in a corner.

    After the bill he gave 2 rs less. We know it doesn’t matter but it’s their duty to say that they are short of change. We asked them about 2 rs. The waiter gave us silly smile and gave us 4 rs instead of 2 rs.

    What kind of attitude the manager was trying to show us. We went to manager and asked the reason. He said rudely that he doesn’t know maths.

    If you want to run a food place in a place like jaipur then you can’t show that attitude to your customer.

    Customer service is the only thing that runs any business not the ambience or offers you give. And this place lacks in that.

    Now on I am not going to visit this place again and will not recommend it to anyone.

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